“No meaningful progress” on Wes Welker deal


Apparently, the new contract signed by Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski wasn’t a sign of things to come for Wes Welker.

Though there was some thought the Gronkowski deal might be a precursor to a long-term contract for the All-Pro wide receiver too, that’s apparently not the case, according to ESPN.com’s James Walker. He cited a source saying there’s been “no meaningful progress,” in recent weeks.

Welker’s already signed his $9.5 million franchise tag, and might have to settle for that.

The 31-year-old wideout recently said he was happy the Patriots took care of Gronkowski, and has been careful not to air any dirty laundry in advance of the July 16 deadline to sign franchise players to long-term deals.

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  1. Wes Welker is a true class act, and he’s leading the class of new playmakers in the NFL. While it seems everyone and every sport is getting bigger at each position. Guys like Welker, Victor Cruz, Jones-Drew, Ray Rice are becoming an increasing commodity because of their shiftiness and athleticism that bigger guys have a hard time defending.

    He hasn’t made much of a fuss and I hope they pay the man. (And this is from a true Pats Hater)

  2. Funny how the white WR isn’t labeled a malcontent or diva. If he were black, there would be 100+ comments calling him every racial code word in the book.

  3. He’s an awesome slot receiver but I don’t think that many of those get the big bucks. I can’t see the Pats budging off their latest reportedly reduced offer. I’ll hate seeing him in another uniform, but I’m guessing that’s where he will be in 2013. I’ll just enjoy watching him this year even more.

  4. @briang123:
    He isn’t labeled “a malcontent or diva” because he signed the contract, showed up for work and congratulated his teammate on getting a nice contract. Can you name anyone of any color who does that and gets called a malcontent?

  5. the Patriots already made their offer and it was rebuked by Wes

    The signing of the GRONK was a clear signal by the Patriots that they have moved on.

    This is the way they do business and to steal a line from Hyman Roth: “this is the life we have chosen”.

    This does not mean that a deal with Wes cant get done. What is does mean is that he is going to have to go to the Patriots and say I want to stay and how is it going to happen. If he really wants to stay he needs to go to his Agent and tell him to make a deal. Otherwise its not happening. Wes it just might be too late for this year and you might have to wait until next. You snooze you lose.

  6. briang123 says:
    Jun 14, 2012 5:31 PM

    yeah but Wes has not uttered a negative word or behaved unprofessionally. how can the media rip him for signing the tender and showing up for work?

    this is clearly not the example to make your claim briang123. the player is not sitting out and not whinning about it.

  7. I’m not sure DeSean is a good counter-example. In 2011, he only showed up the day before he’d lose a year of service, ending a holdout (who doesn’t get ripped for holding out?), plus he was deactivated for a game for missing a meeting, so he earned his ‘malcontent’ label for that year. And yeah, once you pull crap like that it will be hard to get rid of the label – no matter the player’s color. (Hillis, anyone?)

    This year he got the franchise tag then signed a huge contract 2 weeks later. Maybe I’ve missed it but I haven’t seen people ripping him for signing and showing up this year.

    I’m not saying there aren’t some boneheaded people out there, but Welker isn’t receiving some preferential treatment from the league or the media because he’s white. It’s because he didn’t hold out, whine, or sulk. LeSean did in 2011.

  8. The privileged of being a Patriot learning under the best coach that ever played football should be enough of a reward. Hell, you should pay them and be thankful you can fondle the grass in Gillette Stadium!

    Yeah, that’s a bit sarcastic. However, that is the mantra you’ll hear from older Patriot players and the media.

    I’m looking at Welker’s 2007 contract. Players a lot worse have gotten more money…

    New England Patriots
    Contract: 5 yr(s) / $18,100,000
    Free Agent Type:UFA
    2007: 550,000 Signing Bonus: $5.5 million
    2008: 1,400,000
    2009: 1,650,000
    2010: 1,900,000
    2011: 2,150,000

    However, 9.5 million isn’t chump change this year and he is 31. It’s probably the smart thing to do.

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