Rams sign Rocky McIntosh

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Weeks after the Rams and Redskins did a deal that sent the second overall draft pick to D.C., the Rams have added a former second-round draft pick who had spent his entire career in Washington.

Linebacker Rocky McIntosh, as expected, has signed with the Rams.  The team has announced the move.

McIntosh, who struggled with a move from outside linebacker in the 4-3 to inside linebacker in the 3-4 installed two years ago by Mike Shanahan, previously drew interest from the Vikings and the Dolphins.

11 responses to “Rams sign Rocky McIntosh

  1. Nice pickup for the Rams and should start immediately. He was pretty decent when the Skins played a 4-3, out of place in a 3-4. Very surprised to see him out there that long.

  2. I like him more than Dunbarr and Haggan.

    But with all three of those vets, and the slew of rookies hopefully we can find a functional linebacking unit, and of course theres Laurinaitis too.

  3. Were Mike Shanahan and the Redskins contacted for a reference prior to this signing?

    When can we expect a follow-up article with this vital information?

  4. Rocky’s a solid, dependable LB. I’m gonna miss seeing him in the Burgundy and Gold. Rams got a good guy!

  5. Great pick-up..better suited for a 4-3. The Rams are putting together a potentially very strong defense overall

  6. he’s got knee issues. great guy and hard hitter but his durability is something I would be worried about.

  7. Rocky a solid player ?? We’re talkin about the same guy right ? Lol he pissed off a lot of skin fans with his inconsistencies

  8. sorry rams fans but i gotta inform you that this guy is hype. se had high hopes for him and even in a 4-3 system had maybe one good year. he cant get off blocks, he’s pretty stiff in the hips, and durability is an issue. not to rain on your parade, you guys had a SOLID draft, but dont get your hopes up this guy is NOT the next laurenitis…sorry if i spelled that wrong.

  9. playin2x says: Jun 14, 2012 8:55 PM

    Rocky a solid player ?? We’re talkin about the same guy right ? Lol he pissed off a lot of skin fans with his inconsistencies
    When? Never in the 4-3. He never developed into the superstar many thought he would early in his career, but a solid, dependable player, absolutely.

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