Ross Tucker talks T.O., Ochocinco, DUIs, holdouts, more

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Our buddy Ross Tucker of SiriusXM NFL Radio, Sports USA, and NBC Sports Network joined PFT Live from the studio in Stamford, Connecticut on Thursday, to touch on a variety of topics.

He talked about his latest column on, in which he takes delight in the current plight of Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco.

Ross also touched on the DUI mini-epidemic, and he had a thought-provoking take on the issue of holdouts.

His take is so good that I’ll repeat it for a while and give him full credit and then eventually stop giving him credit, creating the impression that I came up with it.

Hell, why bother with the charade.  Click the box below for my thought-provoking take on the issue of holdouts.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

5 responses to “Ross Tucker talks T.O., Ochocinco, DUIs, holdouts, more

  1. No one with a life wants to sit here for 18 minutes and watch anything online.

    Family guy on netflix is about the only thing I watch on my computer.. and hell, im usually surfing on the side anyway.

    Just give us a transcript, please.

  2. The best thing the Eagles could have done was re-sign/sign T.O. But nooooo, this guy didn’t fight back from major injury. Ross; stop crying and iron your shirt or put on a jacket before you slam players…

  3. Ross stop hating. You were a second string guard your brief career. Now you are an expert.Give me a break!!!

  4. T.O. is an idiot and still hasn’t learned to put a filter on what he says, but at the end of the road that’s all he is: an idiot. He isn’t a criminal who’s been arrested for breaking the law or hurting other people. He just doesn’t know when to not run his mouth off, and he’s never had anyone level with him to tell him how he should and shouldn’t behave in front of the media. I feel he’s a genuinely good person who means well, he just has never learned that he needs to keep things to himself and not air all his dirty laundry in front of others.

    So for this clown Ross to say he takes delight in seeing the difficult situation T.O. now finds himself in is pretty classless. Taking pleasure in the suffering of others, that’s a real high class move alright.

  5. I know somebody who played with Ochocinco in Cinci for a couple years and he said that he got along with everybody on the team. Saying the media makes Chad look like a bad teammate and a pain in the ass, but he’s actually a really good teammate and pretty much everybody likes him. So I’m curious where Tucker gets his opinion of him having “multiple issues” with the team.

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