Saints looking for a preseason practice partner


With offseason time shrinking, some teams are looking for new ways to get ready for the regular season.

Toward that end, the Saints are looking for a partner for some joint practices in August, according to Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe.

The Patriots are among four or five teams the Saints have contacted, per the report.

The Saints and Patriots practiced together in 2010, but didn’t arrange a repeat last year because of the condensed time frames caused by the lockout.

Players and coaches generally find the joint workouts to be a positive, since it breaks the monotony of the early stages of training camp.

12 responses to “Saints looking for a preseason practice partner

  1. How about the Rams? Maybe Williams already had a system in place there for the practices.
    That’d be impressive….you know….considering he’s suspended!

  2. The over/under for jokes about the Saints putting a bounty on the Patriots’ film crew is set at 45, according to Vegas.

  3. How about the New Jersey Giants, since the league made the brilliant decision for the Saints to play a “home” game in New Jersey after Katrina?

  4. I can see that as being somewhat problematic. You see…I hear from my sources that the Saints may have been running some sort of “money for maiming” program. Kinda like a “cash for crippling” thing or a “dinero for dastardly doings” pool. Perhaps it was a “cheddar for deader” scheme”. Not really sure which.

  5. Hmm, I know there’s a joke about “all cheaters sticking together” in here somewhere. Isn’t it ironic that the Saints first choice was the Pats? I bet Joe Vitt called up Billy and said “You can film us all you want as long as we can put a bounty on Tom.” Deal?

  6. funny, but the times-picayune quoted vitt as saying he received a fax from bill asking about the practice. doesn’t sound like it was the SAINTS! asking for a practice partner, but it is something they have done the last few years. last year being the exception.

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