Target of Vince Young lawsuit call claims “hollow” and “without merit”


Here’s the legal system in a nutshell:  One side says the other side did something the other side says it didn’t do.  The rest of it is just details.

Bills quarterback Vince Young recently said, via a court filing, that former agent Major Adams and financial adviser Ron Peoples did a lot of things with Young’s money.  One of them now says, predictably, that he didn’t do anything wrong.

According to the Associated Press, Peoples’ official response to the lawsuit calls the claims of misappropriated millions “hollow” and “without merit.”

Or maybe he was just talking about the current status of Vince Young’s pro football career.

Adams has not yet responded to the complaint.  Peoples’ lawyer, David Chaumette, says that all transactions made by Peoples’ firm were approved by a trustee, who has not been named in the lawsuit.