Texans have no concerns about Arian Foster changing after payday


There are legitimate concerns about giving running backs long-term contracts, considering the short shelf-life and fungible nature of the position.

But if the Texans have any concerns about paying Arian Foster, it’s not because they think it will change him.

Money reveals you,” the 25-year-old back told Paul Kuharsky of ESPN.com. “I think it’ll bring out the philanthropist in me, the person I want to be who gives back. I’ll make sure my family’s future is secured. I’m not one to buy a car or chains and jewelry, not anything against those guys who do, to each his own.

“But that’s just not my style. I’m more about building a future and foundation for myself and bettering my community.”

He’ll have plenty of opportunity to do just that, since Houston gave him a five-year, $43.5 million deal with $21 million guaranteed in March. But his teammates see a daily grind in practice, and think he’s going to re-establish himself as the league’s top back after injuries slowed him last season.

“He’s gotten over that hump with ‘Was he a one-year wonder’ doing what he did last year battling through injury,” Texans linebacker Brian Cushing said. “I mean, he gets a full year, he’s going to be dangerous.

“I see him every day; he’s getting better. It’s always me and him competing against each other in pass protection and running the ball, and he’s tremendous.”

Plenty of teams have been burned for paying backs, but Foster’s still ascending, and should pay dividends for the Texans for years to come.

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  1. Arian Foster should be the one speaking at the rookie symposium on how to handle yourself.

  2. I never understood that whole chain bling buying, multiple houses and cars mentality. Its a surefire way to go broke. See Antoine Walker, Travis Henry, shoot might as well name them all but a few.

  3. No matter what team you root for, Arian Foster is the epitomy of what the prototypical NFL player should be. A star on the field and a better person off.

  4. Dude has all the money a person could ever want and did he go buy a fancy ~$200K Lambo or Maserati? No, he bought a Ford F-150. The dude is grounded.

  5. I think we all know that Foster is a different kind of guy. I believe he will continue to improve and be a force to be reckoned with. We need more of these guys…or at least we need to hear about them more.

  6. After reading an article in ESPN magazine on Arian Foster, I was shocked at how grounded the kid was. He had a great attitude toward life, family and football. Just hearing him speak, you can tell he is extremely intelligent. More players from the NFL should model themselves after Arian, the league would be much better off.

  7. Only took Ray Lewis 3 games to claim Foster was “playing the position the way it was meant to be played” MJD also said he was the “real deal” after the end of w/e season it was a few years ago. There’s a sports science where he says a rhyme that he threw together at the end which is sick.

    Watching him on the field is great. The guy cut’s left and right faster than I run forward. His vision is really whats crazy thought. He reminds me of a chilled back Ali. Yea, the boxer. He used to beat up on the people on the media if they asked stupid questions. Funny stuff to see this guy come in and dominate from the start. Happy everyone else think’s hes cool too.

  8. “Attitude problems”could=a guy with a brain.
    Foster is a thoughtful, interesting non typical guy. Sometimes coaches don’t like that, they want conformity.

  9. Kudos to Foster for being a class act. It’s a shame that we don’t hear about the guys who do it “the right way” as often as we hear about the guys who threaten to hold out seemingly every summer. You think if Matt Forte would have handled his situation with as much grace, perhaps Chicago would have given him a contract by now?

  10. One of the real quality people in the NFL right here. Both he and Victor Cruz are an example of how to carry yourself, and proving that where you are drafted, or not drafted is not of import.

  11. Another reason they’re not concerned: Ben Tate, who is a beast.

    2011 stats: 175 carries 942 yards. Part timer and almost got 1,000.

    Embarrassment of riches in the backfield. I think Ben Tate’s the better back, too (just my $0.02)

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