Thomas Davis says he’ll be ready for training camp


The perpetual rehab of Panthers veteran Thomas Davis is about to take another step, in hopes the hard-luck linebacker can complete a comeback this time.

Davis, attempting to become the first player to return from three torn ACLs, said he’s going to be ready for training camp.

“I’ll be fine. I’ll be ready to go,” Davis said, per the Charlotte Observer. “I’m pretty much there right now. We’re just taking precautions.”

The Panthers have done a lot of that, after counting on him in the past only to see him go down in midseason 2010, and early last year. This spring, however, they provided cover by drafting Luke Kuechly (who also provides insurance against Jon Beason returning from a torn Achilles).

There’s a chance part of Davis’ problem in the past has been trying to come back too fast. But if he makes it back to the field this year, they’ll likely try to limit his snaps to maximize his impact.

“It’ll be a huge plus to be able to get him back as well,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera said of Davis. “And have that linebacking group as a whole, as opposed to last year when it was bits and pieces.”

Playing in a division with legitimate receiving threats at tight end (Jimmy Graham, Tony Gonzalez, Dallas Clark), the Panthers would like to use Davis as a situational coverage player. Along with taking advantage of his (still excellent) speed as a blitzer, the notion of limiting his reps gives them the ability to tinker with personnel groups. As bad as their defense was a year ago, any wrinkle’s going to help.

4 responses to “Thomas Davis says he’ll be ready for training camp

  1. Ah, can’t say how nice it is to see you writing for the Panthers again Mr. Gantt. Glad to see you making the national scene like you deserve.

    I’ve really got my fingers crossed that the Panthers can avoid getting plagued by injury again. I hope they ease Beason and Davis back into things, and I hope Otah quits having Greg Oden’s knees. If their defense can return to even a just average level, coupled with that offense? I think 10 wins and a trip to the playoffs is in the horizon.

  2. If he stays healthy, he’ll be part of a formidable trio, along with Beason, and Kuechly.
    Throw in James Anderson for running/blitzing situations and there is no better LB corps in the NFL.

  3. The young man needs to take a year off and actually fully recover. We all know he is a warrior but he is only human. Let that thing heal and then come back. Talent usually always finds its way onto the field. Good luck to him from a Bears fan that appreciates a bad mofo linebacker.

  4. I don’t care when you come back Davis as long as you come back and contribute. Take your time and let that thing heal. Your no good to us on injured reserve. There’s nothing wrong with taking our time after your THIRD Acl tear.

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