Adam Weber currently working as Peyton Manning’s backup


It was just over a year ago when some Broncos thought Adam Weber was better than Tim Tebow.

Now, Weber could be in line to be Peyton Manning’s backup.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post wrote that Weber’s currently working as the No. 2 quarterback in camp, ahead of free agent pickup Caleb Hanie or second-round pick Brock Osweiler.

Now, this might be as simple as Weber knows better what offensive coordinator Mike McCoy’s talking about, having been around longer.

But it also points to the perilous state of affairs in Denver, especially if Manning has any kind of setback.

Then again, it is John Fox, who never cared much for playing young quarterbacks. Perhaps Brian St. Pierre should keep his phone on.

10 responses to “Adam Weber currently working as Peyton Manning’s backup

  1. As a Gopher fan, I couldn’t wait for him to graduate and leave. As a Raiders fan, I love that he’s a Donkey now. Can’t wait for him to start in Denver!

  2. Nice St Pierre reference Darin! However, it brought back the painful memories of that season. Pls don’t do that again, lol.

  3. As a Gopher fan I second what tdk24 said. Weber looked good when Decker was healthy. When Decker went down, Weber was one of the worst QB’s ever. Goes to show you how good Decker really is. More looking forward to Decker getting the ball thrown his way with Manning tossing the pigskin.

  4. Manning= a lot of expensive eggs in one basket.

    Personally, I hope he stays healthy, even if he does play for a division rival. Great player, but maybe he should have retired with that kind of injury, no?

  5. 69allday says: Jun 15, 2012 3:31 PM

    I hope Manning goes down. It would be great to see the Weber to Decker Golden Gopher connection again.

    What a awful statement, hopeing one of the greats if not the best there ever was goes down.

    Heres hopeing your nuts fall off!!!!!

  6. As a fellow gophers fan I don’t know why everyone’s bashing Weber he looked great until his only playmaker went down. He had an awful offensive linebacker no running game and only one receiver that looked like he belonged. Half of the receivers for Minnesota wouldn’t even make it on a team like LSU. Add in the fact he was almost always playing from behind, and he had a new offensive coordinator every year and you have a QB who really didn’t have much of a chance.

  7. Weber was a much better player in college than he was given credit. He is one of only five players in Big Ten history to pass for over 10,000 yards, accomplishing this with four different offensive coordinators, one good receiver, no offensive line and one of the worst head coaches ever. As a Gopher fan, I wish the best for him as he is good kid and a good QB. I want Peyton to do well, but Weber will be able to get the job done if Peyton gets hurt.

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