Bills have one spot for Vince Young or Tyler Thigpen


Vince Young thinks he still has what it takes to be a starter in this league, but he’ll spend the summer proving he can be a backup.

Brad Smith revealed earlier this week that he has been working almost exclusively at quarterback this offseason, raising questions about exactly how the Bills were planning to deploy him this season. Bills coach Chan Gailey said that the team will use Brad Smith as their third quarterback this season in addition to whatever other roles they cook up for him on offense and special teams.

“He’ll go into the season, unless something major changes which I don’t foresee, he’ll be the third quarterback so he’s got to have enough quarterback knowledge to get you out of a game,” Gailey said, via Chris Brown of the Bills’ website.

That means that Young and Tyler Thigpen aren’t just fighting for the job backing up Ryan Fitzpatrick, but that they are fighting for a roster spot. Since recovering from an abdominal straing, Thigpen has been taking most of the snaps with the second team this spring. The battle should last well into the summer, though, and Young should get more chances to make his argument for the job.

7 responses to “Bills have one spot for Vince Young or Tyler Thigpen

  1. Whoever doesn’t make the roster can look to this as a blessing…you wouldn’t have to spend another day in that frozen boring town brother.

  2. Don’t pick the single digit IQ mental case. Should be a fairly obvious choice.

  3. If Vince young can’t beat out Tyler Thigpen for the QB spot, he should keep driving his circus act farther north than buffalo to the CFL, cause that’s where he deserves to be. I hear saskatchewan is beautiful this time of year..

  4. as a lifelong bills fan I am just glad to know that we are only having a “BACKUP” quarterback audition rather than all the damn “STARTING QUARTERBACK” auditions we have held at one bills drive seemingly every single year since Jimbo left!! Big expectation this year for the first time in a long time so honestly lets all just hope Fitzy can play like he did early last year and we don’t ever need to see the “BACKUP” play!!! Unless of course its mop up duties on a weekly basis!!!

  5. “It would be a Dream come true to make this Team as a back up”, Vince was quoted as saying, right before he was cut.

  6. backinsaddle,

    What’s obvious is you don’t know squat about the QB position, or the game of football for that matter if you think ‘pigpen’ ( I call him that because he’s garbage), is the “obvious choice” over Vince Young.

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