Greg Hardy trades in motorcycles for weight room

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The Panthers didn’t have much in the way of pass rush beyond Charles Johnson last summer.

They had even less when Greg Hardy wrecked his motorcycle before training camp. He didn’t break any bones, but had cuts over the left side of his body, which kept him from doing much in the preseason. But he said he’s sticking to four wheels from now on (buying a “a really, really, really big truck”), and is in better shape to contribute, up from 280 to 299 pounds.

“Last year I couldn’t work at all. So I felt like I had to come out and kill it,” Hardy said of his increased workout regimen.

Instead of just bigger, the Panthers need him to be more consistent than last year, when he had four sacks in 16 starts — no better than some of the scrap-heap pickups that populated their line in 2011. The knock on Hardy prior to the 2010 Draft was that he’d lose concentration and disappear in games, and that was often the case last season.

Being stronger — and in one piece — gives him a chance to contribute more this year. They need him to, because their only pass-rush addition was fourth-round pick Frank Alexander, hardly the investment most expected in a weak area.

4 responses to “Greg Hardy trades in motorcycles for weight room

  1. There was a lot of debate as to whether or not that 299 number was an exaggeration. Then fans were able to catch a glimpse of him on the last day of OTAs. Dude is straight jacked, just absolutely huge now. I would not be surprised if they slid him inside on passing situations to generate some interior pressure, because he’s now big enough to bang inside with the big boys.

    He completely wore down by the end of the season, having to play as many snaps as he did because of injuries. With a currently healthy team, he should be able to stick in rotation and stay fresh, and that extra strength should allow him to hold the edge against the run, something he lacked in last year.

    I’m expecting a big year from the “Krakken!” This guy wasn’t projected as a possible 1st round talent (before injuries his senior year) for no reason.

  2. So basically we’re saying he damn near killed himself on a motorcycle… a Kawa Ninja…. zooooooom… and although he was lucky enough not to die, his injuries did in fact screw up his entire season and he was less productive than he was contracted to be. Now he’s found a new way to waste his money by purchasing some silly, ostentatious and massive custom truck to flash around in. Then we also know that he often “looses concentration” and disappears in games so I’m guessing he has ADD too. Sounds to me like he some serious guidance and somebody constantly looking out for him.

  3. Can’t wait to see the new Hardy in action. He was close last year even with the injuries.

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