Jaguars planning to build an indoor facility


This just in: Sometimes it rains in Jacksonville.

The Jaguars may soon be a little more prepared for it.

Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union reports that the Jags are in the planning stages of building an indoor practice facility.

It won’t be ready until next year at the soonest, but it would have come in handy in recent weeks, as the Jags had to hold some workouts in their stadium’s club level, amid the concession stands. They had to use nearby Veteran’s Memorial Arena for one minicamp practice as well.

Jaguars CFO Bill Prescott said they began discussing such a facility in 2005, but it never got past the conversation stage. That’s likely disappointing to former coach Jack Del Rio, who’s Paul Kuharsky noted was known for lobbying for such a structure.

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  1. Wayne Weaver was a bit cheap. Khan will spend the dough. Good for the Jags but doesn’t practicing in rain help you to prepare for the rain?

  2. Players and fans were getting tired of relieving themselves in the longer grass of the north end zone. New owner Shad Khan said, “Even in Pakistan now, we have indoor facilities”.

  3. Contrary to its promotional hype the “Sunshine State” is one of the rainiest states in the USA

  4. Jack should’ve had his players bat out an axe and built one themselves. Wait…

    Prediction: joe Toronto makes a bad tarp joke and tries tore late it to an indoor facility.

  5. So the millions that Khan is spending for stadium improvements, plus a new indoor facility that JDR was never able to get means the Jags are moving to LA, right?

  6. Jack Del Rio worked for a ownership group headed by Wayne Weaver, Mr. Weaver couldn’t make unilateral decisions on how to spend the other owners money.

    Mike Mularkey works for Shad Khan the sole owner of the team committed to building a winner. Mr. Khan can invest his money without having to send the request to the committee of minority owners for approval.

    Mr. Khan has already renovated the weight room, the locker room renovation is in work.

    On a side note, it took the city of Jacksonville 20 years to build the new court house…how long do you think it will take Mr. Khan to build the indoor practice facility?

  7. Great news! Soon the Jags will have something that half of the mid-major college programs already have.

  8. Hey Vincent, very few teams in the south have these bubbles…very few. It’s a northern, cold weather thing…probably more for the benefit of the coaches then the players. In severe weather, your still not going to practice in one of these bubbles…they are not bullet proof and don’t stand up well against tornados.

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