Jail video shows Justin Blackmon saying: “I’m literally not a drinker”


Moments before blowing triple the legal blood alcohol limit, Jaguars rookie wide receiver Justin Blackmon told Oklahoma police officers: “I’m literally not a drinker.”

FirstCoastNews.com obtained the booking video after Blackmon’s arrest on aggravated DUI charges in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He blew a 0.24 and a 0.26, more than three times the legal limit of 0.08.

When a jailer asked: “When’s the last time you drank heavily?,” Blackmon replied: “Well, I mean, I drank tonight. But this is the first time I’ve been here in Stillwater.”

Since his arrest, Blackmon has apologized, and teammates were quick to tell him to “grow up.”

It’s good advice, and the concern the Jaguars showed is reasonable, considering their track record with first-round wide receivers.

21 responses to “Jail video shows Justin Blackmon saying: “I’m literally not a drinker”

  1. He couldn’t have been drunker if he’d filled up a swimming pool with patron silver and stuck a straw in it! Lol

  2. I really hope Blackmon gets his life together, not only because he is a great football player but also because no human being should be dependant on alcohol. I have family members who have struggled with alcohol and it is just that, a struggle. No one should have their career and life derailed because of drinking problems. This kind of thing affects everyone who he is close to in life and I’m glad no one was injured because of Justin’s actions.

    Here is to you getting dry Justin, and hopefully helping your team dominate the Colts for years to come.

  3. Not atypical of anybody pulled over for anything. Ever watch COPS? Yeah, I get sweaty watching it too, but whenever they pull someone over for driving erratically and are obviously drunk, they always say, “No, I haven’t drank, officer.” Or, “I’ve had one beer over the last 2 hours.” I’d love to hear someone say, “Yeah, officer, I’m completely smashed but didn’t have a DD or anyone to drive me home.”

    In other news, some doping agencies around the world are considering removing THC (weed) off their list of performance enhancers (for obvious reasons). Does anyone think this will ever apply for the NFL? Just asking since more states are moving towards decriminalization. I’m thinking not.

  4. He’s talking like he’s had a gallon of Novacaine injected into his tongue as he claims to have passed all of the field sobriety tests. Too funny.

  5. Just keep beating him when he’s down. Can’t wait to see all the comments berating this man still. Nobody knows how he’ll respond. Just give him some time. C

  6. If I were the Jags, I would make completion of a substance abusive diversion class be before the first preseason game be a contract condition – preferably conducted by some ex-player(s) or big shot bust who can let him know what is up if he continues his ways, and they know, because they were in the exact same place as him.

    Honestly, all the statements I have heard from Blackmon I have already heard before, almost word for word, from every other pre-treatment alcoholic I have ever known or encountered.

  7. I literally do not know how to use the word literally.

    If he was literally not a drinker, he would literally not be in this predicament. But hey, he’s the one who was awarded the free college education.

  8. Wonderlic Classic Cognitive Ability Test – Question 34: Which of the following words is closest in meaning to the word “literally”?

    A. explanation
    B. exactly
    C. flabbergasted
    D. potato

    Yes, there is literally an 8% chance he would answer this question correctly. If he’s literate enough to read and understand overused PFT memes, then at least he can eliminate A & C and ultimately go with “potato”.

  9. Dont drink and drive..it could have been ALOT worse for him,hope he learns from this and lives up to his draft pick.

  10. Well I AM a drinker and I know I would have passed out before getting to .24. That is some serious drinkin for a non-drinker and you have to have some tolerance built up to still function with that much alcohol in you.

  11. Everyone makes a poor decision like that once in a while. The only difference is that he got caught.

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