Jury orders Pacman to pay $11.65 million for strip club shooting


A Nevada jury has found Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones responsible for the injuries suffered by two strip club security guards in a Las Vegas shooting in 2007 and ordered Jones to pay $11.65 million to them and to one of their wives.

Thomas Urbanski, who has been paralyzed from the waist down since he was shot, was awarded $9.6 million, according to TMZ. Urbanski’s wife was awarded $750,000 for loss of marital relations. The other security guard, Aaron Cudworth, was awarded $1.3 million.

Jones was not the shooter, but he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor conspiracy to commit disorderly conduct in the incident, which started when he “made it rain” with dollar bills inside the Minxx strip club. Jones reportedly became angry when strippers started taking the dollar bills and started a melee that spilled out into the parking lot immediately before the shooting. Jones got a year of probation and 200 hours of community service. He was also suspended for the entire 2007 NFL season.

It seems highly unlikely that Jones has anything close to $11.65 million, so how much money the victims will actually receive remains in question.

Jones is slated to speak at the NFL rookie symposium, where he’s expected to tell young players to conduct themselves like professionals off the field.

56 responses to “Jury orders Pacman to pay $11.65 million for strip club shooting

  1. My guess is Panman doesn’t save his money. He was probably one of the guys who borrowed money at 35% during the lockout, despite not missing any games checks.

  2. Urbanski is a con man. He got caught lying more than once during his statements to the media.

    I know it’s Adam Jones and he’s a pariah in the eyes of many, but come on. Isn’t whoever it was that did the shooting (proven not to be Jones) the one responsible? Stop and think.

    Eh, whatever. The litigants will never collect anywhere near that amount.

  3. I guess he’ll be making it rain for the Urbanskis now, via garnishments?

  4. I’m no pacman fan, and if anything I have always thought he was an idiot, but this is a freaking joke. he’s responsible for the shooting but didn’t pull the trigger? this opens a huge liability down the road and it feels like the judge is trying to set an example. good thing he can appeal, maybe a judge without a grudge can overrule this absurdity.

  5. Doesnt seem like 9.6 mil is quite right, considering the man will never walk again.

  6. Unfortunately, they will never see a penny of that money. PAC Man will file bankruptcy on Monday and that will be that.

  7. Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles was once initally refused entry into Canada to play Toronto because the Canadians though he was Pacman Jones. True story.

  8. He should have pled innocent by insanity on account that he has no brains.

  9. Wow!!! $750,000 for “loss of marital relations”?! From that, I assume, she means sexual activity? So, if she would have had sex with her husband an average of 10 times per month, for the next say 50 years (being married for 15 years, I doubt that average would last), that’s $150 per go – is that the price of a gigolo now?! Kinda cheap. That said, if she does stay with him for the next 50 years, don’t you think that $9.6 million will benefit her as well? WTF?!

  10. That’s pretty crazy! It seems drastic. He bears some responsibility, but he didn’t shoot anyone or even have a weapon. How is he solely responsible for the injuries incurred?

  11. Why have a pot tell a bunch of kettles not to act like a pot? Certainly they could find a much better example! Get Tebow! It would give him yet another opportunity to do what he does best, speaking behind a podium.

  12. I bet each of the victims get enough to buy a few luxurious items from the Irish-American cuisine specialists that some know as “McDonald’s”.

    They should dock some of his earnings for the rest of his life/career. He’ll probably file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy sometime soon so that number gets chopped significantly. Terrible either way.

  13. Yeah, we know you didn’t do it, but you have means to get money, so we’ll just wait for you to get paid. La, la, la …

  14. Halellujah!! Guy deserves every penny…even though he will never see a dime.

  15. My favorite part is when he made it rain in the strip club then tried to grab his money back before the strippers could get….

    That my friends is the definition of a punk ass cheapskate

  16. mwindle1973 says:
    Jun 15, 2012 9:05 PM
    That’s pretty crazy! It seems drastic. He bears some responsibility, but he didn’t shoot anyone or even have a weapon. How is he solely responsible for the injuries incurred?

    He’s not “solely responsible”. The shooter went to jail.

    The jury determined that the shooting happened at Jones request. I think that makes him responsible enough to ensure the financial security of a man he arranged to have put in a wheelchair for life.

  17. This is a lesson to other punk sports stars. If you act like a criminal piece of sh*t, you will be made to pay. Given the fact that most can’t manage their money, their minimum wage earnings from being a bus boy will be garnished.

    Good Luck Ms. Pacman!

  18. Wow for a crime he didn’t commit? He didn’t shoot anybody, he basically admitted to running his mouth. He already lost millions for missing the 2007 season.. I don’t think he had made anywhere near 9.6 million since then.. I hate Pacman but this seems like your taking advantage of someone’s social status.

  19. I doubt that security guard would have ever seen $9,700,000 million dollars in his life time.

    But then again, this is the same state that awarded Tim Bradley the victory over Manny Pacman.

  20. For all of you posting that this isn’t fair get a clue. I live in Las Vegas, so this shooting was a big story for the local news. I’m sure quite a bit of the actual details never made it to the national news organizations, or they didn’t bother picking up the stories. This piece of sh!t Pac Man made it rain in a strip club. What did he think was going to happen? Of course the strippers all went for the cash. That’s their job. He got pissed and started hitting the girls. What you probably don’t know is that he paid them off to keep them from pressing charges/ testifying against him. The bouncers were just trying to keep the peace and this piece of sh!t orchestrated the melee that occured next. So yes he is responsible. He even helped hide the shooters identity at first until it was explained to him that he would take the fall for it. Then he sang like a bird. As for the money awarded, I doubt what he(Urbansky) was given will cover his medical expenses for the rest of his life.

  21. Btw, for those who do not know Pacman has had financial issues in prior years. Four years ago he had a foreclosure in Nashville; no lie!!

  22. Jones is slated to speak at the NFL rookie symposium, where he’s expected to tell young players to conduct themselves like professionals off the field.

    And here I thought he was going to teach them how to “make it rain”.

  23. Finally found the shooter. Arvin Edwards, 29, of Renton, WA. He pled no contest to one count of attempted murder and one count of using a deadly weapon.

    Sentenced to 4-10 years.

    If you research how Jones was involved, there are a lot of moving parts to this story that we don’t really know how they were interpreted in court.

    I’m not sure if paying $11M is easier to deal with than being sentenced to 4-10 years. Depends on Jones’ finances and how much he’ll actually be required to pay. I guess I’d rather be broke than spend years in jail.

  24. If some cowardly punk ordered an assassin to shoot me and sever my spinal chord, so that I couldn’t walk or go to the bathroom like everyone else on earth or have relations with my wife, 11 Million would be a Fing insult. Justice in this case could only be served with Death by Lethal injection. any idiot that believes that the wife is somehow not entitled to $750,000 for A) No Longer having Sex AND B) Unable to EVER have a child or Family which IS the case here. Is delusional. No monetary settlement in my opinion is justice for Tom Urbanski and the wife.

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