Mike Holmgren reaches out to Jim Brown, who’s ready to listen


During a kinder, gentler Mike Holmgren press conference Thursday, the Cleveland president extended an olive branch to Hall of Famer Jim Brown.

And Brown sounds like he’s ready to receive it.

The relationship between the Browns boss and one of the game’s all-time greatest players has been chilly since Holmgren reduced Brown’s role in 2010. And the former running back hasn’t held back, questioning Holmgren’s commitment to the franchise and saying he thought first-round pick Trent Richardson was ordinary.

“I would like Jim Brown to come and be a part of this and feel comfortable doing that and I would welcome him with open arms,” Holmgren said Thursday.

“If that’s what Holmgren said, it just shows a lot of class on his part,” Brown told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I’ve always been attracted to anyone who has the class to reach out. I have nothing to hold me back from being a positive person in any type of circumstances.

“I am a Cleveland Brown, but it’s always up to those in control to decide what they want to do.”

While it’s understandable for Holmgren to want to put his own stamp on the franchise, picking a fight with a legend wasn’t the smartest way to go about it. Much like former coach Eric Mangini painting over a mural of the running back when he was in charge, the idea of banishing a player of Brown’s stature is simply foolish.

Hopefully, Thursday’s comments will be the first step toward giving Browns fans something to remember fondly, since the recent product has been such a mess.

14 responses to “Mike Holmgren reaches out to Jim Brown, who’s ready to listen

  1. Well when holmgren came in and cut browns position with the team (that paid ol jimmy a half mil) I applauded it. As a browns season ticket holder I never really understood his value to the franchise. I understand mike is trying to patch things up with the fans but most of the ignorant browns fans don’t deserve to be heard anyway, those are the same ppl I talked to on a daily basis and say with a straight face Bernie Kosar should have a strong coaching or front office role with team. Just because your a team legend that does not give you the know how to make football decisions. I think a statue out front would be as much help to my beloved brownies than the bitter and shady Jim brown. Regardless of this noise the browns are on the way up, they will win four division games this year and in a few years from now we will be talking a statue of the walrus out front baby!

  2. Jim Brown is a huge DB who threw a little hissy fit over having the salary of his sinecure cut down. A decent amount of Browns fans I’ve heard on talk radio are pretty fed up with him. After THAT little hissy fit, HE refused to go to a ceremony at which he and other past greats were being honored, despite the team expressing their desire he would.

  3. Other than being an expert in negativity and complaining, what exactly is it that anyone thinks Jim Brown has to offer in terms of solutions to Browns mediocrity?

  4. I mean come on now has ANYONE ever heard anything positive come out of this man’s mouth in the last 30 years? I didn’t think so. It’s time to move along Jim, nothing here to see.

  5. “I’ve always been attracted to anyone who has the class to reach out. I have nothing to hold me back from being a positive person in any type of circumstances.”

    so nothing has held you back form being positive but you went ahead and was as negative as any other human being could possibly be. impressive

  6. Darin, you need to fact check your comment on Mangini. The former coach actually moved the history mural, which was in the back of the building, in favor of a more prominent display in the front of the building. Your source is wrong.

  7. Smart move. He made that franchise. If you don’t know that – you don’t know squat. Jim Brown is the best to ever suit up. He deserves respect of the team he brought any notoriety they ever received. Now go play X-box.

  8. Oh please! Browns fan for 52 years here, and all I can say is up yours Jim brown! Who the hell cares what he thinks, says, or does. Nobody in Cleveland gives one tenth of rats ass what he has to say.

  9. I am a Bronco fan, but more than that, I am a Football fan. I try to give honest & un-bias opinions in most cases. I can honestly say, tha Jim Brown thinks his opinion matters TOO much! He has also made comments in the past that lead me to believe that he is slightly racist. He did alot for the Browns, but at times I’ve seen him try to put his opinions above the team.

  10. I am NOT a Brown’s fan. However, I can’t believe that Mr. Brown has been treated so poorly by the Browns organization. No matter what his opinion is, that man deserves some RESPECT within that organization. I only wish we had a historic player of his talent within the Bengals organization. I would expect this kind of treatment from the Bengals, i’m surprised to see it come from another NFL team.

  11. “…best ever to suit up…”

    Arguable. Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, and Walter Payton all played against vastly bigger, better defenses. Jim Brown would not run over today’s linebackers, much less 340-pound defensive linemen.

    Remember: defensive linemen were his size then, and he got a running start. There were few to no linebackers his size. Now, his size is small for a middle linebacker. He was an anomaly., like Wilt Chamberlain, a great player who outshone smaller players.

  12. how exactly did Holmgren “pick a fight” with Jim Brown? Last I checked all he did was ask the man to take a cut in pay so that he could spend the money Brown was getting for being “Jim Brown” on other more important things like possibly BUILDING A WINNING FOOTBALL TEAM.

    Then Holmgren had the nerve to create a Cleveland Browns ring of fame at the stadium and induct Brown in it AND invite him to the ceremony.

    That Holmgren is such a D-bag.

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