Nick Mangold’s sister confirms he won’t be in London


Rex Ryan’s powers of persuasion did not work on Nick Mangold, but his predictive powers proved correct.

Ryan offered to excuse the Jets center from training camp to watch his sister Holley compete as a weightlifter at the Summer Olympics in London. Mangold passed on the opportunity, but Ryan said last month that he would try to convince him to reconsider his decision not to go. Ryan said that with the caveat that he didn’t think he’d sway Mangold.

The Jets coach was right on the money. Holley Mangold said that her brother wasn’t swayed by another attempt to get him to cross the pond.

“He’s not going to come,” Holley Mangold told USA TODAY. “It’s not that he doesn’t want to go, (but) football is my brother’s life. You wouldn’t see me missing training or a big meet to watch one of his games. I know it’s different because it’s the Olympics. But (camp is) a big part of their season, especially with a new quarterback in town.”

As always, it comes back to Tebow.

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