Not much work left to be done on signing draft picks

Airports across the land are full of NFL players heading out on vacation today.

And thanks to the new slotted salary system for rookies, there are probably a few contract negotiators out there as well.

At the moment, according to our count, there are only 38 unsigned draft picks, among the 253 players chosen in April.

Most of those players are in the first (16) and third (14) rounds. Only three second-rounders, two fifth-rounders and single players from the fourth, sixth and seventh rounds remain.

Ten teams have signed all their picks: The Cardinals, Falcons, Ravens, Panthers, Bears, Packers, Giants, Jets, Chargers and Seahawks.

Only the Saints have yet to sign any. But New Orleans only has five draft picks, and no first or second rounder, so it shouldn’t be too complicated for them to get those deals done.