Patriots counting on Dowling finally being healthy


As we mentioned in the morning links, the Patriots are counting on Ras-I Dowling to help fix an ailing secondary.

The bigger question might be whether he’ll ever be anything but ailing himself.

Dowling has barely played the last two seasons, missing most of senior year at Virginia and playing just two games last year before he landed on IR with leg problems.

That’s not the limit of his problems, as Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe has a detailed rundown of his injury history (take a deep breath before reading).

“Nothing, just prove them wrong,’’ Dowling said when asked about people putting the injury prone label on him . “You can’t be worried about what somebody’s got to say. I’m out here playing, so I’m just worried about what I can do to help the team, and that’s all I can do right now.’’

If he can ever get well, the Patriots might have a special player. Dowling’s 6-foot-2 and moves well, and pairing him with Devin McCourty would give New England a solid tandem.

But counting on him at this point also seems a stretch, which could leave them scrambling again.

11 responses to “Patriots counting on Dowling finally being healthy

  1. Most people have forgoten about dowling. It is a coin toss, but if it comes up heads, the Patriots should be able to move up from last year in the secondary rankings.

  2. That’s a ridiculous amount of injuries for a guy that young. Aside from the hand and back injuries, all of the rest have been multiple knee and hamstring issues, and an ankle injury. The guy either has issues with planting his feet or he needs some professional conditioning work.

  3. Apparently he still was not 100% at OTA’s after his hip surgery this past off season. Dowling has a troubling injury history but he’s still got a couple more months of rest & rehab before Training Camp starts.
    First off, no one in their right mind writes off that high a draft pick after just one season.
    He’s got terrific size, plenty of athleticism and he was the 33rd overall selection. If he can stay healthy, look out. He could be a stud.

  4. im seriously trying not to get to excited bout this season. but if he stays healthy and can do wat we think he can do…. very excite.

  5. Look, I’m gonna preface my comments by saying
    I’m a Pats fan. But after reading that injury list
    he has sustained, all I can think about is
    Mr. Glass from the film Unbreakable. I’m sayin
    it with a straight face (tryin not to laugh here).

    I hope its all behind him cuz he could really help

    You just gotta wonder though.

  6. I can only speak for Pats posts, since I am a pats fan, but all of these stories are lifted straight from the Boston Herald sports section. Every morning, I read the Herald mobile site, and then around this time every day, I re-read the story on this site. I am not a journalist but that seems sketchy.

    And yes, we need a healthy Dowling. We need a much stronger secondary presence, and we need Jones to get in there and rush the QB.

  7. He is getting better and will show his 1st round talent. Remember, he was respected to go 1st half of 1st round before injury derailed his final year. Pats DB is gona be awesome -either for Pats or opposing QB 😉

  8. Anything we get from this kid would be a bonus. Taking the “Red Sox” point of view on him… not expecting much so I can be pleasantly surprised.

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