Pete Carroll thought Antonio Bryant looked out of shape

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Brian Banks wasn’t the only player attending Seahawks minicamp in hopes of landing a contract with the team.

As reported earlier this week, wide receiver Antonio Bryant was also in Seattle this week. He took part in all three days of minicamp and practiced throughout, which is a good sign about the state of his knee after two years away from the game because of injury. Bryant was pleased about that, but the state of the rest of him was a bit of a problem.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said that Bryant maintained strong football instincts, but that he was also clearly not in football shape. As a result, he won’t be signing with the Seahawks right now.

“When we get a chance to see him in really great condition I think he would be a competitive aspect of this thing,” Carroll said, via Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times. “He’s not there right now though. He’s a ways away and he admits that he has not been working out in the kind of setting that he needs to be at his best, so we’ll see what happens.”

Bryant has two 1,000-yard seasons in his past and he’s averaged more than 15 yards per catch over the course of his career. He’ll need to whip himself into shape to have a chance to post any more numbers like that.

8 responses to “Pete Carroll thought Antonio Bryant looked out of shape

  1. Dude got 7 million from the Bengals and didn’t take a snap. I bet he IS fat.

  2. Told y’all!!!

    A guy who was talked about as one with a bone-on-bone knee and he got a damn tryout?????

    I feel for Plaxico Burress!!!

  3. “Pete Carroll thought Antonio Bryant looked out of shape.”

    Translation: “Don’t call us……we’ll call you.”

  4. I am surprised that he is out of shape considering he has been on the couch for the past two seasons since he has been out of the NFL. I guess he arm is not strong enough to throw a towel in Pete Carroll’s face like he did Bill Parcells as a Dallas Cowboys.
    I wonder has Ole Petey thought about signing Roy Williams, Plaxico Burress or Braylon Edwards since he needs a wide receiver. But if you want a wide receiver who will compete for a spot that is in shape, Ole Petey should sign…………………………………………..yep, you guessed it…………..Terrell Owens.

  5. So…when will Bryant file the class action lawsuit for former NFL’ers with knee injuries?

    Why ruin any chance to walk normally in your 50’s and 60’s? It’s not like he didn’t make any money prior to his time away from football.

    Most likely he squandered what salary he previously made and is now grasping at straws.

    Much like the concussion lawsuits…manage your money, think before you act and take responsibility for your own choices. (unless you can prove the NFL either hid relevant concussion information or forced concussed players to play against their will)

  6. A Biletnikof winner at Pitt, the guy coulda been a zillionaire by now, but his attitude cost him a long career.

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