When will Wallace sign?

Mike Florio takes calls and tweets from PFT planet, as fans want to know by what exact date and time Mike Wallace has to sign his contract, along with many other questions and comments.  


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5 responses to “When will Wallace sign?

  1. Abandon ship Wallace! Do yourself a favor. These clowns can’t balance their books and they won’t have a penny to their name next you. Silly Steeler fans and their hopes and aspiration, just *poof* right out the window. Good luck fighting to stay out of the AFCN basement.

  2. “When will Wallace sign?”


    I know when. Right before people stop asking.

    Chances are he isn’t signing so he can avoid all the mini-camps and OTAs.

    He must have caught the same “disease” Brett Favre always had this time of year.

  3. I’ve never understood how somebody can be stupid enough to say “pay X because he has outplayed his contract”. This is idiotic for two reasons. First, the team has no recourse if a player underplays his contract. Second, if everybody played to their contract, then in a salary cap league, all teams would be equal; it is only through players outplaying their contracts (and avoiding underplaying) that one team can be better than another.

    I also don’t understand how players can be so stupid as to not understand these things. If you want to avoid the risks of outplaying your contract, ask for a contract with more incentive pay. Of course this will mean you also risk your earnings if you underplay your contract.

    In this case, I am yet to hear of a single scenario in which Wallace profits by what he is doing, unless he somehow injured himself and needs to get his big contract before anybody sees him play.

  4. when he does sign, can’t wait to watch him actually catch a pass (unlike Evans) and smoke by those old old men Reed and Lewis and T Sizzle,…oh wait I forgot… T Sizzle is now T Fizzle watching ftom the sidelines

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