Winslow says he “had to roll” because of Schiano’s ways


Sometimes, even f–king soldiers have to roll.

And that’s what tight end Kellen Winslow says he had to do in Tampa, once he got a taste of new coach Greg Schiano’s ways.

In the latest edition of Michael Robinson’s Real Rob Report (via by way of, Winslow explains why he’s no longer a member of the Buccaneers.

“Real sh-t?  Real sh-t?” Winslow said.  “Greg Schiano came over there [and said], ‘Toes on the line!  Toes on the line!’  Blowing the whistle.  You can’t laugh.  You can’t joke around.  So I decided not to go to OTAs.”

The Bucs version was/is that they decided that Winslow shouldn’t come to OTAs.  Either way, it looks like the decision was made, regardless of who made it, based on interactions during Phase 2 of the offseason program.  And it’s likely that Winslow’s reluctance to embrace the new coaching staff was a factor in the decision, regardless of who made it.

“They got my man [Raheem Morris] up out of there,” Winslow said.  “I was loyal to him.  I’d take a bullet for that dude.  So I had to roll, man.”

Winslow said Morris wasn’t a “company coach,” but a player’s coach.  “They fired the wrong dude up there,” Winslow said.

Winslow didn’t say who should have been fired instead of Morris.  Regardless, whether the Bucs thereafter fired Winslow or Winslow fired the Bucs, Winslow’s words likely won’t make anyone in the Tampa organization regret the decision to trade him to Seattle for two bags of Funyuns and a bottle of Yoo-hoo.

82 responses to “Winslow says he “had to roll” because of Schiano’s ways

  1. I’ve been laughing since day one at the horrible hire. And then the horrible coaching staff that’s been assembled around him. Funny how the three Florida teams are going to lead the league in worst record and empty seats.

    Go JETS.

  2. Kellen should write a book:

    “How to be a Complete Idiot and Squander Any Chance at a Great Career; Kellen Winslow Jr’s Guide to Ruining a Once Good Name”

    This guy is a clown.

    3rd team? How many Hall of Fame TE’s are sent packing twice?

    He believes his own BS. He is no solider. He is not a top TE, he is not very bright, and his dad has to force a smile when speaking about how his son acts and speaks.

    Just ridiculous. Sadly, his attitude is very average for a lot of NFL guys now. Think they are kings of the world without accomplishing anything.

  3. I like Winslow. He comes from NFL royalty so he is allowed to do whatever he wants. Went to “Tha U”, would take a bullet for Radio, and dissed Schiano.

  4. I an Eagles fan, so im not a Bucs fan in any way. But I live in Jersey and I’m telling you that Schiano is the real deal. I was such a huge fan after of him from what he did at Rutgers. He practically turned that whole team from pathetic to great in a short period of time.

    And if Winslow gets pissy because a new coach comes in and wants to turn around a football team that went 4-12 last year than Winslow just doesnt belong on Shianos team. Schiano is a NO nonsense guy.

    “You can’t laugh. You can’t joke around.”

    Dont get mad just because you have to practice every once in awhile Kellen.

  5. He still think the same way at 28 that he did at 18.
    Bullets, soldiers, joking, rolling, dude etc……
    What a waste of 10 years.

  6. Lol, after the way they stunk it up their past 10 games, they haven’t earned the right to laugh or joke around. Wonder why Winslow liked a ” Players Coach”? I am happy he is out of tampa.

  7. I could really go for some funyons and yoohoo right now.

    And I guess I’ll go ahead and give up hope that Kellin Winslow will stop making war metaphors, references, and analogies every time he opens his mouth to discuss football.

  8. Not to be blunt but I’m guessing that’s what he was rolling. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. When the the going gets tough, ya know.

  9. ‘Toes on the line! Toes on the line!’ Blowing the whistle. You can’t laugh. You can’t joke around. So I decided not to go to OTAs.”

    Just keep your nose clean in Seattle and SCORE TD’s and you’ll fit in just fine.

  10. two bags of Funyuns and a bottle of Yoo-hoo

    Excellent touch….

    The sad truth is that Kellen could have been great. Like awesome transcended and re-created the standards for a TE great.

    But he grew up with the name and did not put in the work to complement any achievements like other legacy (QB) sons have.

    Such a waste of talent. He has the name to be a star, the talent to be great, the numbers to be good, and the disposition to be a distraction not worth wasting your time on.

  11. Real sh-t is that your not a soldier but a clown in Slippery Pete’s big top show!

  12. Schiano – all business. Toes on the line. Get to work. Discipline. Accountability. Called out his starting RB for fumbing too much, then drafted his competition at the end of Rd. 1

    So basically, Winslow is saying no to accountability and professionalism. He only wants to play for a coach that will coddle him. Am I missing something?

  13. Wow…that motorcycle crash a few years ago must have really knocked him stupid…

    Come to think of it, he was a dumbass long before that accident….

  14. I agree with Winslow. I’ll be happy when the league gets tired of the bully drill sergeant types and players are allowed to enjoy playing the GAME they play for a living.

    Coughlin wins a Super Bowl, suddenly player’s coaches are all watching their backs while owners raid the local Friar’s Clubs trying to find angry old white guys to boss around a bunch of young black men. Meanwhile, Coughlin only made the playoffs and won a Super Bowl on the play of JPP, a guy who hardly toed the line. Without JPP, the Giants are lucky to be .500 with Drill Sergeant Coughlin.

  15. I am sure he is a disappointment to his father big mouth weak on the field. Going 4-12 shouldn’t be okay with a winner but if it means you get to joke around and have a good time while making millions count kellen in

  16. When Winslow was drafted, I thought he might be like Vernon Davis. His piss-poor attitude has cost him anything like that. He sucks. Go 49ers!

  17. Kid doesn’t want to work hard, no wonder he hasn’t accomplished anything since draft day.

    Guess everything came too easy growing up, he never learned how to work hard to outperform his opponents, but now he’sat a level where he has to work to beat his opponents and he doesn’t even realize it.

  18. When you go 4-12, you don’t start the offseason by laughing and joking around.

    But I wasnt impressed with this hire either. Most college coaches dont succeed in the NFL (Nick Saban, Bobby Petrino, Lane Kiffin….) My one exception is Jim Harbaugh.


  20. Winslow is a spoon fed kid from a former hall of famers legendary name. His former coach couldn’t get it done so now it’s time for him for him to be professional and accept a new coach. He sounds like another former “Back stabbing” former CANE tight end. Winslow blows. Who cares what this guy says. Good luck to Shiano.

  21. He’s a soldier but he’s got no soul. Guess what Kellen. The 9 ers r going to clown you. Their defense already has to practice against the baddest TE in the league….they definitely got you handled. Welcome to the NFC west. Hope you enjoy Willis, Goldson and Culliver beating u to a pulp.

  22. KW Sr is a DB as well and he coddles his son by making excuses for him. Why is anyone surprised that JR is an entitled DB as well?

    Hey Kellen, if wherever you go you have issues getting along with people, perhaps…just PERHAPS it’s the man in the mirror who is the problem, not others.

  23. This guy is an idiot. Where did he learn to speak like this? No wonders he has been irrelevant since being in the nfl

  24. Did anyone watch the video or just read the comments?

    You all realize he was laughing most of the time he was talking. He sounded like he was just joking and having some fun.

    The Raheem Morris stuff seemed legit but he was just messing around when talking about Schiano.

    This whole thing is being blown way way way out of proportion.

  25. a great example of why losers continue losing….They don’t see the necessity of doing what the winners do, they simply don’t need to. why not? Cuz they’re f** soldiers!!

  26. I wonder what color the sky is in Winslow’s world? He is one deluded ass hat.

  27. The last part of the article was uncalled for instead of making comments like that this person should of wrote a article investigating the bucks firing Raheem Morris after one bad season sounds fishy to me

  28. Jr. has always been a douche but as a Chargers fan I always rooted for him to do well because of his dad. Kellen may not have a lot of credibility but Schiano’s college mentality will start rubbing players the wrong way if they are mired in a losing streak. He will soon find out its easy to loses locker room full of multimillionaires if you push them too hard.

  29. One of life’s biggest mystery’s is how respectable, articulate, intellegent people (Kellen Winslow)produce offspring (Kellen Winslow Jr.) who are such embarresments to society and deplorable roll models to young kids.

  30. Raheem never made WinSLOW participate in practice. Schiano treats everyone the same. I was happy when we got Winslow. I’m even more happy that he’s gone. Seattle, you are our brother expansion team and I’ve always followed you guys. I will honestly tell you that this guy is a 1st class turd and a disgrace to his family’s good name.
    I would also tell you guys that your Super Bowl was stolen from you by the refs. Was very sad for you guys.

  31. What a jack ass. Obviously Tampa is doing something right if clowns like Winslow are whining and crying in the media about them.

    Funny part is, Coach Morris’ downfall was caused by veteran clowns like Winslow who took advantage of their player coach’s misguided belief that if he treated his players like MEN that they would respond accordingly.

    Instead he got a bunch of loud mouthed, irresponsible hoodlums getting drunk, fat and lazy.

  32. brenenostler, does the name Jimmy Johnson ring a bell? guess what? Most pro coaching hires don’t dominate either. The select few actually succeed and by success I mean hoist the Lombardi. Your example of Harbaugh is one I would not even consider success. Not yet anyway.

  33. “You can’t laugh. You can’t joke around.”

    Isn’t laughing and joking around reserved for playoff teams? Just ask Gronk.

  34. sixjak says: Jun 16, 2012 2:07 AM

    He’s a soldier but he’s got no soul. Guess what Kellen. The 9 ers r going to clown you. Their defense already has to practice against the baddest TE in the league….they definitely got you handled. Welcome to the NFC west. Hope you enjoy Willis, Goldson and Culliver beating u to a pulp

    Ain’t gonna happen. Pete’s not afraid to cut anyone, this jackwagon won’t make the team. I wouldn’t hire Winslow to scrub toilets.

  35. Dude ran himself out of two cities. Why even post his opinion? No one cares. He’s over rated, injury-prone, and oh-so-close to being washed up.

  36. I think there’s a lot missing in context here. This is a player interviewing a player, he’s trying to keep it real, give him a scoop, and be funny. If you watch the Mike Rob reports there’s a lot of locker room trash talk and unguarded behavior. Personally I think this is more about NFL nanny-ism that’s constantly being pushed at PFT trying to get players or teams in trouble over nothing by seizing on anything remotely controversial and going out of their way to not offer context.

  37. Seattle went from bad to worse. Pete, get rid of this clown ASAP, or you will be unemployed with him.

  38. Apparently the only thing Winslow shares with his honorable Dad is his name. The rest of the brat should be flushed down the toilet and mixed with the other….

    Just remember Winslow brat – Karma bites back. Hopefully yours will be a leg break that pokes through the skin and makes you unfit to ever play pro ball again.

  39. How can you push a room full of “professional” millionaires in a sport where push comes to shove? I thought winning was the point, and if youve ever accomplished anything in this life worth noting you’ll know it takes everything you’ve got. If not, second place is first loser

  40. The REAL story is that he was DJing at some club instead of coming in to training camp.

    Meanwhile, while all the other players were working, Schiano noticed his #1 TE not there (after a 10 straight loss season).

    Vets that don’t come to OTA’s are ok..If the team is doing well the season before. If they look as horrible as the Bbucs did, you come in nomatter who you are.

    Winslow got the boot and he knows it. Schiano will not put up with crap, and believe me (a guy who witnessed TC’s under Raheem) he won’t coddle him like Raheem did.

    THAT is why K2 got the boot. He couldn’t live through a Schiano-led workout. That, or his knees couldn’t.

  41. What K2, can’t handle a “company coach”? You’re such a f-ing “soldier”, odd you can’t hack it with Schiano. Rah was a “players coach” for sure. Only saw him out partying with them all the time after losses. Ya K2, they really fired the wrong guy “up there”?? It’s Tampa, it’s “down” there you f-ing idiot!

  42. tigershark49 says:
    Jun 16, 2012 1:16 AM
    When Winslow was drafted, I thought he might be like Vernon Davis. His piss-poor attitude has cost him anything like that. He sucks. Go 49ers!


    Really? You thought Winslow would be like Vernon Davis when he was drafted? Wasn’t Vernon Davis about 17 or so when WInslow was drafted?

  43. joenamath12 says:Jun 16, 2012 3:35 AM

    Did anyone watch the video or just read the comments?

    You all realize he was laughing most of the time he was talking. He sounded like he was just joking and having some fun. The Raheem Morris stuff seemed legit but he was just messing around when talking about Schiano.
    I watched the video and I am going to make the assumption that you’re a little young to understand.

    #1 – The way he talked about Morris: Morris was NOT ready to be a NFL Head Coach – many don’t even realize how/why he was hired, but the short version is that he was never even interviewed for the Head Coaching position. It’s great that KWII had a high opinion of him as a person, but that was not the job of Morris. KWII was able to come and go as he pleased, to detract from the growth of the young Josh Freeman the way that Shockey did with Eli.
    #2 – Toes on the line – it may seem trivial, but there is a reason for the discipline of that. KWII’s “joking” was not respecting that. His attitude of being above it reminds me of Roy Jefferson’s attitude when Chuck Noll took over the Steelers. No one is more important than the team – certainly not a TE who has underacheived his whole career.
    #3 – Being a “good dude” like the interviewer labels him as has nothing to do with being good on the field. KW showed a complete lack of professionalism throughout the entire segment.

  44. Watching the Bucs last year, it was obvious that they just quit in many games. I’m sure that after reviewing film of last season Coach Schiano saw the lack of effort and discipline. What is wrong at trying to get the teams attention. Many successful coaches in the NFL are similar. Winslow is a cancer especially to a new coach trying to change a team.

  45. I love how everyone acts like his dad is a great guy and keep the family name pristine. He’s the same guy who was upset when his son went and played for a white coach in Coker. Like father like son.

  46. Mav, K2 was indeed trying.

    Trouble is, besides his hands and ability to fight for the ball, he had nothing left to offer physically. Couldn’t ever runblock, never had elite speed(even morso after crash), a selfish me-first attitude, and to top it all off, he didn’t even run routes that well.

    He’s essentually another WR with bad knees. And in K2’s partcular case, an unwarrented ego to go along with it. Come to think about it, I guess I would rather have T.O., Moss, or Ocho on my team. At least they’ve accomplished something at one time or another.

  47. the only difference between Winslow junior and senior was senior put up the numbers all while being a racist jerk while junior was running his mouth but couldnt back it up by being productive. as long as you produce you can get away with a lot of crap.

  48. “You know what I hadn’t had in a while? Big league chew…”
    …And you know what I haven’t had in a while? Gatorade Gum!!!

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