Another member of Colt McCoy’s family questions the Browns

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When the Browns allowed quarterback Colt McCoy to keep playing after suffering a concussion last season, his father Brad McCoy blasted the team for its treatment of his son. Now another member of McCoy’s family has taken a shot at the Browns — and all over a misunderstanding.

Colt’s little brother Case McCoy, a quarterback for the Texas Longhorns, fell for a Twitter hoax saying that Colt had been traded, and responded to it by saying the Browns are “going downhill.”

Although Case has since removed the tweet from his account, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Case McCoy initially reacted by congratulating Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden and then added that Colt would fare better.

“Good luck Brandon! Fan of you, but my brother’s pulling the lucky straw on this one! Cleveland is only going downhill!” Case McCoy wrote.

Case apologized when he found out that Colt hadn’t been traded, but even then Case wrote, “Still kinda meant what I said.” However, Case acknowledged that he shouldn’t have said anything about the Browns.

“Want to apologize for my tweet,” Case wrote. “It was definitely uncalled for and not at all what i stand for! Blood just runs deeper than sport colors. I’m thankful to be playing the sport I love. But with that comes responsibility and I didn’t handle that well.”

It probably doesn’t make life easy for Colt McCoy that members of his family keep saying things about his team. The bad news is that you can’t pick your family. The good news is that the Browns probably won’t be McCoy’s team for much longer.

30 responses to “Another member of Colt McCoy’s family questions the Browns

  1. He’s a trash QB that will never play in the league. He should keep his mouth shut.

  2. I have thought all along that the Browns should keep McCoy and send Seneca Wallace packing. Well…I have changed my mind.

    The Cleveland Browns are about to come alive, with Weedon, TRich, and all the good, young players drafted by H&H over that past two years. Colt McCoy and his family will only detract and distract from the progress this team is making.

    Keep Wallace. Ship Colt to Minnesota…

  3. Anything that highlights the Browns’ mistreatment of Colt last season, is a plus on the scales of justice. Hopefully there is no long term effect due to the Browns’ stupidity and insensitivity. I think Colt is lucky to have a family that cares so much…and blood should run deeper than sports colors!

  4. lol the vikes dont need colt and already have a better QB then weeden in ponder. the vikes have more talent and play makers then the browns. you guys got richardson who is gonna be an average back kinda like how mark ingram turned out to be. you guys have no number 1 or 2 receivers just a bunch of 3s and 4s. colt is gonna be a better qb then weeden but the browns management doesnt know how to surround a team with playmakers. good luck colt maybe you will land with a team that knows how to play in the nfl.

  5. I’m sure anyone’s kid brother who you have a strong relationship with would do the same. Whats the big deal.

  6. Case your brother Colt has a noodle arm and can’t throw into a 5 mph wind..he’s not helping this team but only hurting it..31 teams passed on him for 2 rounds of the draft for a reason…the Browns took a flyer and had nothing to lose…he’s lucky he evn made it on the field.

  7. This family is making their son/brother look like a wimp! Grow some Colt, and tell them to zip it! They are going to start making you look less attractive to teams, and may affect your income!

  8. Cleveland ruins QB’s they are just as bad if not worse than Washington when it comes to drafting QB’s. If the keep Mccoy there will be 3 starting QB’s this season.

  9. The browns have absolutely no identity within their system. How is any qb gonna benefit in that situation?

    The mccoy family hasnt been out of line yet imo… just calling out a franchise who screwed their son and brother.

  10. Not sure how Case McCoy can figure that the Browns are going downhill. The last 4 years have been the worst 4-year stretch in the history of the Cleveland Browns … how do you go downhill from THERE? The team is already at rock bottom. There’s nowhere to go but up.

    Also, with the additions of Weeden and T-Rich, I think most NFL observers feel that the Browns are on the upswing, although as a Browns fan I’m reserving judgment on that. They’ve been so pathetic for so long, it’s hard to even imagine them as a competitive team. Kind of like imagining Guatemala taking over the world.

  11. I’m glad I couldn’t pick my family. Wouldn’t trade them for the world.

  12. The Browns are a trash team because of who owns it. They will be lucky to do the like Buccaneers did and steal one eventually.

    I believe TRich will definately have a good season, but just like the Pathers and Cam Newton, they shouldn’t expect more than 6-8 wins.

    In all honesty, they should’ve used all those extra picks they had to have moved up for Luck or at the very least, RG3. Instead, they wasted picks by worrying about the Buccaneers jumping in front of them (when they didn’t even want TR, or Claiborne for that matter). Seriously, the Vikes should owe the Bucs a low-round pick for that…

  13. @benchwarmer69: The Bucs never “stole one” they had a phenomenal team that went all the way that included some great players like derrick brooks, warren sapp, warrick dunn, mike alstott, ronde barber, john lynch, joe jurevicius, keenan mccardell, and the ever underrated brad johnson. So dont talk bad about those 02-03 Bucs beacause they could rip your team a new one any day of the week, pal. #bucs4ever

  14. If they are so close, I wonder why Case took to Twitter w/o hearing the news directly from his brother…

  15. One of the most mismanaged players in the last decade. He had a lot of skill in college (pick a stat for evidence), and went to a team that needed a QB and had lots of chances to build around him.

    Instead they screwed around with every aspect of his game, including his health.

  16. stonecld33 says:
    Jun 16, 2012 4:32 PM
    I would question the parents for naming the kids case and colt.

    Colt’s real name is Daniel.

  17. #bucs4ever – …I’m a Bucs fan.

    With that being said, many teams wth great defenses went on to “steal” one. Ravens with Dilfer, Bucs with Brad, heck, we could say the Steelers a couple of times really.

    It’s just a figure of speech man.

    And regarding the “growth” of McCoy. It might be somewhat comparable to that of Josh Freeman and his time with Raheem Morris. That downtime may have hurt him beyond repair in a similar fashion of that of McCoy.

  18. hulkhogansays says:
    Jun 16, 2012 5:26 PM
    These dysfunctional families are what’s wrong with America brother.
    But tired, unfunny posts are a positive. Thanks, Hulkster.

  19. Hmmm…first they had Colt…then they thought…a Colt can’t just be laying around without a Case…so they named the second kid Case. I wonder if they have another boy…will they name him Bullet?

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