Clemons rejects extension offer, plans to hit free agency in 2013

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Veteran defensive end Chris Clemons unexpectedly held out of the Seahawks’ mandatory minicamp.  Come 2013, he could be walking out of Seattle.

Len Pasquarelli of the Sports Xchange reports that Clemons has decided not to sign an extension with the Seahawks, opting instead to become a free agent in 2013.

Per Pasquarelli, the team offered to convert his current deal, which pays a base salary of $4 million in 2012, into a three-year contract with $8 million in 2012, $4.5 million in 2013, and $5.5 million in 2014.  Clemons declined.

Clemons has opted not to participate in the team’s offseason program, giving up a $100,000 workout bonus and, due to his decision to boycott the mandatory minicamp, exposing himself to $63,000 in fines.

Of course, there’s no guarantee he’ll become an unrestricted free agent in 2013.  If the Seahawks choose to use the franchise tag, he won’t hit the market — but he will be in line for a one-year deal worth at least $10 million.

It’s unlikely that Clemons would balk at that kind of payday, given that he’s 30 years old and never has landed a major payday.

Perhaps he will.  He has started all 32 games during his two years in Seattle, after starting only three total regular-season games during his prior six NFL seasons.  He also has notched 11 sacks in 2010 and another 11 in 2012, exceeding the 20 career sacks from his six pre-Seattle seasons.

38 responses to “Clemons rejects extension offer, plans to hit free agency in 2013

  1. Like him in seattle and hes their best proven pass rusher, they should give him the contract he deserves

  2. 18 million over 3 years with 8 million of it this year and is 30 and he says no? Crazy! I can see Clemons being expendable next year if Irvin steps up.

  3. Maybe he’s not in it for the money? Just wants to play for a different team? (Not bashing the Seahawks, but some players like certain cities/teams more)

  4. I remember when this guy was just a spot rusher with the Skins. He’s an idiot for turning down such a contract. Some of these agents are so blind brother.

  5. He had 11 sacks in 2012? I knew you guys were good, but prognostication? Who won the 2012 Super Bowl?

  6. “He notched 11 sacks in 2010 and another 11 in 2012.”

    WOW, he must be good; he already has 11 sacks and the season hasn’t even started yet. Pay the man; at this rate, he’ll have over 100 sacks for 2012.

  7. He won’t be in camp so I think it will hurt his numbers. I would pay him. He has been really good the last two years. Seattle is just being cheap and they won’t get his A game this year. If Irvin doesn’t step up they are going to write him a much larger check. Lots of teams need good DE’s that get sacks like he does. Time will tell.

  8. Sounds like he is a player that fits the system.

    That’s one heck of an extension to turn down at 30 or any age.

    Excuse me while I search for a cheaper flight to Oakland in hopes of catching a home game this year.

  9. That $18m over 3 years surely isn’t guaranteed. That’s not money in his pocket.

    If he gets franchised next year he’s in line to get $14m over 2 years and either another huge raise or hit free agency.

    Or the Seahawks let him go free and he gets a huge signing bonus (i.e. real $ in pocket) as a free agent next year.

    He’s basically gambling $4m (the difference in this year’s salary) for much bigger returns later. Assuming he’s got a good agent, he’s probably insured for that potential earnings to some extent anyway.


  10. Seriously Chris? You declined that offer? For a player of your caliber that is a damn good deal.

    Don’t know who’s dumber…you or your agent.
    Good luck with the stupidity!

  11. Clemons is a nice player and fits the system perfectly. He will be motivated to play well this year if he thinks he is in line for a major deal. I expect the Hawks will let him walk after this year, assuming that Irvin is ready to take over the Leo position.

    Clemons is undersized for most systems and could have a hard time getting the contract he thinks he deserves.

  12. Seemed like a pretty fair offer. This is going to suck. Hopefully they told him if he plays out of this world the offer will dramatically increase. Lol

  13. Look at the teams he got the sacks against, and then look at his overall career…He should be signing the Hawks offer, and doing it with a ridiculous smile on his face. This whole thing is based on an idiot agent who thinks at 31, this guy will somehow get better…won’t happen.
    Cut him Seattle…No room for malcontents.

  14. Ok, I understand he wants a big payday. Hawks will meet him half way and offer him a better deal based on this years performance. If he doesn’t get over ten sacks this year they will just draft another defensive end in the first round to rotate with Irvin

  15. Pooflingingmonkey asked
    “Who won the 2012 Superbowl?”

    That would be the New York Giants

  16. That was a fair offer he had on the table. More than fair for a 30 year old vet coming into the end of his career. Clemons is a product of Seattle’s system. He may go somewhere else, but I doubt he will excel. He fit the Leo position to a tea, but he’s not irreplaceable. If he doesn’t want to be in Seattle anymore fine, but he’s insane if he thinks he’s going to get a better gig elsewhere at his age.

  17. 18 mil over 3 years to a 31 yr old was definitely a generous offer by the hawks.

    In 2012 he will lose a few snaps, and his numbers probly go down. 2013 he will have lost stock and only have a couple years left.

    Good career decision chris

  18. His agent should be taken out and shot. He’s 31 this year, he’s had some success on rebuilding teams but couldn’t get playing time on teams with decent players.

    “Free” agent is pretty close to the truth. His paycheck will be closer to $0 than to what the Seahawks were offering when he ends up signing somewhere for the league minimum next season.

  19. What makes absolutely NO SENSE about this story is if Clemons isn’t looking for an extention and just wants to become a free agent in 2013 then why is he holding out? Why wouldn’t he just report to camp and play our the season? What sense does this make (really). It seems more likely to me that they just haven’t reached agreeable terms on an extention yet.

  20. Gotta agree with 12thmantime. Sounds like he’s still negotiating. With injuries being common in the NFL it’s hard to see giving up 8 million next year when you’re already 30. Might work for him, but he’d be rolling the dice.

  21. We don’t know how many guarantees were actually in such a contract.

    Besides, he’s probably looking for something similar to what Mark Anderson got with the Bills. Anderson was a part-time rusher most of his career until the Patriots’ playoff run, picked up 12.5 sacks including the postseason, and landed a four year, $28 million. With two straight 11 sack season, Clemons probably thinks he deserves something along those lines.

    Unfortunately for him, unless Seattle increases their offer before this season, I don’t think he’ll ever get an Anderson-esque contract considering his age.

  22. NFL players do have special talents. But I am ready to relegate my self to Pop Warner games, at least then you know why they act like whinny brats.
    18 mil for the working schmo works out to 450K per year for 40 years. And w/ that kinda of payday these guys are also whining about health care and pension.. Bite me…

  23. This is a guy who definitely is worth less than what is being offered. He should have taken it. I don’t see any other teams out there that will pay him even what was offered. Idiot !

  24. Seattle needs to scratch their offer. Let the malcontent sit at home for the season, let him go to free agency next year and see if the 31 year old who hasn’t played in a year gets an offer anywhere near what Seattle just offered. He wouldn’t even sniff half of what Seattle offered.

  25. I agree with the math he has though.. lets see… make 17 mil in 3 years IF he doesnt get cut on the 3rd year… or make 14 mil in 2 years fully guarantee with a possibly pay raise on FA.

    Who said players are stupid?

  26. Not a smart move by Clemons. So let me get this straight.

    He’s a current 30yr old that will play the majority of the 2012 season at 31 once his birthday arrives in October. The Seahawks offered him a huge raise for the 2012 season, & also decent money for the 2013 & 2014 seasons which Clemons would have been playing at 32 & 33. All I can say is he’d better have one hell of a season if he’s banking on that big 2013 pay day via free agency, because that was a more than fair offer by the Seahawks, & Chris Clemons is no Julius Peppers, Justin Smith, Justin Tuck, etc.

    Good luck.

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