League already increases price of “All-22” package

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I initially thought I perhaps needed glasses.

After posting on Friday afternoon an item regarding the league’s decision to make the Golden Snitch of football footage available to anyone and everyone as part of a Game Rewind package that would cost only $59.99,  the league office advised PFT that the price is actually $69.99.

So I went back and checked the link, I saw that the price was $69.99, and I confirmed that, indeed, the price is $69.99.  Chalking it up to the effects of the aging process on the optic nerve, I assumed I had seen the “6” as a “5”.

As it turns out, I had seen correctly.  At some point on Friday afternoon, the league jacked the price up by 10 bucks.

Though some have explained that it merely reflected the expiration of a two-day promotional period, the league office admits (without explanation) that the initial price of $59.99 “was an incorrect listing.”

We could pry from 345 Park Avenue no details regarding how the price came to be listed incorrectly.  Was it a typo?  An error in communication?

Or was it simply a decision based on the reaction to the news that the price point was too low?

Either way, anyone who climbed on the “All-22” bus before late afternoon on Friday received a $10 bonus for getting there first.

Unless, of course, the league attempts to extract from you a portrait of the man who was killed by Aaron Burr.

22 responses to “League already increases price of “All-22” package

  1. The NFL is smart. I paid 20 dollars for a subscription to the magazine, and got ONE ISSUE!. They know how to take your money and run.

  2. Last year I purchased the preseason package from nfl.com. A couple days later I purchased the game rewind but due to the wording of the confirmation email(or my stupidity) I thought I had purchased the preseason package again. I tried to contact them for a refund. I initially tried the online chat. It would automatically shut down after 30 minutes of inactivity. I tried calling the number listed. I would be placed on hold and no one ever answered. I tried emailing them. No response! I finally gave up.

    These are the same people who charged people to stand outside the Superbowl and watch the game on tv(lol), charged people for seats that were not even there, and also extort money from struggling cities to pay for their stadiums but they can’t even have a decent customer service for paying customers.

    I told myself then that they would never get a dime from me again!

  3. Mike,

    Why let this bother you ?
    Get in the VW Van . . .an go back to fishin’

    It’ s more fun . . .than trying to figure why the NFL is squeezing every dollar from us.

  4. $70 for this access is a good deal, not sure why you’re complaining about it. If you don’t want it, don’t sign up. But take a look at all of the features and the tablet access, a lot of guys will be happy to pay.

  5. Maybe this is a way of containing the scrutiny Casserly thinks (probably correctly) coaches/players will see as a result of fans having access to these camera angles. At $70 only the diehards of diehards will be looking at these, not the majority of the fanbases, to say the least. Of course, most of the media will still subscribe, and they’ll write articles that the masses will read, but I’m ignoring that avenue for a second.

  6. Last season, I purchased the GameRewind. This offseason, I purchased GameRewind for $40 for 3-4 months. (I also have NHL and MLB’s on demand services, for $7 and $25 a month respectively)

    And to be honest, $70 is peanuts compared to DirecTV. That $70 means I can watch whatever game, whenever, wherever I want to, for August, September, October, November, December, and January. Expensive, sure, but $70 divided by 16 games isn’t.

  7. I’m sick of hearing the phrase “The NFL is pricing itself out of the reach of the common man.”

    For starters, 50% of Americans don’t make a living wage. 15% of Americans live below the poverty rate.

    For some reason, if tickets, beers, tv packages, ect, ect, are priced too high, all of a sudden, it’s priced too high for the average fan.

    Most teams have cheap seats in the $30-$40 per game range. That is not too much for the “average” fan. It may be too much for the “average” fan that has a family and wants to take them to games with him/her. Here’s the catch, the NFL will continue to price what the consumer will continue to buy. Ticket prices are high because people pay that price, beers are high, because people are willing to pay for it. It’s simple, it’s not multiple choice.

  8. All-22 is also known as coach’s film. Its film of get this… all 22 players on the field rather than the television feeds that just focus on the ball action. Its the only way to truly evaluate the play of players that are routinely outside the coverage of the television cameras.

  9. I live in Vikings country, also known as Southern Canada. For me to follow my Lions and Panthers would be near impossible. With GameRewind, I not only watched all the Carolina and Detroit games, but I was able to watch my friends’ teams as well (every 49ers, Raiders, and Texans).

    Literally, I watched about ten games per week on my schedule, plus the night games that were broadcast. Dollar-to-dollar, you cannot beat the GameRewind package.

  10. I have a monthly cable service which includes NFL Red Zone and NFL Network, along with local channels and other sports channels (in addition to a DSL internet connection). I haven’t gone to a sporting event in over ten years and I don’t plan on going. I have all the food and drink I need here, my bathroom is just down the hall, parking my butt in front of the 55″ HD TV is absolutely free and I don’t have to put up with large crowds. I occasionally moan about cable prices being high, but at least I am not letting these NFL “scalpers” get even more money from me, Mr. Average Man/Average Fan.

  11. I signed up for this the second I got the email from them advertising it. And I, indeed, paid only $59.99.

    This is a great deal because it also gives you both the postseason and offseason access and those have typically been separate packages. No mention if the preseason is also included.

  12. Somebody has to pay for Roger’s salary. It won’t be long they will figure out a way to make all the games “Pay Per View”…….. Its all about the money baby…

  13. The NFL is scamming folks into believing it’s giving a never before seen feature. When in fact, the NFL marketed NFL Game Rewind a few years ago (2009 season) with game replays WITH coaches film. From 2009 – 2011, the coaches film wasn’t available for all plays, 3/4 of the plays, 1/2 of the plays, nor for 1/4 of the plays during a game. It was ONLY for an extremely limited number pf plays; mostly it was available for big plays or interceptions only and then not every big play had a coaches film view. I not only wanted the coaches view of the play that the touchdown was scored on. I wanted the coaches view for the play(s) that LEAD UP TO the touchdown.

    My complaint is that they are now charging MORE for a previously promised product feature that they came up short with years ago.

  14. “Ticket prices are high because people pay that price, beers are high, because people are willing to pay for it. ”

    People pay that for beer because you cant bring your own, and there isnt any competition,its a captive audience.

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