League donating $2.5 million for youth football fields

Getty Images

The NFL may not care about former players, but it definitely cares about future ones.

The league will fork over $2.5 million in grants for new or refurbished football fields in and around 15 NFL cities.

In Ohio, for example, Midview Schools received $200,000 toward the installation of artificial turf.

“It’s going to glow in the lights, and it’s going to be awesome,” Midview Schools athletic director Creg Jantz said.

And the kids will want to play football on such an “awesome” field.  Which may help to overcome the mothers and fathers who are thinking about not letting their children play football.

So while the money can be trumpeted as a donation, it’s really an investment in the future of football.

Other cities in which today’s NFL money will go to help ensure NFL players of tomorrow won’t abandon the game include Atlanta; Spartanburg, South Carolina; Chicago; Alexandria, Kentucky; Pueblo, Colorado; Detroit; West Allis, Wisconsin; New Orleans; Newark; Philadelphia; Penn Hills, Pennsylvania; Clearwater, Florida; Madison, Tennessee; and Washington.