Pacman’s lawyer: Verdict “a devastating amount for him financially”

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Shortly after Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones was ordered to pay $11.65 million to victims of a 2007 strip club shooting, Jones’s lawyer said that’s more than he can afford to pay.

It’s obviously a devastating amount for him financially,” attorney Lisa Rasmussen told the Associated Press. “He has really worked hard to make a comeback with his NFL career. He doesn’t make enough money to pay that judgment.”

Although the shooting took place shortly after Jones set off a melee inside the strip club, Rasmussen said there is no evidence that Jones was involved in the shooting. And she thinks the jury’s verdict was motivated by a combination of sympathy for the two injured strip club employees, Tommy Urbanski and Aaron Cudworth, and the belief that Jones is a wealthy celebrity who can easily afford to pay.

“People perceive him as a person who is able to pay $11 million,” she said. “Adam doesn’t even get paid until he plays his first game.”

Yes, it’s true that Jones’s base salary is paid out one week at a time, starting with the first game of the season in September. But Jones has been a professional football player since 2005, when he signed a rookie contract as the sixth overall pick in the NFL draft that guaranteed him $13.5 million. If Jones were smart with his money, he would have a lot of it. Of course, if Jones were smart with his life decisions he wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. The reality is that he probably doesn’t have anything close to the $11.65 million.

Still, Cudworth’s lawyer, Richard Schonfeld, said whatever money Jones does have, his client deserves.

“If he is making money, I am going to be there trying to collect,” Schonfeld said.

Jones is slated to make $950,000 this season with the Bengals.

40 responses to “Pacman’s lawyer: Verdict “a devastating amount for him financially”

  1. then he needs to sell all his belongings. Money is a free pass for his actions leaving a man paralyzed for life. When he is done playing football, he needs to cut the mans grass, clean his house and wipe his butt.

  2. So what happens to the guy that actually fired the gun causing the paralysis?? I’m not defending Pac Man in this at all, but if the guy would have died would Pac Man have been charged with murder even though somebody else fired the gun? It’s a confusing verdict in the sense that the jury determined that he “set off a melee” that caused somebody to shoot a gun that paralyzed a man. My thoughts got to Urbanski and his family and I’ll leave it at that.

  3. why don’t you negative voters explain why it is that you seem to think he got shafted instead of just giving negative votes?

    Not to take a poke at the negative voters at all, I’d just like to see the other side…where are you coming from? The guy has a long-standing reputation for being at the wrong place at the wrong time every single time…coincidence?

  4. I still don’t understand how he’s considered financially responsible for something that he wasn’t physically responsible for (so far as I can tell from reading as much coverage as I can find anyway). Don’t get me wrong, the guy is a long way short of being a MENSA member, but looking at this as someone who remains baffled by the US system of financial liability with no criminal responsibility, it looks to me like a case of someone taking money from a person they have no entitlement to claim from.

  5. Outta curiosity, how much of his 950k salary does he give up? Does he get a small percentage for every day expenses? I’m just curious to the legal side. He can rot in hell for all I care. These athletes and their second chances make me sick.

  6. Why make Pacman pay??? He didnt shoot anyone. They just trying to make his life miserable.

  7. Did pacman fire the gun? No. Have they gone after the man who did? No. Why is that you think? Pacmans an idiot but to say he owes 11 mil for someone else shooting someone is ridiculous.

  8. How is he responsible for another man’s actions. Adam Jones did not shoot anyone as far as I know if I shot someone that’s my fault not someone else who happened to be there. This is insane this is what’s wrong with our society always looking for that free dollar.

  9. …as if any amount of money could bring those people back. Jones will now be saddled with incredible debt for the rest of life. Not that he doesn’t deserve to be, but I fail to see the point. IMHO, money is no restitution for loss of life, and it feels funny to me when the two are mixed. If it’s rehabilition of the offender, I would then ask how it would help to destroy a person’s future the extent to which this ruling does.

  10. If I were on that jury, those guys, as sad a story as it is, would have received nothing from Mr. Jones.

  11. It’s a civil suit,if it was without merit it should have been thrown out of court. Once the suit got to trial liability is based on the lesser standard of a civil action. The damage award will be contested. Our legal system with it’s faults and foibles does not look like it has been abused in this case.

  12. Righthereisay, that may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen posted here. It doesn’t matter what anyone does to make an honest living, they have a right to make that living.

  13. It was a devasting amount of damage to the guys spinal cord whose life was wrecked..If the victim doesn’t have insurance or can’t afford the care he’s going to need the rest of his life I have absolutely no problem with PacMan getting bled dry to cover it

  14. My problem with this all is, none of us know what the evidence in that court room was. But as far as we know, Jones hired a security guard who later shot 2 people. But did Jones order the shooting? DId he even authorize any situation where the security guard should start firing at people? WHy is he being held responsible for what the other man did? I’m not saying he’s not responsible. I just want to hear the legal argument of why he is. I have a feeling this isn’t going to fly on appeal. And then also there can be a number of issues in trying to collect a judgement that exceeds someone’s net worth.

  15. I liked him when he played for my Cowboys. I hope he continues to get his life together.

  16. mwindle1973 says:
    Jun 16, 2012 5:36 PM
    I’m not saying he’s not responsible. I just want to hear the legal argument of why he is. I have a feeling this isn’t going to fly on appeal. And then also there can be a number of issues in trying to collect a judgement that exceeds someone’s net worth.
    Yup. No way the full amount is paid, but whose bill will be paid-the attorneys for both sides. In the end the victims will be doing good to get a sundae from McDonalds once everything is said and done and all fees are paid.

  17. Bad break for Pac Man. If he were simply a construction worker who was at that bar that night, he probably wouldn’t be involved in any court decision. Just for the sake of getting a whole bunch of “thumb downs”, I’m going to say that Pac Man is getting railroaded on this outcome.

    Oh, did I mention I’m a Bengals fan?

  18. This is silly…how many of you Pacman haters out there actually know anything about this case? Because I believe the public details are few and far between. And if you are going to draw a conclusion from them..then my conclusion is I don’t get how he is responsible for injuries that were caused by another individual firing a gun. WHy isn’t that individual paying? That’s easy…he doesn’t have money. One thing not being printed is Jones lost several million dollars early in his career, due to basically putting the money in someone else’s hands and not paying enough attention. Lots of money disappeared or was used for ill-advised investments, etc. There is an inherent problem in a judgement that exceeds someone’s net worth. All you have to do is look at the OJ SImpson case. He was worth 10s of millions maybe 100s. And he managed to make it all disappear. THis judgement entitles them to collect the award. What most people don’t know is the judgement in know ways obligates Jones to pay it. Meaning the court that made the judgement can do nothing if Jones doesn’t pay. The plantiffs have to sue him again over that matter. But I think the appeal process could change the outcome. The lawyers for the plantiffs are hoping that Jones can generate another big contract in his career. But that’s not likely. Too bad Florio wouldn’t do a piece on the kind of people the lawyers who take these cases are. The plantiffs lawyers may be the biggest villians in this whole thing. Had they went with an amount that Jones could actually pay, maybe this would’ve gotten settled out of court

  19. If he was shy inside of the casino, why isn’t. The strip club/casino being sued? Unless Pacman ordered the shooting how is he held accountable? Sounds to me, and I know very little about it, but it sounds to me like it’s the gunmans responsibility for pulling the trigger and the casino’s for lack of security. I just dont get where Pacman is accountable other than for those HE PERSONALLY INJURED. I’m lost on this one

  20. Its called accountability for your actions. These “entitled” rich athletes don’t seem to get the concept of consequences.

    That is why you should have to earn your money. You seem to cherish it more. The rookie wage scale was a start but getting 2.4 million for a job out of college is still ridiculous.

  21. You know all you haters would expect sympathy if you had a 30, 000 dollar judgement on your 25, 000 a year income. People make mistakes. When did two wrongs start making a right ?

  22. “That is why you should have to earn your money. You seem to cherish it more. The rookie wage scale was a start but getting 2.4 million for a job out of college is still ridiculous.”

    I agree that the NFL was in need of a rookie wage scale but then in the grand scheme of things, as much as the NFL is worth, they are now underpaid.

  23. Pacman’s lawyer: Verdict “a devastating amount for him financially”

    It’s called being held accountable and the cost of being a chithead. Cry no tears for Pacman. Society needs to have people such as him pay a price for their reprehensible behavior. He’s a disgrace to the human race and there should be a huge societal stigma attached to vermin like him.

  24. Jones doesn’t have to be the trigger man to be legally liable. If someone in his employ is negligent or performs a criminal act at his nominal direction the injured party can go after him as well as any other persons or relevant parties. The plaintiffs targeted Pacman as the most lucrative, culpable subject.

  25. as if the world needed another reason to HATE lawyers, this story should remind everyone of that. This guy is responsible, end of story

  26. he had all this money and he always thought it he could simply buy his way out of any trouble he gets in along the way, soooooo. Here you go. pay up.

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