Reports: Browns willing to deal Colt McCoy for cheap

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The spin coming out of Cleveland claims that Colt McCoy is competing with rookie Brandon Weeden and veteran Seneca Wallace for the Browns’ starting quarterback job.

The reality is that McCoy is on the trade block, and Weeden will be the Week One starter, with Wallace backing him up.

In a Friday column explaining the Browns’ true intentions when it comes to McCoy’s future, Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland explained that the organization simply wasn’t comfortable dumping him after drafting Weeden because they knew McCoy endured a difficult situation last year.

Citing an NFL source, Grossi reported that the Browns aimed to avoid “piling on” McCoy. “They were sensitive to the fact that he had gotten such a raw deal already.”

Per Grossi, the Browns hope to “spare [McCoy] the ignominy of being released,” and “will not demand much in a trade.”

Citing sources, Daniel Jeremiah of also reported Saturday that the Browns are shopping McCoy and “looking for minimal compensation.”

On the second day of the draft, Bill Huber of Packer Report reported that the Browns and Packers discussed a trade that would send McCoy to Green Bay. While those talks were since put on hold, they could be rekindled at some point before or during training camp.

And it shouldn’t cost the Packers much.

71 responses to “Reports: Browns willing to deal Colt McCoy for cheap

  1. Great as soon as the Packers get this kid they will instantly talk about how amazing he is and they will look to deal him for no less than 2 first round picks.

  2. I’m glad The Browns are taking lil Colts feeling in consideration because he is a sensitive artistic spirit. He comes from a sweet close knit family with Daddy being the leader and spokesman for all things including his grown son’s career. He also has a little brother who will twitter trash talk anybody that says “sum thing’ bad on lil Colt. Thanks Browns.

  3. Good QB…BADDDD team… if i can even call the Browns a “Team”… No QB ever excels on this squad.. Feel bad for the kid…

  4. hope the eagles get him i love vick but we need qb of the future so i give up Mike Kafka and a 3rd round pick or higher for him

  5. I would love to see the Cowboys make a trade. A fifth or a sixth and Stephen McGee for McCoy.

    The Browns would have their back up QB and a pick.

  6. Why isn’t Arizona all over this? I think McCoy has potential.., but he’s got to be in a better situation than Cleveland.

  7. Would be interesting to see him in Green Bay. They might be able to make a QB out of him.

  8. Let’s look at what Colt had to work with in CLE

    1) One legitimate O-lineman (Joe Thomas)
    2) No one at the TE position
    3) A kickreturner and a rookie as his top 2 WRs
    4) A revolving door at RB
    5) A middle-of-the-road (at best) defense

    When you add in the fact that he had two head coaches (and two O-coordinators) in his first two years, and an organization that appears to be in utter chaos at times, it’s pretty easy to see why he hasn’t been successful.

  9. The Packers seem very high on both Harrell and Coleman. Had the Browns made this move before the Packers picked Coleman in the draft, this trade could have happened. The only way it goes down now is if Coleman plays like Brohm.

  10. first off vmannj I’m going to assume you didn’t see any browns games recently so I’ll bring you up to speed.

    1. Joe Thomas is the best LT in football with Jake Long being a close second.
    2. Alex Mack went to the pro bowl his rookie year at center and is only improving.
    3. Jason Pinkston played well at left guard as a rookie last season but the right side of the o line was awful so you’re half right.
    4. For most of the season they had the veteran Ben Watson at TE who is very solid not to mention Evan Moore who is underrated, underutilized, and the best pass catcher on the team.
    5. ZERO reliability in the WRs as they lead the league in drops and could not get open enough so you are correct there.
    6. RB you’re right.
    7. Middle of the road defense. The Browns were the second best team in pass defense in the NFL and were the tenth best overall. Their D is solid and is what kept them in games last season. If they had a middle of the road defense they would have been much worse.

  11. I have to agree with @hbdbrowns33

    As a Dolphins Fan, I see the Browns and Fins as almost identical in scenarios. The right side of OLine caused the problems and with lack of weapons guys like McCoy and Matt Moore and even Chad Henne will never get a fair shake. Also, the Browns are a decent team, but with Steelers and Ravens in the Division, it will take a while to overcome what their record reflects (Fins have the Pats). Fear not, The NFL is cyclic and it won’t be long. Weeden is going to be the QB that gets noticed, not Luck on a horrible team and RGIII is good, but not a one man savior. David Garrad was the original RGIII and while he went to Probowls what good did it do for the Jags( see Cam Newton) . Weeden is the real deal. Bad news for McCoy.. I would think AZ, Bills, Philly and Dallas would be all over this.

  12. I’d like to see the Dallas Cowboys go after him and offer a conditional 7th round pick or, in a dream world, work out a way to throw in Mike Jenkins for McCoy and a third.

  13. I don’t see the conflict on keeping him. Every team needs 2 QB’s these days.

    He knows the team already.

    Just keep him @ the 2 spot.

  14. Trade to Green Bay. The second he puts on the uniform his value is going to skyrocket. Look for McCoy to be Buffalo or Kansas City’s new starter in 2013.

    Backup in Green Bay is more valuable than starter in Cleveland anyday, Just ask Rogers and Flynn.

  15. I KNOW that I am a Steeler homer but I would take the former Steeler but now free agent Dennis Dixon over McCoy and pretty much any other unsigned QB out there.

    I would even take Dixon over Vince Young but I defer to Chan Gailey’s expertise without question.

  16. Hbdbrowns33:

    You’re spot on about the oline, rbs, and wrs, but the tight ends and defense no way.

    Ben Watson and Evan Moore are not legitimate weapons at tight end. I guess they’re the best pass catchers on the team, but that’s not saying much. They’re both solid backups, but backup caliber tight ends can’t be your biggest weapons.

    And the defense being second in pass defense is not really all that significant for this team, because of course it will be ranked highly when your offense is lucky to get 10 points a game and the other team can start running the clock early. Vmannj’s assessment of it as a middle of the road defense is accurate.

  17. @rexryansfork

    I’ve got to stop you there. You do know the Browns are in the AFC North right? IF they’re the 10nth ranked defense playing in that division it’s not something to shake a stick at (especially considering the other teams are top 5)

    While I’m not sold on Evan Moore either(he has flashes of being decent in between long stints of nothingness). Ben Watson on the other hand has an entire career of being a top level tight end (a superbowl winning one at that). His best season was with the Browns in 2010 (which is also the last time that team had a functioning offense). To say Watson is a solid backup when he’s been a starter his whole career and was a 1st round draft pick of the Pats just makes little sense at all.

  18. I remember about a year ago after his rookie season, Jerry Rice on ESPN said he would be his starting quarterback if he were to start a new team. Wonder if he still thinks that.

  19. I don’t think anyone’s potential should be judged by how they performed on a Cleveland team. No QB could succeed there, so I feel Colt McCoy still has a chance to succeed in the NFL.

  20. The media here in Cleveland have been relentless on this kid. He had NO receivers and a running back who was a head case. I hope Colt goes. Goes on to a team that will surround him with a least SOME of the tools it takes to succeed. Yea, Weeden will have Richardson in the backfield, but let’s see how those passing numbers are if they don’t bring anyone in. Holmgren sucked in Seattle as a GM and is still lost here in Cleveland.
    We suck.
    It is what it is.
    Best Wishes Colt. You’ll be better off getting out of here and if you honestly polled the team…1/2 of them would want to go with you !

  21. I’d be OK with the Eagles dropping Trent Edwards and trading a 7th for McCoy. Has experience, is not terrible, seems like a bright guy that could learn well from Andy Reid… I know they’d have to retool the offense for him, but anyone that isn’t Mike Vick, Cam Newton or (eventually, maybe?) RG3 is gonna need the offense retooled for them. I’d feel better with McCoy as my backup than with Kafka or Trent Edwards, thats for sure.

  22. Kudos to browns organisation for trying to do the right thing by a player.

  23. It’s pretty clear they’re desperate to get him out of town before he does something crazy like succeed. We can’t be having that now that they’ve declared him to no longer be their guy. Is there anybody outside the Holmgren household who’d rather have Seneca Wallace as the backup over McCoy?

  24. Do any of you Dallas fans hollering for the cowboys to get him even watch football? Take it from a Texas fan who watched him from day one, Colt is a smart qb with an accurate but not strong arm. He isore suited for a west coast offense with short to intermediate throws not the kind of offense Dallas runs. He’d be in a worse situation sitting behind Kyle Orton and maybe Rudy Carpenter who Dallas is high on.

  25. Denver should hop on this. They would be dumb to pass up the chance to get him on the cheap. If Manning does get hurt, McCoy is a lot better than the backups they have now.

  26. The only way Colt McCoy was going to suceed in Cleveland is by being freakin Whodini! Browns fans love trying to scapegoat the kid but the plain facts are he walked into a bad situation in Cleveland. He had a bad line, recievers who wouldnt scare a Pop Warner secondary and a One Year wonder and RB who flaked out last year. Browns fans better hope someone in the WR corp develops fast or Trent’s gonna see alot of 8 man fronts and Weeden will be on IR by week 4!

  27. McCoy has been a disappointment, no doubt. Frankly, I’m surprised his brain even works anymore after the crushing head shot he took from James Harrison last year. I think the entire viewing public could actually see stars circling his head after that just like in the cartoons. We talkin some serious dain bramage.

  28. Colt never had it in him to play in the NFL. Remember his last game at Texas, he quit on his team. Now if Cam Newton had done that you’d never hear the end of it.

  29. Don’t whine about McCoy’s receivers, the Jaguars picked up a guy the Browns cut mid season, Brian Robiskie. Jags also picked up receivers cut by the other two of the bottom four passing teams in the league, Indy (Cloherty) and St. Louis (Sims-Walker). Colt had great support last year, compared to Gabbert.

  30. Any QB will suffer in Cleveland because they don’t have ANY support for whoever is at QB. When ownership and management get their collective heads out of their a$$ they might figure it out. Watch Weedon or any other QB succeed there. NOT!

  31. McCoy isn’t the problem, the kid had no blocking, no decent receivers or a running game. ANY QB put in that spot would have had the same results.

  32. Colt McCoy is an underrated quarterback and I think he has the potential to succeed. Also I really don’t think McCoy quit on his team in the national championship game because after the game he was crying and delivered a pretty passionate speech and I don’t think a quitter would’ve said what he said

  33. thegreatgabbert says:
    Jun 16, 2012 10:58 PM
    Don’t whine about McCoy’s receivers, the Jaguars picked up a guy the Browns cut mid season, Brian Robiskie. Jags also picked up receivers cut by the other two of the bottom four passing teams in the league, Indy (Cloherty) and St. Louis (Sims-Walker). Colt had great support last year, compared to Gabbert.

    Gabbert throws with his eyes closed…. your argument is invalid.

  34. Every quarterback Cleveland gets bombs out. I don’t think it’s the players. How can a team be so bad for so long? Good to be drafted but I wonder how all the picks headed to Cleveland feel about having their NFL careers practically dead on arrival.

  35. Colt is a good high-character guy, athletic, smart, and tough. When he has time to throw, he’s also accurate. He improvises pretty well when he’s acting on instinct outside the pocket, too. Those are his good qualities.

    Now for the bad. He doesn’t read NFL defenses quickly. This leads to rushed passes, forced passes, inaccurate passes, excessive dump-offs to the RBs & TEs, sacks, etc. He has a sub-par arm for an NFL starter. This means that to throw a pass more than 15-20 yards, he has to put a higher arc on it than stronger-armed peers, which gives the D more time to react to the pass. Eventually, this leads to defenses pretty much ignoring the possibility of a deep pass & dedicating more defenders to stop the run, rush the passer, & clog the short-to-intermediate passing lanes.

    Colt has gotten a raw deal. He hasn’t had a single real NFL offseason to learn the playbook properly. He hasn’t been given dynamic weapons. He hasn’t been protected. I think the Browns would be better off keeping him & dumping Wallace, personally. After watching him & doing some research on how arm strength affects the passing game, though, I’ve given up any belief that his upside is any higher than a Chad Pennington-like career. If Weeden is even close to McCoy in toughness & mental acuity, his ceiling is WAY higher than Colt’s, even if his shelf life is shorter.

  36. The Packers are NOT trading for McCoy. They are going with Harrell has the backup. It makes no sense to drop McCoy now. What if Weedon bombs or gets hurt? If they cant get much for him keep him for gosh sake.

  37. laxcoach37 says: I would think AZ, Bills, Philly and Dallas would be all over this.

    Maybe the other three teams, but not Buffalo. The team is fully behind Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Bills also have Vince Young, who if does well could be resigned. Not to mention that the 2013 Draft class is deep at the QB position, with plenty of talent. Colt McCoy may be a semi-viable, younger QB, but hasn’t shown much since popping into the league. I don’t think many teams are wowed by his past performances.

  38. There is a very good reason why no one even wants Colt McCoy for “cheap”

    They know he’s going to be cut soon and they’ll get him on what is called “free” soon.

    McCoy is nothing more than a backup.

  39. When any quarterback is surrounded by the garbage McCoy was surrounded by last season he is the one who has to make adjustments. McCoy couldn’t make them because the NFL game is too fast for him. You need to have the ability to automatically react and, if you are going to succeed, you need the arm strength and accuracy to throw the ball where it needs to be before the defense can get there rather than run around until there is no other option but to throw out of bounds or take a sack.

    The lousy team around McCoy and McCoy’s inability to read and react as quickly as he needs to contributed to his failure. He needs to go somewhere where he can stand in the backfield with 4-5 seconds to think things through before he has to leave the pocket.

  40. “The list of Browns starting quarterbacks over the years is just … incredible. Has there been any team in the NFL that’s been worse at drafting and developing QBs or tarnishing the reputation of free agent QBs they sign? I mean look at this list:
    I’m pretty sure that if you look at any team’s all-time list of starters it looks pretty bad. But Sipe, Kosar, Graham, and Ryan are greats, and they started most of the games.

  41. The only reason that the Browns defense wasn’t ranked higher than 10th overall was the fact that their offense sucked so badly. Teams were able to run the football for much of the second half as they had the lead in many games. The run defense wasn’t really anywhere near as bad as the statistics show, it is just that the opposition ran more than passed against them and the defense was on the field much more than the NFL average comparing time of possession.

    I agree with those that said that Colt McCoy had little (if anything) to work with on offense. They had Joe Thomas and Alex Mack on the O-Line (and fill-ins), they had to use their 4th option at RB (Hillis, Jackson, Hardesty were all out…bringing in Ogbannaya to START mere days after being brought in off the scrap heap), their WRs were the worst in football (regardless of what Mike Holmgren says with the “maybe they were open and weren’t seen or thrown to on time” nonsense…he knows that he is going to dump the QB and keep the WRs, has to build them up!), and his play caller was an absolute joke (how did H&H allow a rookie head coach to have play calling duties in his first year???).

    McCoy got a raw deal. What they should have done was surround him with offensive talent via the draft and/or free agency and went all in this year with him from day one. This would have been a win/win situation. If he was successful, you looked like geniuses. If he sucked, you could have said that you were giving him a fair shot with some weapons and protection upgrades…now, whomever you decide to bring in for 2013 has an established offense to take onto the field with them to start fresh.

    In my opinion…H&H blew this situation. Now they have to hope that Weeden IS the answer and that Colt McCoy DOESN’T go somewhere else and come back to haunt them. They have done little to make me, as a Browns fan, feel any better about the situation of the team than I did in 1999.

  42. The more they talk, the more it looks like the McCoys think their last name is Manning.

  43. So he got a raw deal but they don’t want to keep him as the backup instead of mememeememememememeeme guy Wallace? This sounds like BS they’re saying so that they don’t have a QB controversy.

    He should hope he goes to GB. If I were a QB, McCarthy is one of a very few I’d want to help me develop.

  44. Here is what I don’t understand ….
    Wallace and McCoy have the same record as starters (6&15). Wallace has been in this system for 9 years and is not going to get any better. McCoy has 1 year in the system so he can learn and get better. The recievers dropped over 40 passes last year, Give McCoy 20 of those back and his completion % climbs to over 60% which puts him near guys like Eli Manning. Wallace is making twice what McCoy makes. Wallace is not a team player (would not mentor McCoy last year and has said he would not be #3 this year). Sooo, if your not asking anything in return for McCoy in a trade, then why not keep him and trade/release Wallace? What pictures does Wallace have of Holgrem for Holgrem to keep a guy like this? If after 9 years in the system and this is who he is why not keep a guy who played just as well in this system with only 1 year who costs less cap space?

  45. No thanks… I think we can do without seeing the comments of our 3rd string QB’s family in the news every week..

  46. Given Andy Reid’s ability to mold quarterbacks into players/second round draft picks, along with the lack of a “future QB” on the squad right now AND toss in it wouldn’t cost them much, I really hope the birds at least consider this as a possibility. Regardless how you feel about McCoy I feel comfortable in saying McCoy>Kafka

  47. Is it just me or do the Browns seem like the lying(est), least truthful team in the NFL. This can’t be sitting well with veteran players. Could anyone really see the Pats, Ravens, doing this. I mean, all teams lie but the Browns and the Big Show really take it to the next level. BTW, they were wrong with Colts concussion last year as well.

  48. Don’t be upset, as I am just speaking as a realist. Colt has served his time in Cleveland and we have nothing to show for it. Sure you can blame it on bad receivers or a bad line… but I do recall only one game where the WR core really broke apart from any other team to put us in the lead for dropped passes. The kid has heart and it’s a typical thing for the city to like their backup QB more than the starter, but Colt is nowhere near being a starting QB in this league.

    Sorry to burst your bubbles.

  49. He definitely has heart and if I was him id want to get out of that organization. If that’s how they treat their players that never once complained about thm throwing him back in the game while he was clearly concussed mistake or not 80 percent of the players in the league would of made a big that’s goin on with cncussions in the nfl. While I like brandon weeden idk why the brown would be willing 2 throw all their eggs in 1 basket

  50. With the amount of games Vick misses, and the backups currently on the roster, there is only one reason I can think of the Eagles shouldnt go after McCoy.

    He wants to be a starter, and thinks he shouldnt be a backup. I dont know of any teams that will have McCoy start this year. If that is what it will take to move him, he will be waiting a while for a trade.

    If he is willing to backup for a season, the Eagles should pounce on him. Vick can be done in Philly as early as 2013 based on his contract. McCoy isnt that bad. He just played for Cleveland.

    And for hdbbrowns33, Jason Peters is the best tackle in football. Thomas and Long can duke it out for second.

  51. “McCoy isnt that bad. He just played for Cleveland.”

    With naivete like that, I hope you do get him.

    He has absolutely NO potential as an NFL starter. Doesn’t have the arm for it. Nor the accuracy. Nor the pocket presence.

    If the Browns can get anything for a lifetime backup prospect, then good for them. I don’t see why Philly would want him, Kafka is a better prospect, but another man’s trash…

    Really, the debate is useless. Let’s wait until someone more credible than Tony Grossi comes out with this story.

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