Roger Staubach thinks Brandon Weeden can succeed

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If anyone understands the challenge in front of Brandon Weeden as an old rookie quarterback, it’s Roger Staubach.

The Hall of Fame quarterback, who grew up a Browns fan, thinks Weeden’s age shouldn’t limit him.

Staubach was 27 when he emerged from his four-year Naval Academy commitment, which included a year in Vietnam. Weeden’s 28, and the Browns presumed starter after a five-year minor league baseball career.

“Age is a factor. But if you can play at 21, you can play at 27,” Staubach told the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Bill Livingston. “It’s not like he’s a running back [in terms of punishment]. He can have a 12-year career. He just won’t play 18 years. I was in better shape at 27 than I was at 23.

“Weeden has to believe he’s better at his age than he was younger.”

Of course, Staubach said he’s also a fan of the guy Weeden’s replacing, former Texas quarterback Colt McCoy.

“I’ve watched him, and I’ve thrown with Colt McCoy. He has a strong arm. He’s pretty fast. I think he’s going to be a good NFL quarterback,” Staubach said.

Staubach’s assessment aside, there’s a chance McCoy’s doing that somewhere else in the future, and the Browns can only hope Weeden works out half as well as Staubach did.

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  1. Staubach’s a great guy and I agree that Weeden can be successful; he’s just not likely to have a real long career since he’s starting late. But Staubach might be stretching the “nice guy” thing a little too far when he says that Colt McCoy has a strong arm. Colt’s lack of ability to throw NFL-caliber passes is the reason that the Browns drafted Weeden.

  2. Kurt Warner had his first NFL start at about the same age, and only played four years as a Ram… but he won a Super Bowl and took them to another close SB loss. Then, he went to two other teams and made another Super Bowl (and another close loss).

    I’m not saying Weeden = Warner, but there is recent precedent for stepping up late and ending up a likely Hall of Famer. I imagine the Browns are happy to have an answer to the QB question, whether he’s 22 or 28. Tim Couch is on record as saying he was too young to handle being a starting QB when he was drafted.

  3. I watched my Broncos play from the beginning of John Elway’s career, & I can honestly say that Elway played his best football the last 5 years of his career. Maybe not statistically, but consistently for sure. So Weeden can have a good 12 yr career, and I like him, was hoping for him in Denver. Also, McCOY hasn’t been given a proper chance on a team with the right surroundings. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or any great qb couldn’t succeed in Cleveland under the same circumstances McCoy played, and its unfair to think otherwise or to base any opinions about him using his playing time in Cleveland as a reference.

  4. Yes Staubach said that COLT MCCOY has a strong arm.

    Colt McCoy does have a strong arm. The question isn’t weather McCoy could make big passes. It’s whether he could make them in the winter weather in Cleveland (which takes a tad bit more than a strong arm). Walking isn’t the easiest thing to do in the fall and winter in downtown Cleveland let alone throwing a football.

    If McCoy played on a southern team or a dome team no one would be questioning his arm strength. Let’s put it this way. The last time Payton Manning had a winter game in Cleveland (2008) he only threw for 125 yards and had a 46.8 QB rating.

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