Happy Father’s Day, now be a great one

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It would be easy — and fun — to treat Father’s Day as an occasion for anyone who has slipped one past the goalie to kick back and relax and expect other people to do stuff for you.

But Father’s Day perhaps is something slightly more important than that.  It’s an occasion for every man who is a father, in any way, to remember his obligations to those who rely on him.

Whether it’s taking care of and providing strong leadership for his family or whether it’s setting the right example for members of his extended family or whether it’s mentoring children and others to whom he has no biological or marital connection, every father has a web of duties to act and to speak in a way that provides a solid foundation for the young men and women who eventually will be the fathers and mothers.

That doesn’t mean it’s a time to feel guilty for any mistakes of the past.  It’s a time to be inspired for the present and the future, and to become keenly aware every day of the impact that we have on those around us, whether we previously realized it or not.

And if it takes a beer (or two) or a burger (or three) to help cement that message, have at it.  But Father’s Day isn’t a time to be a pampered passenger on a cruise ship.  It’s time to appreciate and accept that you’re the captain, and that you always need to behave accordingly.

My behavior at this point will include shutting up, right after I wish every man out there a Happy Father’s Day.

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  1. i always say happy daddys day, cause anyone can be a father. a man chooses to be a dad.

  2. Happy Father’s Day PFT dads.

    I reserve the right to spoil my dad, he was my better parent, especially by example. I baked him his favorite cake. And because he’s my dad, he’ll want to share it with me or he won’t enjoy it as much. 🙂

  3. “It would be easy — and fun — to treat Father’s Day as an occasion for anyone who has slipped one past the goalie to kick back and relax and expect other people to do stuff for you.”

    Exactly! We wouldn’t want to behave like moms on Mother’s Day, now would we?

  4. Thanks, Mike! Happy Father’s Day PFT.

    Being a father is the greatest privilege there is, dont take it for granted!

    My son is my pride and joy!

  5. Since it’s fathers’ day they should have an article on the “ultimate father”.

    That of course would be the Jet’s Cromatie, Nine kids with eight different woman. He appears to be a very creative person.

  6. Very nice Mike, it’s so easy on this day to beat yourself up for the many mistakes we make as fathers. Good perspective, thanks.

  7. As a father, if I’m not being pampered like a cruise ship passenger on a day for appreciating fathers then I’m not being a leader, good example, and remembering my obligations to my family the other 364 days of the year. When your kids say, “This is your day, Daddy, sit back and relax. How was golf this morning?” I don’t need to reflect on my example, my kids and wife are letting me know that today is the reward for being a good example.

  8. Great message, Mike. Being a Father is the best thing that ever happened to me. If I knew every kid I’d have would be as awesome as my Son, I’d have 100 of them, although his Mom may not be so gung-ho about that?

  9. fantastic article Florio.
    the best one youve ever written.

    Happy Fathers Day to all of us Dads out there.

    and to the dead-beat dads…..i dont know how you can abandon an innocent child just looking for direction in life. go to hell!

  10. I’m very proud to be a father of twin daughters. Adrianna and Carmella.

    Its on us as fathers to show our sons how to be a man and treat woman. Its also on us as fathers to show our daughters how women should be treated. We lay down the ground work for all of this. Be a pillar of strength for them. Show them what being a parent is all about.

    Happy Fathers Day to all!

  11. if Cromartie was a good father, he’d need a truck to haul all his gifts home…if..

  12. Happy Father’s Day! Being a father of three young ladies all under the age of 6, has brought me some of the greatest joys I have ever known. I now have an excuse to be a shotgun collector. Have a great day everyone!

  13. wow ! may be florios best piece ever….by a landslide !

    amen well spoken and inspirational

    happy fathers day to all from the winningest football city in the world Sixburgh!

  14. So, Fathers Day is still about obligations. That’s funny (and disturbing) that you feel the need to say those words. Would you even think of saying such a thing on Mother’s Day?

  15. Excellent post Mike. Being a Dad can be one of the greatest things a man can experience. Happy Father’s Day to my fellow football fanatical fathers out there.

  16. A great day to celebrate Fathers day with a nice cold beer to kick off the week…Happy Fathers Day to all the real dads out there who luv and take care of their kids.

  17. Great piece. Hopefully more men will step up to not only take care of their kids, but also contribute more to the kids of their communities. Leading by example. Go throw the football around with the neighborhood kids or shoot some hoops. We all need to know that not just are parents care about us, but the community as well.

  18. I’m not a father. At least as far as I know!

    But my Pop will be here in a little while for shrimp off the grill and the US Open on the lanai.
    I intend to spoil the hell out of him, as usual. He tries to lift a finger… I’ll break ‘er off!
    He rates it.

  19. Well said! I have a wonderful husband who has taught our 2 sons by example, what it takes to be a great man, father, provider, and more. They are both married and have their own sons they are raising and providing them with the same loving guidance along with their wives! And have a dad who raised his 3 daughters the same way! Dads, we cannot state your importance and our gratitude enough! Thanks dads!

  20. While I appreciate where you’re coming from Mike, I thought a father is suppose to strive to behave how you described every day. And then take one day out of the year to receive acknowledgement & appreciation for doing so. Even the good Lord rested on the seventh day Mike.

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