NFL Magazine subscribers are getting their refunds


The NFL rarely fails.  One of its latest media ventures did, in a big way.

With the publisher of the much-hyped NFL Magazine out of business after only four issues, the league has vowed to issue refunds.  To the delight of several readers of NFL Magazine who also read PFT, they ended up getting their money’s worth — just as they do every day right here.

The league is issuing full refunds, without reduction for the issues that were produced.

So, basically, the subscribers got four free issues of the magazine in exchange for a short-term loan of $20.

If you don’t get your check or if it’s less than the full subscription price, let us know.  We’ll try to pester the right people to make sure you get your cash.

And for those of you who continue to complain in the comments about the quality of our content, reporting, analysis, or opinions, we’ve sent out full refunds checks, too.

10 responses to “NFL Magazine subscribers are getting their refunds

  1. To be honest, a lot of us would donate a little money to your cause if you ever asked because of the content you provide.

    I sent $10 to a guy that makes videos of him playing games (Morfar is his name and he plays Amnesia; The Dark Descent). Sure, he does it for diabetic research but he entertains me and I finally felt like I ‘owed’ him.

    Just to sum it up….I’d never ask for a refund check. Sure, you may write a story that slants FAR away from what I think and I may get upset but if that was the case in real life I’d have to ask for A LOT of refund checks from my wife.

    Keep up the great work, everyone, at PFT.

  2. Multiple visitor each day and the content is free?!? Totally awesome. Keep up the good work, guys.

  3. Since most magazines are as a relevant as leaded gasoline, one wonder why the NFL bothered.

    Likely some higher ranked executive’s(s) son or daughter(s) needed a job/project to get their printing and/or design business off the ground, so this project got handed to them.

    Still waiting for the PFT Swimsuit edition, though…

  4. Mr. Florio,

    Thank you for your generous offer of refunds to PFT readers. As someone who frequently finds his day interrupted by your site, and my productivity impacted, I look forward to receiving a check for the consequential damages I have incurred.

    Please let me know if there is anything else needed from me to collect on your generous offer.

    Your friend,

    PFT Fan Steve

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