QB dads offer Roethlisberger advice on fatherhood


Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger announced recently he was going to be a father.

But a collection of NFL quarterbacks told the Steelers quarterback on Father’s Day that the adventure he’s about to embark on will surpass anything he’s done on the field, and be far more challenging.

For example, Brad Johnson recalled driving home from the hospital with his newborn son Max, and immediately realizing he was more careful.

“It was careful driving,” Johnson told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s J. Brady McCollough. “You talk about having your hands on 10 and 2 on the steering wheel. That’s God’s gift to my wife and I. You understood there’s no love that can get between you.”

Johnson’s driving analogy is perfect, because Roethlisberger’s never been a both-hands-on-the-wheel type. His off-field problems are well-documented, but as irresponsible as he’s been at times, sometime later this year he’s going to become responsible for another person.

And that’s something that’s going to complicate game-planning for the Ravens.

“We prepared for it,” Steve Beuerlein said, “but life throws you curveballs. You can plan out whatever, but that baby’s got a mind of its own. There were times during the season I’d come in after a bad night and the coaches could tell … ‘Rough night, huh?’ That’s just something you have to fight through.”

Roethlisberger’s had his share of those, but for different reasons. But in the coming months, it’s all going to change.

He’s about to take on his hardest, most-rewarding job ever, and the hope is that he responds to that challenge as well as he has the ones on the football field.