Reggie Bush “on the fence” about whether Hard Knocks is helpful

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Dolphins coach Joe Philbin claimed that giving training camp access to Hard Knocks this summer was a football decision, but it doesn’t seem that many of the players in Philbin’s locker room believe that.

Miami running back Reggie Bush is the latest player to weigh in on the team’s decision to go on the HBO reality show, and he said he thinks there are benefits to doing the show when it comes to marketing and publicity. The problem, however, is that training camp is supposed to be about getting ready for the regular season, not about generating publicity.

I’m on the fence,” Bush told Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post. “Training camp is so tough as it is. You’ve got guys trying to make the team, training and fighting and scratching. At the same time, we’re trying to jell together. It adds another thing, but it will bring a lot of buzz to the city, and that’s something we can all use as a city and team.”

If Hard Knocks brings buzz to the city and the team, then Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has what he wants. But it’s easy to see why players like Bush and Dolphins tight end Anthony Fasano aren’t so sure that a reality TV show is going to help them win.

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  1. Wether Bush likes it or not it’s something they had to do in a town where the Heat are wining championships and so are the Marlins . The Dolphins have to do something to get out of third place not only in the division but in Miami also

  2. I think there are benifits to doing Hard Knocks. It will make money, people will enjoy the show and you could become popular.

  3. The whole concept of Hard Knocks, and of “reality TV”, is pure garbage. These guys get near a camera, and they play it up. There is nothing realistic about a TV show when you aren’t acting as you normally do. As much as I love football, I’ve never seen a single second of Hard Knocks for that very reason.

    As soon as I start seeing people outside my house every morning, handing me my script for the day, I’ll start watching this crap.

  4. Everyone knows this is an attempt to sell tickets, fine. Why is a terrible move by the league and HBO is that the Dolphins don’t play a national game until mid Nov, when they will most likely already be out of playoff contention and have lost all interest from fans who watched the show.

    Over under 50 times HBO and the Dolphins bring up the 1972 team.

  5. Hard Knocks isn’t like what it was when it started. Now they have a difficult time finding teams to do the show. Not to slam the Dolphins, but they don’t seem like a great team to watch this year, maybe the early 90’s fins, but not this years team. Good teams to watch this year would be San Francisco, Detroit, Denver, Oakland, Washington or Buffalo, teams that have made a big difference in this years off season but aren’t locks to win big yet.

  6. After how, Hard Knocks made the Chiefs and then the Cowboys and add in the Jets look the last few years. I can hardly blame a single team of not wanting to be on the show.

  7. @bigbillsfan
    Me and about a half million fans do care. So, I guess this makes your comment foolish, dumb and outright wong. By the way… Have the Bills ever won a Super Bowl? Oh, that’s that right they went to 4 of them and lost every one. LOL That and OJ Simpson is your only claims to fame.
    Normally, I am not a Hater, but you seem to go on every Dolphins story and write uniformed and void of all football intelligence comments. I bet even the Orchard Park folks are embarassed by your posts. Most Bills Fans are loyal and well above average in NFL knowledge. Keep it up and your team will be playing more than 1 game a year in Toronto.

  8. Since I have never watched a single episode of Hard Knocks, and I don’t know anyone who has, what value can it have in reality!

  9. @laxcoach: He is not wong at all…you are right the Bills have never won a SB, but they have been in one more recently than the overhyped Dolphins…and I am going to go out on a limb and guess that you weren’t even born the last time the Fish won anything. Wow our only claim to fame is OJ..ever heard of Kelly, Bruce, Thurman or Andre, please. The Dolphins are so desparate to get the media to show they are relevant again they will do Hard knocks and sign Chad Johnson…Seeing the Dolphins fall from grace, I mean fall from mediocrity has been a beautiful thing! By the way as bad as the Bills have been in the last 5 or 6 yrs, I believe your Fish have won about 5 more games.

  10. @win1soon: i didnt know Uma Thurman played for Buffalo. really though im glad those 4 players are all you can name because sadly..the bnills can’t step to the phins..and that my friends is sad.

  11. @gameproper, I don’t even know what your saying; I know the Bills talent has been nowhere near all those legends of the game the fish have put on the field..Greg Camirillo, Sammie Smith, Cecil Collins. There is one thing you do have on the Bills now that I think off…TARPS LMAO, that is classic! You will never see that it Buffalo, the only reason they play the one game in Canada is because have of WNY has moved south to the economy! GO BILLS!

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