Spagnuolo burns to be a head coach again


Steve Spagnuolo moved quickly at the chance to be the Saints defensive coordinator.

But make no mistake, he wants to be a head coach again.

Spagnuolo told Greg Bedard of the Boston Globethere’s a burn there, I’m not going to lie to you,” in reference to being a head coach again after his ill-fated turn at the top in St. Louis.

“I think the professional thing to do in this situation is you concentrate all your efforts and all your focus on the job that you have right now,” Sagnuolo said. “I feel lucky I have this job. In this business, you fight every day to keep the job that you have. Now, should the good Lord put another opportunity in front of me to be a head coach, I’m jumping at it, I’m going to run with it. I know that I’ll be better having gone through it.

“I think I’m a better football coach. I know if given the opportunity again, which I hope happens, I will be a 10-times-better head coach because sometimes you learn more from your failures than you do from your success.”

That gave him plenty to learn from during his time with the Rams.

He took them from 1-15 to 7-9 and within a tiebreaker of the playoffs, but they fell back to 2-14 when a new staff was hampered by the lockout and injuries hit the Rams at a record pace. “We just didn’t have the weapons,” he said generously of his final team there.

But that 10-38 record doesn’t begin to describe the respect Spagnuolo has within the league. In many respects, the Rams chapter will fade from memory in time, and he’ll go back to being the defensive coordinator who helped the Giants upset the undefeated Patriots.

From that standpoint, the Saints are a perfect job for a resume builder.

With the suspensions from the bounty investigation, there’s a built-in excuse if they don’t succeed. If they do, Spagnuolo’s star will climb quickly, and he’ll have a chance to get back into the market from a position of strength rather than weakness.

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  1. Just chill in N.O for a few years til Coughlin retires than come on home to N.Y. Rebuilding the Rams was too big a job for a rookie head coach anyway.

  2. He’ll get a shot at being the interim head coach during the first six games of the upcoming season. It will either be him, or Pete Carmichael, Payton’s offensive coordinator.

  3. The Rams had less depth and fewer playmakers than most teams in the league during Spagnuolo’s time there.

    Many of us hated our FO and there’s a reason they blew the whole thing up again for the second time in little more than three years.

    That said, Spagnuolo surrounded himself with mostly weak assistant coaches and spent too much time worrying about non football issues like Todd Hewitt or taking down pictures of the Rams past football glory.

    Listless, uncompetitive, undisciplined are what have defined the Rams during the last two coaching regimes and it will be hard for prospective employers to look past 10-38 or a 3-15 coaching record against the weakest division in football.

  4. He’s a good coach, but he should accept that he’s a defensive guy. That being said, I don’t think he got a fair shake in st. Louis.

  5. Lots of guys have bumpy rides first time thru. BB was a bit of a mess with the Browns and has been much better with Pats (Cassel showed that wasn’t just because of Brady). Somewhat better results in 2nd/3rd chances with Wade Phillips and Pete Carroll.

  6. I’ve been a life long Rams fan and I can say without a doubt, Steve Spagnuolo is the worst head coach I have ever seen. He made Rich Kotite look like Bill Walsh on the sidelines. His gameday coaching was a comedy of errors. His teams were dumb and always at a strategic disadvantage. HC was way, way way too big for him. He just didn’t have the smarts. If you hope he’ll some day coach your team, you’ll find out. Trust me.

    He’s the prototypical “good coordinator/terrible head coach”.

  7. He was awful in st. Louis. The same mistakes were made over and over again, we were always undisciplined which drove me nuts more then anything

  8. As far as Spags not having success at the helm for the Rams, well you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken s—t.

  9. Spagnuolo was one of the worst head coaches in NFL history. He had his chance he blew it big time no reason for another NFL team to give him another opportunity. Why would they he proved he can’t coach. Must have been kind of hard for some of his players to take him seriously. He’s about 5 foot nothing running around with that ridiculous New York accent. Must have been a lot of eye roles going on in that Rams locker room.

  10. Spags walked into a bad situation in St Lou. Mediocre talent and a crappy FO. He was lucky to get one decent season out them. That being said he wasnt ready to be a head coach.

  11. Hopefully, for the other 31 franchises that never happens. He was one of the worst game day coaches I’ve seen in a while. I know Devaney was a train wreck and did him no favors, but Spagnulo was pretty complicit in the disaster.

  12. When Coughlin retires, the GIANTS may well indeed bring in Spags for the HC gig. He is very well respected and liked by Reese, the Maras and the Tisches. They would make sure he has a solid staff around him, and I think he will be very good his second go around.

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