Terrell Suggs gives Courtney Upshaw his seal of approval

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Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs isn’t sure when he’ll return from his Achilles injury, but he thinks the Ravens will be okay without him.

Suggs raved about rookie Courtney Upshaw’s readiness for the NFL. The Ravens see Upshaw as a “plug and play” option who can step right into the lineup and Suggs agrees with that assessment. Suggs said that the Ravens’ first pick in the draft is ahead of where he was when he joined the Ravens as a rookie in 2003.

“He clearly knows the game, and they’re moving him around. So it isn’t just him playing the ‘rush’ (linebacker spot). He’s playing a little bit of everything,” Suggs said, via John Eisenberg of CSNBaltimore.com. “I think that’s awesome, and I’m really excited to see how the puzzle comes together when we’re all here. But until then, I’ve got 100 percent confidence in this kid.”

The Ravens aren’t expecting Upshaw to replace Suggs’ production all by himself. That would be a tall order for any player, let alone a rookie. Paul Kruger, Sergio Kindle and Pernell McPhee will also be part of the mix looking to keep the teeth in the Baltimore defense. If Upshaw is as ready as advertised, though, the Ravens will have a better chance of making do without the 2011 Defensive Player of the Year as well as a chance to be an even better defense when Suggs is ready to get back on the field.

10 responses to “Terrell Suggs gives Courtney Upshaw his seal of approval

  1. 100% confidence in this kid…before he even puts pads on?


    I think this may be Suggs way of sayig he may miss more time than he was hoping, and he is trying to keep Ravens fans from ruining their off season.

  2. And this article somehow fails to mention that Suggs won Defensive Rookie of the Year that season after recording 12 sacks. Oh, and he was the youngest player in the entire NFL when he did this. So this is very high praise.

  3. As a bills can I woukd love to see just one of those guys behind our new d line… That’s a potentially impressive unit for Baltimore.

  4. When Tyrell Suggs blew out his achilles I thought we might get a break from his big mouth too…. apparently not. Does that foaming blowhole in the middle of his face ever stop yapping?

  5. I don’t know who “Tyrell Suggs” is, but his name is not mentioned in this article. If you are going to talk bad about a player, at least know their name. Especially when his name is in the article you are reading. I really don’t see how he does nothing but talk. You have fallen into the misrepresentation of Suggs by the media. Congrats.

    Anyway, Paul “Nightmare at M&T Bank” Kruger is going to be a phenomenal player in this league, just like Upshaw will be. Kruger had limited playing time last season, still pulled out 5 or 6 sacks. Even if he didn’t get the sack QBs felt his presence and had to hurry the pass. Ray Lewis has dropped weight to speed up a bit, Jameel McClain is coming into form, then Kruger and Upshaw setting the outside, man, this defense is going to be phenomenal. Plus they have Haloti Ngata who, for a man his size, has impressive speed. Ravens are lucky to get Upshaw after trading out of the first round. Can’t wait to see him suit up and terrorizing offenses.

  6. This guy will be a beast. Ozzie doesn’t miss very often and this guy comes from Alabama, a school Ozzie certainly has an inside peek at and has had success with players from the school.

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