Tim Tebow tells San Diego crowd he wants to be a role model


Tim Tebow is no Charles Barkley.

The Jets backup quarterback drew a crowd of 26,000 to Qualcomm Stadium, and told the Father’s Day crowd he wanted to be viewed as more than an athlete.

“One of the most frustrating things – and last time I said it, I got a lot of flak for it, but it doesn’t bother me too much. There are a lot of role models. There just aren’t a lot of good ones,” Tebow said, according to U-T San Diego. “If we would come together and be great role models, it would be amazing to see how the next generation turns out.”

Tebow spoke for 35 minutes with the pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church, talking about role models and whether Christians can also be “real men.”

He’s never backed away from that side of the equation, speaking openly about his responsibilities as a public figure.

And whether Tedy Bruschi likes it or not, or whether you agree with his public pronouncements of faith, arguing in favor of setting a good example for young people is admirable. And it’s also part of what makes Tebow so popular with a large swath of America that doesn’t care a thing about his passer rating.

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  1. The great thing about all that is in a year or two, no one will even know who Tebow is. At best, a trivia question in a decade or two.

  2. He needs to just do it and quit pointing it out everytime he gets a microphone in front of his mouth. There’s something very unChristian-like about that to me.

  3. I think I am obsessed over Tebow. I am one of those that actually enjoys the fact that not a day goes by without the media covering his every breath. He is such a great person to cheer for and an underdog which are always my favorite. Don’t pay attention to the haters, please keep the Tebow articles coming!!

  4. He then told the crowd, “The Spaghetti Monster in the Sky also says that ghays are inhuman demons and muslins smell bad”.

  5. I’m excited that he wants to be a role model. I’m sure a lot of people were excited to hear that. It’s an exciting development, and I’m sure Tim is excited as well.

  6. The youth of this world need more “good” role models. Pro Football and pro sports in general have given many kids hope for a brighter future . Many athletes pay it forward so that these kids can see what kind of person they are expected to be. We only seem to hear about the guys that mess up. They don’t count . Let’s hear more about the ones that count. The good role models.

  7. Tebow does appear to be a pretty good role model in a lot of aspects, what he should work on is being a good teammate. In Denver where his fellow QB’s (well calling Tebow a QB is a stretch) fined him for not denouncing the billboards while dividing the locker room and now in New York calling it a “competition” and trying to divide the locker room again, a good teammate he is not, furthest from it. A true leader (typically the QB) should be uniting the team and bringing them together, Tebow is divisive wherever he goes.

    Where else does a backup QB do more interviews and public events than the starter? Tebows success came because of a GREAT kicker, a defense that played well when he finally started, a solid running game and a still unexplainablely bad fumble by MB3. Majority of the time the Broncos won in spite of him, not because of him. Very few teams win when their QB barely completes 50% of his passes, throws the ball 10 times (+/-) and throws for 150 yards (give or take). Tebow fans need to keep his QB ability in perspective.

  8. Tebow is using the NFL as a platform to establish and maintain a personal brand, which is quite obviously leading to a longterm career. He gets attention because he is different and a lot of people support his value system.

    Is he a great football player? Well, he won a Heisman and has been getting paid professionally. He’ll likely never consistently play at a high level in the NFL. Seems to be a game-manager who has unique skill-set.

    I find it irrational that some people on this board despise Tebow and his value system, while simultaneously looking down on the deeds of other players like TO, Pacman Jones, Suh and Antonio Cromartie.

    People should respect Tebow for who he is, even if you do not agree with him.

  9. Personally, Don’t like Tebow as an athlete but love him as a person. Great role model for kids in a sport where players just have a greedy and selfish attitude.

  10. @blitzburgh43

    Ditto on that, brother.

    Christ said: “Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward.” (Matthew 6:1)

  11. His “aw shucks” 6th-grade communication skills aren’t doing any favors for the perception of Christians as a whole, either. If I was one, I’m not sure that I would be happy about our national spokesmen being so intellectually inept.

  12. I’m by no means a churchgoer or devout christian, but I am all for what Tebow is trying to be and represent. Much rather have my kids consider myself and my wife as their role models ,but as many kids do find sports stars as role models then I would definatley have them look up to a kid like Tebow as opposed to deebags like Lebron, Tiger, Roethisberger, Mike Vick , etc. Choose your battles.

  13. Tebow might as well get a head start now on the cross country tours touting his spiritual powers when his NFL career ends in the near future.

  14. He is a role model, maybe not a QB, but a football player and a role model… YES & YES

  15. When Billy Graham passes away, Tebow will make a smooth transition into that starting position. He will make more money as a christian then playing in the NFL when it is all said and done.

  16. tebow seems like a quality guy. i’d like to say good role model. unfortunately his type of role model typically requires that you accept his morality and (morality driven) political agenda. no thanks. goombayah.

  17. humb0lt says:Jun 17, 2012 9:48 PM


    Ditto on that, brother.

    Christ said: “Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward.” (Matthew 6:1)

    Tebow is not looking for the praise of men. He’s just a genuine person living out his faith. He happens to be famous, so everyone is going to see it. I’m glad he isn’t afraid to show his faith in public.

  18. The only reason anyone gives a crap about this guys is because he’s dumb enough to actually to tell everyone that he believes an omnipotent sky ghost watches the every move of 7 billion people and then judges them based on a set of ridiculous and archaic rules, in turn, sending 95% of them to be tortured and burned for eternity in a pit of fire at the center of the earth.

    The christian suckers see him as their validation. If a nationally recognized figure believes it, it might actually be true! Even if that person is obviously a moron, as in Teoow’s case, they still jump on board like lemmings off a cliff in order to validate their own ridiculous beliefs.

  19. “I find it irrational that some people on this board despise Tebow and his value system”

    I wonder how many people really “hate” Tebow, and how many are just sick to death of having him crammed down our throats DAILY by the lazy media pandering to his legions of mindless zombies.

    There are 1600+ players in the NFL, why do we have to be force fed this one?

  20. “I’m glad he isn’t afraid to show his faith in public.”

    I see this type of thing all the time. I wonder how many people would feel this way if he was Muslim. I’m guessing if he were Muhammed Tebow and wasn’t afraid to show his faith in public, those very same people wouldn’t be so happy about it.

    Let’s just say what it is “I’m glad he isn’t afraid to show his faith in public, since it is the same as mine.”

  21. We can only hope our children look up to this kid and emulate him as best they can. I’d be DAMN proud if any of my sons are as true to themselves as him.

    His message isn’t about himself. He stands up for himself and his beliefs. He believes in himself. He treats others with respect. He lives a moral life. He is gracious and generous. Who cares if his spiral isn’t the tightest in the world?

    Besides the Steelers last year, how many people do you think hes disappointed in his life? I bet not as many as the rest of us.

    Stand tall, stand proud, and continue to be yourself Tim.

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