Some Dolphins could cash in from Hard Knocks appearance

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Some Dolphins are on the fence about their involvement in Hard Knocks. Some are clearly opposed to it.

But some are finding out the training camp documentary could be a chance to cash in as advertisers.

Several players and agents told Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post they’re getting requests for product placement in from the HBO cameras, along with less lucrative requests for “shout-outs” from friends and family members.

“Everybody wants their product on TV,” left guard Richie Incognito said. “I guess that just comes with the territory.”

Even undrafted rookie tight end Les Brown (who could be an attractive storyline since he’s giving up a career in finance to chase his NFL opportunity) said he’s fielded calls from “a few companies.”

But running back Daniel Thomas said: “I haven’t heard anything. Must be a quarterback thing.”

The Dolphins passers won’t be nearly as popular as Chad Ochocinco or Reggie Bush, however.

The Dolphins could also sell a 3 1/2-inch by 4 1/2-inch advertising patch on their practice jerseys, which a team spokesman said they are considering.

League rules limit the extent to which players can turn themselves into billboards. Agent David Canter, who represents three Dolphins, said “There are ways to make it look like it’s not so blatantly obvious.”

But mostly, the players’ chance to cash in will be limited to wearing a sponsor’s hat or T-shirt in their off-field hours, hoping the cameras pick them up showing a logo.

Either that, or become Ochocinco’s new best friend.

9 responses to “Some Dolphins could cash in from Hard Knocks appearance

  1. Don’t advertisers usually like to associate themselves with winners?

  2. Maybe they can take that extra cash and buy a super bowl ring cause their not going to win won as long as Ross owns the team.

  3. I feel like this Hard Knocks train is quickly running off the tracks. I love this show, and we should all really enjoy this season…I can’t imagine it going on much longer.

  4. HBO should pay the Dolphins to sign Brian Banks. His storyline alone would get them record ratings.

  5. I gotz ta git me my Frap baby. Brotha need a pick me up yo. I LOVE me some Starbucks! Real!

  6. Not sure how “attractive” the storyline is for Les Brown. Giving up a career in finance for an opportunity to play in the NFL?

    That’s analogous to eschewing my bamboo fishing pole and bobber for a chartered, deep-sea fishing expedition. Even if I come up empty, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

    And, oh yeah; my bamboo pole will assuredly be waiting for me upon my return.

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