Aqib Talib’s agent says criminal case has been dismissed

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Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano has admitted that he’s concerned about the legal issues facing cornerback Aqib Talib. But he may not need to be concerned any longer.

Talib’s lawyer, Frank Perez, told Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times that the charge against Talib for assault with a deadly weapon has been dismissed by prosecutors in Texas.

Talib had been scheduled to go on trial on June 25 in connection with an incident last year in which he was accused of shooting a gun at his sister’s ex-boyfriend. Talib’s mother was also charged in the incident. Assault with a deadly weapon is a second-degree felony that carries a maximum sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

It’s unclear whether the NFL will discipline Talib for violating the league’s personal-conduct policy, but criminal charges being dropped doesn’t necessarily mean he’s in the clear as far as the league office is concerned. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made clear that he judges off-field incidents on his own and that he can impose discipline even if criminal charges aren’t filed. That’s exactly what Goodell did when he suspended Ben Roethlisberger for four games because he had been accused of sexual assault, even though neither of the sexual assault accusations against him led to an arrest or criminal charges, let alone a conviction.

Talib has already violated the league’s personal-conduct policy previously, when he was suspended for the first game of the 2010 season for slugging a cab driver. So the NFL won’t be inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt this time around. So even though this is good news for Talib, he could still get some bad news from the league office.

24 responses to “Aqib Talib’s agent says criminal case has been dismissed

  1. sooooooo………. all the people that called Talib a dirt bag, and other vulgar things for protecting his sister, have what to say now…… Just wondering.

    People are not perfect, and Talib was only doing what any other human that loved his sister would do. I’m glad it’s dismissed…..

  2. As a Bucs fan, I look forward to him being suspended, coming back from suspension and playing just well enough to remind us all how incredibly physically talented the guy is, and then doing something else incredibly @#$!!! stupid and getting suspended again.

  3. I’ll take a 4 game suspension over a year. The guy is scummy, but the Bucs need him bad.

  4. Hey I’ll take 3-4 games without him rather than the whole year.. I don’t know what coaches backup plan was but I know it couldn’t have been as good without talib. Hopefully this doesn’t turn out bad but it can’t be as bad as what it would have been.

  5. Amazing this thing ever even went to court considering it was in Texas. Lets see, Talib’s sister is being harassed by an ex-boyfriend that was convicted of abusing her and had a restraint order already placed on him — she calls for help or Talib shows up on his own along with his mother and they take care of business, insuring the guy won’t be beating or harassing his sister anymore. It’s too bad Talib or his mom didn’t miss — the only thing the court should have done was make him take target practice in case that creep ever harasses anyone in his family again.

  6. Talib has the proven talent the Bucs can really use on their defense. Question is will Coach Sciano be able to over look his character flaws and accept him as one of his ” Buccaneer Men”? I for one hope he can. GO BUCS

  7. hey @onebucplace, you are so right. It’s not like he went in to a nightclub and his gun accidentally went off. Protecting family is a bit different. Poor decisions, still.
    Why should he be suspended at all? Posters wanting to bet on how many games? The case was Dismissed. Gone . Done with. Over.
    Give the young man a chance to move on with a new coach who has a good chance of teaching Aquib Talib how to be grown up as a man in this world.
    His coaches have said he has been attentive and hard working this off-season. I believe he knows that it is time to mature. Go Bucs!

  8. Buc players say he is a model team mate. Schiano says he has done everything he is suppose to do the way its suppose to be done. The cab driver incident was a while ago , i live here and ive wanted to do the same thing before and i have a long fuse. I can’t blame him for protecting his sister from a woman beater / child molester. I personally ran into him the week before opening day last year in a store , literally ran into him coming around the corner. He said excuse me sir and was polite as could be. He is not going to the redskins , he would of been long cut with Tanard Jackson if that was the case. He has been buying in to what is going on around here and i think he has matured lately.

  9. Congrads Talib, something must have been way out of line even for the mother to get involved like that. The man threatened to kill his sister, and still showed up there acting like he would! How would you respond to that?

    On another note, RB gets to stay at safety now! Eric Wright and Talib make ‘our’ corners a lot more formidable. Bucs secondary today improved leaps and bounds, now get Mark Barron under contract.

  10. Remember that incident occurred during lockout. I don’t know if goo will tempt it to suspend a player for actions in which occurred when the nfl said you are not employees, besides the fact that are charges were dropped. Seems like a suspension is not in the wind here

  11. I’m all for second chances, it was inspiring to see Chris Henry starting to turn his life around, and Adam Jones has done very well as of late.

    But Aqib Talib attempted to murder a human. Yes, plea deals would have dropped it to urinating in public, but that doesn’t change the fact that he FIRED A GUN AT A PERSON.

    This is an NFL player who has no hesitations about going face-to-face with a Brandon Jacobs or a Jimmy Graham. A person with reasonable mental faculties with his physical capabilities could have found ANY other way to defuse that situation.

    I can’t say that I wouldn’t have done the same for my sister. But I don’t have an NFL contract to lose.

  12. Something’s amiss; this doesn’t pass the smell test. When a loser like Ryan Leaf is sittin’ in a Montana jail for breaking his probation in Texas, and Talib skates when a charge for assault with a deadly weapon is dropped – in that same state?? We fry ’em down here, and ask questions later.

    Talib’s (lack of) character is well documented. Unfortunately he’ll view this as the rule and not the exception. My money is on another unlawful incident and arrest before Halloween.

  13. What about Talib and his mother both having records so neither were allowed to own/carry guns to begin with.

  14. Now that Talib’s issues are over, the Bucs just have to find out whats going on with Brian Price.

    Word has it he beat the crap out of Barron.

  15. Fight with teammate at the rookie symposium
    nearly hitting a ref
    Taking swings at several players during games
    The cabby incident
    the shooting incident
    and after the shooting? He gets in an accident that was his fault and threatens to kill the woman driver of the other care.

    I’m a Bucs fan and a Talib fan, believe it or not. But if this kids doesn’t get suspended 6-10 games at least…he’s going to get the message that he can keep doing what he’s doing.

    He needs a lesson, and my fellow Bucs fans need to stop thinking selfishly and acknowledge that.

  16. Uh, call 911 instead of shooting a gun at people, you idiot. Of course, in Texas, shooting a gun at people is the same as flipping the bird everywhere else… no wonder the charges got dropped.

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