Gronkowski declares his ankle “great”


Four months after his ankle was the No. 1 story during the week of hype prior to the Super Bowl, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski says his ankle isn’t a story at all.

Asked at a charity golf tournament today to describe the status of his ankle, Gronkowski needed just one word: “Great.”

The Patriots, who just signed Gronkowski to a contract extension, obviously don’t think his ankle is going to cause him any long-term problems. And Gronkowski’s one-word description of his ankle today more or less matches what he said a couple of weeks ago, when he declared that the ankle feels better every week.

Still, the ankle isn’t great enough for Gronkowski to practice yet: He stayed off to the side with the injured players while his healthy teammates were taking part in last week’s minicamp. That Gronkowski still isn’t all the way back five months after hurting his ankle in the AFC Championship Game demonstrates just how serious an injury Gronkowski was playing through in the Super Bowl.

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  1. im a bears fan and i still wish him the best….he will be one of the best tight ends of all time if he can stay healthy…tear it up gronk just not against the bears

  2. his ankle looked pretty good dancing his butt off after the superbowl party they had! gronk was “50” percent for the game but 100 percent after…

  3. Considering he played in the SB and was “party rocking” on the ankle 2 days later, I’d file this under pretty obvious…

  4. I think Gronk is a fun guy who may be buying into all the hype and celebrity that surrounds him. He seems to be out there more than most Belichick players. That and he can’t drunk dance to save his life.

  5. I don’t think this rumor of Gronk’s health can be confirmed without a couple twit pics featuring his ankle (in the far, far background behind Bibi Jones.)

  6. Gronkowski declares his ankle “great”

    Sorry, but that headline just made me think of Freddie Mitchell thanking his hands for being so great.

  7. Gronk is a complete monster. Size, speed, stregnth, hands…and Brady getting him the ball. If everyone (Brady/Gronk) stay healthy, records will be broken

  8. …”was playing through in the Super Bowl.”

    should be… “attempted (unsuccessfully) to play through in the Super Bowl”
    was the “coaching guru/ genius” not aware of how bad this injury was? or perhaps he thought that a gronk at 30% was still better than the g-men lb’s and db’s?

    in the coughlin-belichick battle…
    coughlin> belichick

  9. “mike bonserio says:
    Jun 18, 2012 4:32 PM
    his ankle looked pretty good dancing his butt off after the superbowl party they had! gronk was “50″ percent for the game but 100 percent after…”

    Right, because dancing in place at a party is the same thing as playing football in the Superbowl. You are absurd, sir.

  10. Even the haters can’t hate Gronk. He’s a fun loving 22 year old who has the world at his feet and he enjoys every minute.

    But when Gronk steps on the field, he’s a BEAST!

    Yo soy fiesta! The Gronk motto

  11. Immediately after this bold announcement regarding his ankle, Gronkowski tore off his shirt, danced like a wild man and
    screamed “Super Bowl loss? What Super Bowl loss”

  12. How many times have we heard Dan Marino talk about reaching the Super Bowl in his second year then never playing in another? Gronk was probably feeling no pain until he woke up the next day. I don’t blame him for having a good time.

  13. He’s a phenomenal TE, but Teams will be ready for him this year. He is still going to be #1-3 TE, but won’t have the same success as last year. I bet Brady can go back to stretching the field again (bad news for the rest of the league) which will reduce Gronks numbers. They have a bunch of TE’s and none come close to him. Hernandez is a huge talent and they need to get him involved in anything other than those stupid end arounds. Even the worst NFL Defensescare too fast to pursuit to be running 35 yeards acroos the field.

  14. Really good player, but the dude is such an oaf. Seems to care more about what porn star he’s banging(not hating) than winning the big game.

    If Brady was my QB, I’d take Jimmy Graham or Vernon Davis long-term.

  15. I saw Gronk at MGM – Wet Republic (pool) Friday in Vegas, running off the cool deck doing dive bombs into the pool – his ankle looked like it was working pretty damn good to me. He was there judging some kind of beauty contest.

    On a side note, members of the LA Kings were there with the Stanley Cup on display, partying in a private cabana at the pool.

    It was a good day for sports fans – true story.

  16. @waxthat:

    He didn’t bang any porn star idiot, that was your own dream. Real drop off for Graham with Brees as QB. Besides, Graham is more like Hernandez All are great TEnds, but Gronk is more complete, also a very good blocker. Who cares if he has fun, he puts in his work as well. Pats wouldn’t have extended him after two yrs if they didn’t think so.

  17. 22 year olds are pretty much indestructible.Sigh……
    I was once 22 year old 26 years ago.

  18. You guys slam other players for “having fun” all the time, but you never slam gronk. He is a very good player, but he has brady and that system give me veron davis n e day.

  19. 2 things…

    No way anyone can honestly take Vernon Davis over this guy. No way.

    @tinkletinkleonyourstar. You know, it pains me, but yeah, maybe Gronk should not have been out there. The “almosts” on the INT and the Hail Mary at the end were killers. While I’m at it… let’s just admit that the INT was badly underthrown and Brady never, ever should have sent that one flying anyway.

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