Jets WR coach denies “mini-meltdown” was what it appeared


It surprised exactly no one when it was reported wide receiver Santonio Holmes had a “mini-meltdown,” at a recent Jets practice.

Well, no one except new Jets wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal, apparently.

Lal said it was a “complete shock to me that this was being reported,” according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

The incident occurred on the final day of Jets OTAs, and which Holmes had missed of of because of a goodwill visit to an Air Force base in Germany.

But Lal said it was simply a player communicating to a coach that his legs weren’t ready to run so many deep routes, and that there wasn’t a problem.

“There’s an open book in our room: If you feel any muscle issue, we’re going to err on the side of caution, especially in June,” Lal said. “There’s no point getting hurt in June.  So, a receiver coming to the coach and saying, ‘Hey, my hammy’s tight. Hold me down to short routes. Can you space out my routes more today?’ That’s done every day….

“So I really didn’t understand what the whole story was about. It was no different than two other receivers on that same day saying the same thing to me.”

It’s obviously in Lal’s best interest to advance that story. Holmes has clearly had issues with coaches in the past, and Lal’s new there. He’s trying to cultivate a relationship with his best player, so if spinning it his way only makes sense, even if it doesn’t pass the sniff test.

8 responses to “Jets WR coach denies “mini-meltdown” was what it appeared

  1. As I said the day “it happened”… This is so freaking Silly… Saw one NY article that had to go back and rehash last year complete with “Cancer” remarks…. Cimini is telling Jets fans to Be “very worried”….

    Uggghh, Life in the Big City with these Mediots.

  2. This is what I hate about NY media. I don’t CARE.

    Were his routes nice? Did he use his hands well? Was he creating separation? Was Sanchez on point? How was Coples? Did player X look good? THAT’S what I care about.

  3. This wasn’t a meltdown. Wait until Tebow is throwing him the ball – then we’ll see a meltdown.

  4. “So I really didn’t understand what the whole story was about. It was no different than two other receivers on that same day saying the same thing to me.”

    What were these other two guys doing to explain why they couldn’t handle the assignments given to them by the coaches that probably know what they should and shouldn’t be able to handle at this point I wonder?

  5. Cut Holmes and do it now and eat the money. He’s a toxic waste super site and there’s no cleaning him up outside of a total character transplant, which isn’t going to happen.

  6. The hack NY media are always going to make something out of nothing to sell papers and to get viewers. Their agenda is so transparent and still the majority of people just eat it up because they’re either too dumb to realize this or they just don’t care as its also another chance to hate on the Jets some more. I also love the fact that he (Dick Cimini) was the one that created this meltdown story and then admitted the very next day on his weekly chat blog to the whole thing being over exaggerate. He also does the same with the Revis holdout story. Saying that he thinks Revis ISN’T going to holdout this year but that still doesn’t stop him from writing articles daily about it to create buzz. This notion that Sanjay Lal is doing damage control now to spin it his way doesn’t pass my sniff test. He’s not the one spinning the story.

  7. holmes says this … says this…I DONT CARE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED!!!!! THIS IS NOT REAL NEWS

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