Joe Banner’s thoughts on DeSean Jackson extension come up for discussion


The Sunday “notes” column is a standby of sports pages across the country and Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe writes one of the best of them.

There are brief items on a variety of different topics from around the league, some of which give deeper background on things reported elsewhere and some of which break new information to the general public. It seemed that Bedard had done just that this Sunday when he wrote about Joe Banner’s reaction to the Eagles’ decision to give wide receiver DeSean Jackson a five-year, $47 million deal.

Bedard wrote that Banner was “laughing” about the stories revealing Jackson’s spending on his rap label because he had his power to negotiate contracts usurped by the decision to sign Jackson. Bedard wrote that Banner “never would have done that deal.” It was an interesting nugget that played into the existing narrative about Banner losing a power struggle in Philly to General Manager Howie Roseman and coach Andy Reid. As such, it picked up some play over the course of the day.

Problem is, Bedard wasn’t actually passing along insight gleaned from Banner or someone else close to the negotiations. It was simply Bedard’s opinion, something that he should have made a bit clearer given the certainty Bedard expressed while writing about Banner. Bedard cleared that up with a tweet late on Sunday, shortly before calling it a slow news day in Philly if his column generated that much interest.

That’s not particularly fair since Bedard deemed it interesting enough to put in the column in the first place and since it seemed to give some insight into the way the Eagles front office will operate moving forward. It’s not Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, but it is firmly in a neighborhood of great interest to those that follow the Eagles.

That group will likely have equal interest in a response from Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, who wrote Monday that “Banner would have done that team-friendly deal and advised Howie Roseman in the negotiations” that led to the final agreement. That should wrap this up once and for all, especially since Banner’s opinion on the matter doesn’t matter all that much.

Roseman and Reid are the guys running the show now and the success or failure of the Jackson extension will go directly on their shoulders whether Banner holds onto his honorary adviser title or moves on to other pursuits.

5 responses to “Joe Banner’s thoughts on DeSean Jackson extension come up for discussion

  1. Of course banner didn’t want this contract to happen. This is the guy that let Dawkins walk cause he wouldn’t pay him, had Westbrook hold out cause he wouldn’t pay him, and countless others.

  2. What was he supposed to say, “I would have paid him even more.”? If it was up to Banner, every player would get the veteran’s minimum.

  3. I know alot of people wanted to see the Eagles get rid of Desean because of his attitude, or simply because they didn’t like the guy, but you don’t get better by parting ways with such talent. Jackson is a one-of-a-kind type of player that is capable of doing miraculous things. His contributions to the offense are constant and often go unnoticed. Each and every time that Jackson goes deep, the defense has no choice but to commit a cornerback and a safety towards blanketing him, often opening up the underneath routes to be exploited by the other receivers. Reid and the offensive corrdinator devise their passing schemes upon the fact that opposing defenses will have to “double Desean deep,” and if they don’t…Vick will take his chances with single coverage almost every time.

  4. Miraculous constant contributions? LOL. More like whining on the football field last year. He is a cancer and the Eagles should have got rid of him.

  5. zack.. cmon.

    this is one of, if not the fastest kats in the league. & every team that doesnt put a safety over the top on DeSean will get burnt for 6.

    He’s not Fitz or MegaTron, but he definitely needs to be accounted for..

    what i dont get, is why teams dont just jam him at the line with their #3 corner back..
    @5’10 170lbs, theres no way he should be able to beat press coverage.

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