League presents evidence to group of reporters


The NFLPA challenged the NFL’s bounty evidence Monday.

So the NFL responded by showing some more.

The league presented more information to 12 reporters at the league office, and word is just getting out now via Twitter.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King was among the group, and called the charges “explosive, compelling.”

King said the 2009 playoff bounty on Brett Favre was actually $35,000, not $10,000 and also that Roman Harper was due $1,000 for knocking Giants running back Brandon Jacobs out of a game.

There’s obviously more to come on this one.

24 responses to “League presents evidence to group of reporters

  1. So the “smoking gun” evidence finally comes out – and it’s given to REPORTERS? AFTER THE APPEALS HEARING???

    It’s hard to argue with the players’ contention that the NFL’s intention has been to try and convict them in the media.


  2. More evidence is coming. They are guilty and all you Saints apologist will look even dumber than you actually are. Now put the tinfoil back on your heads…

  3. Sounds like the coaches snitched on the players. We have been hearing about this for three months and now the NFL has evidence to release to a select group of media. Interesting.
    Why didn’t the NFL provide the information earlier? Because they did not have any convincing information until Joe Vitt, Greg Williams and Sean Payton started snitching. Plus, Warren Sapp still works for the NFL Network and Jeremy Shockey is not suing Warren either. Those coaches rolled on the players.

  4. Be careful what u wish for cilma brees and u sorry ass taints fans… The nfl is only going to show about 10% of the evidence and it will all be damning! U ever wonder y the coaches and team hasnt fought their punishment harder… CUZ UR GUILTY! Hahahahahahahaahaaaa!

  5. “except that Roman Harper didn’t knock Brandon Jacobs out of the game”

    Roman Harper wasn’t suspended, either. If he collected a bounty, why not? Everything they’ve presented is suspect.

  6. Peter King and Goodell have become good buddies. I don’t trust anything he says either. Instead, how about a fair system of judge and punish, besides Goodell making public accusations and the media reporting it over and over as fact for 3 months, before there’s even a hearing with the accused. What’s up with that? Don’t want him to have a fair chance to dispute the claims if he happens to be innocent?

  7. So the league had evidence of criminal conduct they withheld until pushed? interesting if that explains all this. Does that make the league part of a criminal conspiracy?

  8. Anyone (Stain’s fans) who has been crying about the “lack of evidence” found it easy to do while the NFL has played it close to the vest for the past 3 months. You had to know that they had more than enough evidence and that they would use it when it was appropriate but yet all the Stain’s fans found it as an opportunity to beat their drums (or heads) senseless. When the proof finally is revealed, I hope all those Stain’s fans have those brown paper bags close by to wear.

  9. If it looks like a duck….this is no different than when a player gets in trouble, refuses to admit guilt (even though he’s guilty as hell), and does everything he can to get out of it

  10. More media campaigning by Goodell. Expect another “correction” on the Brandon Jacobs story a la the ledger payments stemming from games against this team – no wait, THIS team, sorry.

  11. I would think even the NFL would turn a blind eye to that tool Jacobs getting targeted. Hope the rulings are upheld. Dirtbag Saints. Didn’t Vitt and Payton get busted for stealing painkillers too ? Scumbags.

  12. So now the dollar amounts keep changing. And just because the NFL says it, that doesn’t mean it’s so.

    You people swallowing this would make great sheep.

  13. Oh my!! Looks like Peter King is part of the conspiracy against the Saints now too!!

    Anyone who thinks that after a two month investigation, the NFL is manufacturing evidence, hiding evidence, and are “out to get” the Saints players and coaches is a moron.

    Anyone who believes the lying moron players like Vilma is also a moron.

    Vilma offered $10,000 to take out Favre in the NFC championship game…..who testified to the NFL on this? SAINTS COACHES!!!! That’s part of the evidence that came out today!!! Are the Saints coaches “out to get” the players too???


  14. The NFL was smart to hire former U.S. Attorney White to investigate the bounty program. The NFL was dumb not to let her conduct a full investigation which would have allowed the players to review all the evidence and given them a chance to provide exculpatory evidence. Now we are left with the process being played out in the media. The release of information to the media without the players being given a full and fair chance to prove their innocence is beneath the standards that the owners of the NFL have stood for. Is this at the expense of Mr. Goodell ‘s seemingly endless need to be the center of attention ?Paul Tagliabue, Dan Rooney and others who built the NFL to be the best professional league never sought such attention and power. To fight this issue out in the media is never the way.

  15. One of the most interesting aspects of any story is the “why”. I remember watching that Saints vs Vikings game and thinking there seemed to be a lot of borderline personal fouls that were not called against the Saints. I didn’t think too much of it though and just figured the refs were letting the players decide the outcome of the game (possibly more so because it was a playoff game) and the Saints seemed more aggressive. Then the bounty story broke and the Greg Williams tape came out and I thought to myself it was a pretty open and shut case. But I am still bothered by how the NFL is behaving in the investigation and the appeal. And now I wonder why would the NFL release more evidence after the appeal and why release that evidence to only a selected group of the media. I think one of the obligations the media has is to investigate what the NFL presented today before tweeting about it or writing articles on the additional evidence. I must admit I lost a little respect for Peter King today because I kind of doubt he had time for a thorough investigation of what the NFL presented to him before he logged into his Twitter account.

  16. New Orleans Saints may have learn a lesson today that they can’t trust know one in there organization inside or outside. Everybody hanging around is up to know good Saints start your 2012 season off fellowshiping among yourselves. I don’t care what you guys go through NFC is still in the hands of the Saints and you guys still are my team you guys still are Super Bowl contenders. New Orleans Saints still going to when the Super Bowl Championship and Drew Brees going to be the quarterback.

  17. sbdt says:Jun 18, 2012 6:00 PM

    So the “smoking gun” evidence finally comes out – and it’s given to REPORTERS? AFTER THE APPEALS HEARING???

    Do you have a better way to distribute the information? Maybe you think they should have shared it with tollbooth workers. “That will be $1 and did you know that more evidence against the Saints has come forward?”
    Share with Telemarketers. “Are you interested in seeing our new line of energy saving windows or more damming evidence against the Saint?”
    Everyone could invite Goodell over for tea and scones, or beer and brats, to inform us all individually.
    We could get it from the accused. “Even tho 3 other people said I did this and said that, what really happened, was my evil twin, Vonathon Jilma, kidnapped me, tied me up in a broom closet, and got abducted by aleins. I wasn’t even on the planet when this all happened.

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