Market for Colt McCoy speaks to market as much as McCoy


It’s odd that the possibility of a backup quarterback leaving a bad team has ginned up as much talk as the Colt McCoy-Browns situation in recent days.

At the same time, the state of the quarterback industry suggests that there would still be interest in a player such as McCoy.

Jamison Hensley of identifies Green Bay, St. Louis or Denver as possibilities, since none of those teams has what you’d call a stable backup plan.

At the same time, Tim McMahon of suggests the Cowboys make a run at him, considering the lack of development of third-stringer Stephen McGee. The Cowboys were so enthused about him that they gave Kyle Orton a three-year, $10.5 million contract to back up Tony Romo.

First things first — all of those teams are against the rocks if any of their backups have to play. On most good teams, that’s going to be the case. Of the group, only Orton gives you the sense he could stitch together a few good weeks of winning football.

There are things to like about McCoy’s intangibles, but he lacks a lot of the tangible qualities (namely arm strength) you need to function in some offenses.

And while his is a hot name now in part because of family Twitter reactions, the reality remains that there are quarterbacks with better resumes who could be available. There are perfectly functional backups on the fringes in Miami (Matt Moore, David Garrard) if the Dolphins go with first-round rookie Ryan Tannehill, and it’s hard to argue McCoy would be any better than either of them.

22 responses to “Market for Colt McCoy speaks to market as much as McCoy

  1. Someone please trade for him, so we don’t have to talk about it anymore.

    “…namely his arm strength…” that is the case, I just can’t figure out why some of my fellow Browns fans still want him to play here? Great kid, just not starting NFL QB!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  2. I think Cinci would be a great spot for him. We still have no established backup besides an aging vet.

  3. McCoy, to me, is barely better than a Jimmy Clausen. He’s a QB who will go hold a clipboard somewhere while everyone hopes and prays he never gets to see the field. The only positive I can bring myself to say about McCoy is that whatever sliver of success he enjoyed in Cleveland was surrounded by a poor excuse for an NFL offense…touché.

  4. Off the top of my head these teams come to mind in needing a backup or upgrade the position

    Tampa Bay
    St Louis

  5. I would love for Colt McCoy to go to the Colts. For one, it just sounds awesome and two, there’s nothing wrong with bringing in a veteran to try and instruct Andrew Luck how to runaway from linemen.

  6. I am surprised that the Raiders have not been added to the list of teams in want.

    1) Given Carson Palmer’s age and willingness to throw to the other team.
    2) The Raiders are moving forward to a “west coast” attack. This does not play well to Palmer’s strengths.
    3) The kid from Cleveland with the noodle arm could probably throw the roll out 5 yard dump off I would hope.
    4) Matt Leinart would be a great mentor since he has already been in this position in Arizona and Houston. (Beer bongs with Mrs. McCoy… Bonus)
    5) Terrellee Pryor who already proved he can not line up under center will be moved to TE/Punt Protector as soon as Tebow scores his first touchdown.

  7. St Louis seems to make the most sense. They are truly hurting at the backup QB position and the offense they’ll be running should be a good fit for McCoy’s abilities too.

  8. Dear Crush2push you forgot Philly. I think Andy would get the very best out of Colt and he would develope nicely. Besides He is far better than the backups now. Also we’d have a good shot at winning if Vic went down. If you haven’t noticed Andy has earned a reputation as a good QB developer!!!

  9. Seriously, who wants a Capt Checkdown QB that looks like Frankie Muniz, throws like a girl, leads his receivers into concussion hits and can’t read blitzes unless the defenders are wearing cement shoes?

  10. Someone please trade for him, so we don’t have to talk about it anymore.

    “…namely his arm strength…” that is the case, I just can’t figure out why some of my fellow Browns fans still want him to play here? Great kid, just not starting NFL QB!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!


    His arm strength is fine. Not a cannon, but not a noodle. It’s a crummy team in a loser city with an even bigger loser fan base. No QB will succeed there. Hope you have fun with that stiff Weeden, Losertown.

    4 and 12! Go Sucktown!

  11. Probably with signing Colt McCoy is that you sign his family along with him. Hed still be a better backup than Vince Young

  12. He’s a quarterback of timidity, physically and emotionally!!!!

    That’s what’s holding him back because the lack of diva means that QB will fail!!! Diva behavior is needed and acceptable at the position because if you do what it takes to win all behavior is acceptable!!!

    He was a failure in 2011 because he never questioned Pat Shurmur and Shurmur deserved it because as a relatively unproven offensive mind you cannot be without a coordinator!!!! If McCoy got involved with the Playbook and said “Pat, your downfield plays are a joke!!! I know that you and coach Daboll are different, but he let me be free!!! We could be more explosive, go more downfield, and take chances!!! Now, you’re having me play like a wussy!!!” there would be a better chance for him and the Browns offense to do well!!!

    There was more positive feeling when Seneca Wallace was on the field for a reason!!! His arm was stronger and his athleticism was more prevalent!!!

    Now, it’s time for McCoy to take his wimpy rear end to a new team’s 3rd string QB’s position!!!

    As much as I hate the Tim Tebow hype and attention and think he is the worst passer in the NFL, I will respect the fact that he plays the game with a mean streak. I believe that he truly gets respect from teammates because of his aggressive play and the ball seeking wide receivers respect him because “Tim’s such a nice guy” 🙂 🙂 !!!

    McCoy is not gutsy enough to carry a team and if you don’t play with the “ends justify the means” style you’re done!!!

  13. Wow, not a chance he goes to the Rams, but that would be great. Playing behind Sam Bradford would probably light a fire under Colt, and Bradford was pretty awful last year..

  14. He wont be in GB either. All indications are that Harrell is coming along nicely.

  15. I have to assume that the fans of other teams clamoring to get him are doing so because of name recognition and haven’t watched him play in the NFL.

    Hey, I don’t blame you. If I wasn’t a Browns fan, I wouldn’t either.

    When you speak of “developing” a QB, you have to have a QB with the requisite physical skills to develop. If they don’t, no amount of “developing” is going to fix it.

    There’s a reason that a guy with his college pedigree fell to the end of the 3rd, just like there’s a reason the Browns can’t even get a 6th rounder for him. The GM’s and scouts watch film.

  16. Let me see………how could any QB do anything with the offense they had this past season. A RB who punked out and didn’t know if he was a football player or a CIA agent. WRs who you couldn’t pick out of a police lineup. Other than Joe Thomas, no O Lineman who could block a 5 year old and making him have to run for his life. Could you succeed with that? NO WAY!!!! I think he would gladly get out town on the next think smokin.

  17. gbmickey says: Jun 18, 2012 3:03 PM
    He wont be in GB either. All indications are that Harrell is coming along nicely.
    Agreed! Harrell did what Rodgers couldn’t do last season, he destroyed the Chiefs first string. Rumor has it he’s much better this spring, McCarthy’s happy, end of story.

  18. Colt McCoy seems like a good kid. Tough, too.

    With that being said, he went through some major regression last year when it was time for him to step up. And of course there were a number of balls dropped over the course of the season, but the buck doesn’t stop with dropped passes.

    1. Constantly skittish, running out of the pocket while he still had strong protection up front.
    2. Too many instances of erratic throws, stared-down targets, and misread coverage.
    3. Often times he held on to the ball way too long
    4. For every dropped pass, there were 2 that bounced a yard in front of the receivers feet.

    Colt had 21 games to establish himself as THE guy and just like the old business adage goes: “slow to hire, quick to fire”. I wish Colt all the best, but he had his shot and its unfortunate that his game just wasn’t there.

  19. Colt McCoy regressed because the entire Browns offense regressed. Part of that was due to unforeseen circumstances (their almost pro bowl running back becoming a nut job) but MOST of it was due to Pat Schurmurs awful play calling.

    In 2010 when Colt McCoy was on the upswing Brian Daboll was the O-coordinator and on damage control mode because when McCoy was in that was the 3rd QB on the depth chart (aka the one that doesn’t practice). Defenses had trouble handling the team because of all the different looks Daboll was throwing at them including having McCoy at receiver for plays with Wallace, Cribbs or both at the same time at QB similar to what the 49ers had this year with Harbaugh.

    Fast forward a year and Daboll was replaced with Schurmur and the Browns innovative offense was replaced by white bread run up the middle or 3 step drop pass up the middle plays. The Browns were a defensive coordinators dream to plan against.

    There was a reason that the 1st move the Browns did when the season ended was hire an offensive coordinator.

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