McKinnie has a target weight for training camp


To hear Bryant McKinnie tell it, there’s no mystery to his absence from minicamp practices last week.

To be specific, there are nine reasons.

McKinnie said in May he weighed 365 pounds. The Ravens want him at 345, max. He told WNST radio host Glenn Clark (via he left minicamp at 354, and is optimistic he’ll be cleared for training camp.

“They just told me when I had the meeting, just for precautionary [reasons], not to go out there and get injured during minicamp and just do the running and the lifting and stuff,” McKinnie said. “So I was just in there, lifting and running for the whole two and half hours.

“And then at the same time still getting the conditioning and everything together. We’re just trying to work to get there without anything slipping up or going wrong.”

Anytime weight is an issue, there’s a chance something’s going wrong with McKinnie.

The Vikings cut him a year ago for being out of shape, but the Ravens don’t seem so inclined. Coach John Harbaugh told reporters last week “It’s not as simple as some of you want to make it.”

Pragmatically, Harbaugh has reason to defend McKinnie. He could move Michael Oher to left tackle, but the preference is obviously to try to motivate McKinnie back into the kind of shape he was in when he was a Pro Bowler.

28 responses to “McKinnie has a target weight for training camp

  1. As a professional athlete it’s unacceptable to end up in this scenario. I can understand people getting a bit out of shape in the offseason as they aren’t playing football every Sunday (by out of shape I mean they lose a bit of muscle). To gain 20lbs+ of fat (excluding what’s been lost in muscle wasteage and subsequently gained as fat) is ridiculous. Can these guys not weigh themselves at home?!

  2. The Vikings knew that a lazy Bryant McKinnie playing at 75% (by choice) was still better than anyone else they had last year, and they STILL cut him… and I can’t blame them.

    Guy is lazy with a terrible attitude. Nobody in Minnesota has EVER liked him, and even though our team was worse for it last year, everyone was much happier with him gone. Good riddance to overpaid rubbish.

  3. Whats the difference? Ravens will be 8-8 anyways. At best! Nest on fire!

  4. The Vikings weren’t wrong for cutting McKinnie, but I hope all the Raven’s fan now realize how rediculous and unprofessional this guy is. He’s given a great second chance and he shows up over weight again the very next year.

  5. @ steelersownyou the aging defense of the sqeelers & all the mismanagement of their money makes them candidates to not even make the wild card this year. No running game plus no protection for Big Ben equals a repeat of what the Broncos & of all people Tebow did to you guys!!!

  6. talkintrashallday says:
    Jun 18, 2012 5:17 PM
    CAKES N’ PIES!!!



  7. Fat Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life son… What’s that? Oh you’re not drunk? Well bully for you!

  8. @steelersownpoo
    Awe.. Looks like someone’s still bummed over the Ravens sweep of the steelers last year, or could it be that Tebow knocked their rears out of the playoffs ?

  9. Mt. Mckinnie was and can be a hellava talent but… you guys are he’s just lazy. He has one job to do all off-season and that’s to not turn into Jabba the Hut.

  10. He is a PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE!!! He has access to best nutritionists, personal trainers and chefs, the BEST training facilities and he makes his living with his BODY!! And with all of that, he STILL reports out-of-shape and morbidly obese!!! Can the Ravens not understand that a player with this kind of indolent nature and HORRID work ethic will let his team and mates down at the most crucial moments? Lose this guy and fast!!!

  11. I really wish people would buy a clue. He hasn’t gained any weight this offseason. The 365 that he weighed in at earlier this offseason is fairly close to what he played at last season, after reportedly being over 400 pounds during the offseason. He’s actually done fairly well losing the weight. Maybe he’s not shedding as quickly as Harbaugh would like because he has been losing not gaining.

    People always want a reason to jump on a guy.

  12. As much as Vikings fans, rightfully, point out McKinnie’s poor work ethic everyone here should remember he is actually a pretty good player.

    He’s fat, not big but fat, lazy, old for an NFL player and yet somehow he is still a one of the better tackles in the NFL. It’s a shame he doesn’t have a better work ethic because he would have been a HOFer.

  13. He isn’t really that great of a player, he’s an above average starting left tackle. As many Minnesota fans have seen including myself the guy has extremely poor work ethic and work habits, has some off the field issues (love boat ring any bells) and only plays when he wants to play. Throw in the fact that he can struggle against speed rushers and he had a high cap number, and you wonder why they didn’t cut him earlier. Oh and I forgot he lost most of his rookie year with an absurd hold out.

    I think the thing that peeves Vikings fans the most though is that had he been able to keep his weight down to like 340 and actually played like he gave a damn he could have been an all-time great.

  14. randallflagg52 says:

    As much as Vikings fans, rightfully, point out McKinnie’s poor work ethic everyone here should remember he is actually a pretty good player.

    He’s fat, not big but fat, lazy, old for an NFL player and yet somehow he is still a one of the better tackles in the NFL. It’s a shame he doesn’t have a better work ethic because he would have been a HOFer.

    ROFLMAO! McMatador has never ever been one of the better OTs in the NFL. He’s been a talentless bum since the moment he entered the league. HOFer if he had a better work ethic, Child Please! What games are you watching?

  15. Qj1984. You are defending a lazy “professional” athlete because you say he came in at 365lbs. The same as last year. The same year the Vikes finally had enough of his lack of professionalism. And whats better is that you praise him for coming down from 400lbs. Who knows where you are pulling these numbers out of. Im guessing your a heffer yourself Maybe he should get a metal for being the only man to loose 35lbs of fat in the offseason and still be morbidly obese. Wow!

  16. All ravens fans heade my warnings. This offseason is setting up for a rather negative preseason and God forbida bad regular season. I think we go 6-10 losing all but two divisional games (beating only Cleveland). Face it guys our run is over. The nest is on fire.

  17. I don’t see our run as being over. There are a few concerns on defense but a few improvements as well. Offense & special teams have definitely improved. I didn’t see any great improvement on the Steelers & I follow them to keep track of their moves. Cincinnati will be a challenge but we’ve always struggled against them. Our biggest problem is the Sugg’s injury.

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