Robert Kraft wins the George Halas Award


It was a trying year for Patriots owner Robert Kraft as he dealt with the sickness and then death of his wife while negotiating a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

His ability to do both well made him a natural candidate for the George Halas Award. It is awarded every year to the NFL player, coach or staff member who overcomes the most adversity to succeed. While quantifying adversity seems difficult, Kraft certainly had a lot on his plate this year so it is no surprise that the Pro Football Writers of America announced Monday that they have selected him as the 2012 recipient of the award.

The Patriots wore a patch in memory of Myra Kraft throughout the 2011 season. Mrs. Kraft died on July 20th last year, five days before the NFL and NFLPA agreed to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement that brought the lockout to an end. Jeff Saturday, then of the Colts and representing the NFLPA, made special mention of Kraft’s dueling responsibilities during the announcement of the agreement which led to a hug that became the only heartwarming byproduct of the lockout.

Past winners of the award include Mike Heimerdinger, Mike Utley, Tony Dungy, Joe Namath and Mark Fields. Joe Montana is a two-time winner thanks to a pair of comebacks from injuries during his playing days.

13 responses to “Robert Kraft wins the George Halas Award

  1. To a well deserving man. Bob Kraft is one of the biggest reasons we had NFL Football last year.

    Best owner in the NFL !

  2. I thank Robert Kraft for making everyone else around him come together to make something happen regarding the CBA and ending the lockout.

    Without him, there might not have even been a NFL season last year.

  3. Its because of his sacrifice that we were able to enjoy football this year. You’re a great owner Mr. Kraft.

  4. MHK never forgotten! Congratulations Mr. Kraft we are proud to be not only Patriot fans but part of the massive NFL community, without your dedication there may of not been a season last year very deserving of the award. Best of luck for the upcoming year

  5. He’s a great man and a great owner. We are so lucky to have him be our owner.

    He was a fan himself. Then through great business dealings obtained old Foxoboro Stadium. He then handcuffed the team when they tried to leave in the early 90’s and by 1994 bought the team for the most money ever paid for a pro team in sports at the time. He saved football in New England.

    He then spent his own money and build his own stadium, while also never asking for PSLs.

    We thank you Mr Kraft for giving us so much at a time in your life when time was unbearable to part with. We all grieve for your loss. The NFL thanks you. Hopefully, the voters at the HOF induct you as a contributor. There is so much else that you’ve done for the NFL and for New England and for the Patriots but there isn’t enough time to share.

  6. @patriotsdefense

    I was just talking yesterday to a guy who “was” a Sonics fan about Kraft. Describing what you write. A real fan and season ticket holder stepping up and saving the team from moving to St. Louis.

    Kraft is the man.

  7. Alper, thank you for the article. A touching moment for a great man who battled tremendous adversity and prevailed.

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