Glauber: NFL’s bounty evidence compelling

Mike Florio talks with Newsday NFL columnist, Bob Glauber about Monday’s Bounty investigation hearings, including the wealth of evidence presented by the NFL and how this makes it difficult to believe the Saints did not have a bounty program.  


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2 responses to “Glauber: NFL’s bounty evidence compelling

  1. If it’s that compelling, why are they so loathe to actually SHOW it? All it’s doing is making the league look bad- if they have a case, they’re doing themselves a disservice by holding it behind a curtain like this.

  2. Hold on here. They only let a small group of media what they had. Am I to believe what the usual suspects say. PK maybe, can’t stand the 4 letter or what any of those fools have to say. Why don’t they just let everybody see what they have. Just get this crap over with!

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