Goodell meeting with Sen. Dick Durbin on Wednesday


To those who think the NFL intentionally has overstated the bounty case, here’s a strong reason for the league not to draw too much attention to such matters.

On Wednesday afternoon, Commissioner Roger Goodell will meet with Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) regarding the topic of bounties in pro sports.

But it doesn’t sound like Goodell is being dragged to D.C. against his wishes.  He hasn’t been subpoenaed, and Durbin and Goodell will conduct a joint press conference after the meeting, which begins at 4:30 p.m. ET.  The press conference is scheduled to begin roughly 15 minutes later.

And they’ll likely both claim that there’s no place for bounties in pro sports, and Goodell likely will say that he’s trying to eradicate bounties via his imposition of punishment upon the Saints organization, the coaches involved, and the players.

Though Goodell may not specifically blame the players, their lawyers, and/or the NFLPA for trying to frustrate that objective, he may not need to.

18 responses to “Goodell meeting with Sen. Dick Durbin on Wednesday

  1. If Goodell keeps up this rampant abuse of power, he will be getting subpoenaed one day. Congress isn’t going to soon forget that he lied to their subcommittee about the seriousness of concussions in the NFL.

  2. I’m sure this is just what the people of IL want their elected officials to be spending time on.

  3. Instead of handling the alleged bounties in a legitimate way, just leak things, fabricate some things to fit his agenda, then move on to posing for the cameras with a little grandstanding and mutual ego stroking with a politician.

    The NFL needs a Commissioner, not a wannabe politician.

  4. When Benson, Payton, Vitt, Williams start calling the NFL and Goodell liars etc. then it might get my attention but certainly not when convicted felons like Ornstein, or a player like Vilma who was accused of a bounty system when he played college ball. Get back to me when you provide something of substance Mr. Vilma instead of conjecture, statements taken out of context, just joking around, etc.

  5. Roger loves to be in front of the camera.
    I am still not sure there was a bounty program in New Orleans. I know there was a pay for performance but no one knows for sure about a bounty program.
    If there was a bounty program, which Saints player got paid for hurting another player? Yeah, they hit Brett Farve and Kurt Warner pretty hard but which Saint player got any money for hurting another NFL player after an NFL game? Does this exist because that would be a bounty program?
    For people who have played football, talks of big hits or taking someone out is no more than a locker room pep rally before the game. Until Roger shows a list of Saints players with injuries they inflicted on another NFL player along with the money they receive then there was no bounty program. Roger is just using this to see himself on television.

  6. I now live in Illinois and I’m so happy to see our Senator Durbin discussing football when this state is in the deepest debt, our last two Governors are in prison for being crooked and it just never ends but Sen. Dubin has time for this.

  7. Speaking as one of the people of IL, I am fine with my elected officials spending time on issues such as this.

    The NFL bounty program was a despicable practice that needed to be stopped. The commissioner is working on that, and should be supported by those in positions of power.

    I only wish that someone from the federal government had stepped in and put an end to the nauseating events that occurred in State College, PA these last 15 years.

    Instead, responsibility was left in the (tarnished) hands of those who profit from the incredible wealth of Penn State football. As a result, how many more young boys had their lives destroyed??

    Durbin or Kirk (health permitting) can feel free to step in anytime that local authorities (and that includes all in New Orleans) can not police themselves.

  8. One person says Goodell likes to be in front of the Camera, another says he wants to be a politician. Yes and Yes. It’s in the job description, he’s the chief lobbyist and spokesperson for the NFL. It’s why he was hired and why he was given a new contract.

    The other things any commish is expected to do are increase profits, and negotiate labor deals that benefit owners. Check and Check.

  9. To all the people who down-thumbed my comment, how do you deny that Goodell lied (or at the very least, purposefully misled) Congress? You can’t. The facts are there for anyone with half a brain to see…..unlike this “bountygate” crap, for instance.

  10. If people think the govt should stay out of the NFL, then they should equally bash teams for bribing, er lobbying state senators to get the taxpayers to pay for their stadiums. Dictator Goodell should not be making pleas in legislature for stadiums either.

  11. the nfl profits have been increasing for 40 years has NOTHING to do with goodell..if david hasselhoff was commisioner the nfl would continue to make more and more money every year…

  12. One hopes Durbin will ask Goodell about his own injury reporting policy.

    If Goodell didn’t force coaches to disclose player injuries, it’s a whole lot more difficult for a Bounty system to exist.

    Durbin might want to ask why Goodell fines coaches who put player safety ahead of gambling interests.

  13. Who needs a commissioner. We have Senators and Congressmen who are spending time on restoring the integrity of professional boxing, steroids in baseball, and now bounties in football. Thank you, Washington DC., but after reading about the situation in the middle east and on Wall Street, I feel rather confident that the NFL does not want what your brand of “help.”

  14. Durbin is an idiot who is looking for face time. Liberals have nothing better to do then hastle successful businesses. Durbin needs to get voted out asap. Another left wing nut job who has driven this economy to almost third world coutry status. 5 trillion in debt, highest 3 year unemployment since last democrats depression, both caused by liberal spending by the way and they need to bring in the NFL commissioner. Vote these fools out

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