Leslie Frazier doesn’t think Percy Harvin will hold out


Vikings coach Leslie Frazier doesn’t sound overly concerned about the news that wide receiver Percy Harvin is unhappy with his contract and is hinting at a training camp holdout.

Asked by reporters if he thinks Harvin will skip camp, Frazier said he believes Harvin will be there when camp opens.

“That’s something we’ll talk through,” Frazier said. “I don’t see any reason he wouldn’t be at training camp. I expect him to be at camp, expect all our guys to be at camp.”

Frazier said he has spoken with Harvin, although he didn’t offer many details of their conversation and didn’t say whether he has any reason to believe Harvin will report to campe on time.

“We’re going to talk some more,” Frazier said. “The good thing is that he’s here. We’re happy he’s here and participating and a part of what we’re doing. Looking forward to him having a great 2012.”

Here are Frazier’s comments today:

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20 responses to “Leslie Frazier doesn’t think Percy Harvin will hold out

  1. I am almost to the point of saying let this guy go, never have been the biggest fan of hom.He is injury prone and misses half the games anyways with migraines.

  2. If this cat has the balls to hold out it will give me a F*c&ing migraine.

    Dude man up you are paid to play not walk up and down the sidelines in streat clothes, complaining about a migraine.

  3. The same Leslie Frasier that let Adrian Peterson’s knee get annihilated in a meaningless game during a meaningless season?

    This guy is clueless

  4. reppster says: Jun 19, 2012 5:49 PM

    I am almost to the point of saying let this guy go, never have been the biggest fan of hom.He is injury prone and misses half the games anyways with migraines.
    Your ignorance amuses me.

  5. As talented as Percy is — he has not shown he is reliable or durable.

    Those migranes are certainly not his fault — but when you play in this league you gotta line up week after week after week.

    It’s part of the deal.

    There’s no luxury on a 53 man roster for a part-time player.

    He really has no business belly-aching about his contract.

  6. 2.5m over the next two years? HAS to holdout, especially on that squad. And they’ll HAVE to pay him. Or at least should (since they haven’t already).

  7. Yeah, the Vikes need to pay him. there isn’t any other player on that roster to scare a defense. You have to look at what he’s worth to the team. AP probably won’t be ready to start the season and Simpson suspended to start the season. Pay the dude..

  8. First off, for all you saying he’s injury prone and misses a ton a games; He’s only missed TWO games in 3 seasons and has played with migraines. He’s the toughest guy on the team. Second, NFL contracts are such a one way deal for the owners. If the team no longer wants your services, they cut you and terminate your contract. So, if a player out performs his current contract, he should be paid Accordingly. Holding out is the only leverage a player has to better himself in a perceived “unjust” contract. When a team violates the contact by cutting the player, it’s good business, when a player does it, he’s selfish. Still, I prefer NFL contracts or MLB or NBA.

  9. The only people on here saying we should cut him just hope we do so their team can go pick him up, well fat chance boys, Harvin is a Viking and will be for a long time.

  10. Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be some kind of misconception involving Harvin around here. I took the time to double check before I shot my mouth off (some of you should try it some time….) and found that:

    He has played in 45 games in his 3 years. Hmmmmm……. I thought there were only 16 games in a season. Maybe I’m wrong about that.

    He averages about 5 catches/game. elite? No, not yet. Better than Calvin Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Roddy White, any current Packers receiver, or a host of other names that would be brought up as superior to Harvin did in their first 3 years? Yup, easily.

    Is he underpaid. Yeah, I guess. Should he hold out? No, probably not. But if I were him I would make it very clear that any hometown discount the Vikings might get when he becomes a FA will be determined by whether or not they return that respect and loyalty over the next couple years.

    And as a side note…. If he is taking on a leadership role with the team, is that not something like being made a supervisor at a regular workplace? Don’t they usually get raises when they are promoted?

  11. Who cares? We worry about paying to get our financially underwater houses fixed…..I say F them if they signed a contract and now they want to tip it up.
    That’s the problem with the world now…. We think it’s ok to gripe even though he Made a promise a few years ago.
    Bleeping gators…..

  12. 87 Receptions + 1832 yards + 9 Tds = MORE MONEY!!!!!!! And for a “part time” player those are some pretty good numbers!!!!

  13. To the guy who calls me ignorant, look at the headlines today, if you could read between the lines you would have understood I was trying to get the point of “he doesn’t want to be a Viking”

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