Matt Moore says Ochocinco still has speed


Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore was on the practice field with new Dolphins receiver Chad Ochocinco today, and Moore says that those who believe Ochocinco just doesn’t have it anymore are wrong.

According to Moore, Ochocinco doesn’t look like he’s lost a step and looks like the player he says he’s going to be, the Chad Johnson of old.

“It’s been good,” Moore said of working with Ochocinco. “He’s come in, he’s done his work, he’s trying to learn and it’s been business as usual. He’s fast, that’s for sure. He’s quick and he’s just got that attacking mentality you love in a wide receiver. He’s got a lot of good things and hopefully we can use those things in the future.”

Ochocinco, who grew up in Miami, said he’s thrilled to play with the team he grew up cheering for. When Chad Johnson was a young football fan in Miami, the Dolphins had one of the best passing games in the NFL and Dan Marino was throwing to receivers Mark Clayton and Mark Duper. Ochocinco wants to be part of the revival of the Dolphins’ passing game.

“It’s been a childhood dream of mine, growing up watching the Marks Brothers, watching Dan, some of those guys, throughout the years,” Ochocinco said. “Since 1988 when I’ve played Madden I’ve always played the Dolphins, no matter where I was playing. To be able to wear the teal and orange is a pretty good feeling.”

If Moore is right that Ochocinco still has the speed he had in his best seasons with the Bengals, it will indeed be a pretty good feeling in Miami.

31 responses to “Matt Moore says Ochocinco still has speed

  1. “he’s trying to learn”

    In there lies the problem. He’ll try. He tried in NE… but his brain was an unwilling participant.

  2. Yea ok and Matt moore is tom brady maybe if he concentrate on the field instead klowing off the field he might be a decent pick up neither way he still a klown with average speed

  3. his mouth has always been fast. get this joker out of the league already! worn out has been! oh, and he just sucs!

  4. I am glad to hear Chad looked fast in minicamp. Considering, they are not wearing pads I am not surprised.
    Good luck Chad as I hope you have a good season.

  5. Chad will be fine…. This is a team sport; he just needs to learn his role and work with those around him. I think he can do that.

  6. Come on, Miami Dolphins. Create a change in the power structure in the AFC East. Im sick of New England year in year out.

  7. Johnson is the man. He’s comical as hell and doesn’t have the baggage like T.O. and Moss. Talent wise though I think he’s on a steep decline.

  8. He comments about always playing Miami in Madden makes me happy as a Dolphin fan. For numerous reason, one more obvious than the next, its not the first thing you look for…but having a ‘fan’ on the roster is never, ever a bad thing.

    Ottanta-cinque winning comeback player of the year in his home town would be a nice story.

  9. orthomarine says:Jun 19, 2012 7:23 PM

    Chad will be fine…. This is a team sport; he just needs to learn his role and work with those around him. I think he can do that.
    It’s not like he was asked to do just that with the Patriots, or anything. Right?

  10. Maybe he looks fast because Moore’s passes are all underthrown?

    Having said that, however, I always liked him because of his great sense of humor. I love the ESPN commercial where the staff is trying out new ideas for him.

  11. He’s fast only when the cameras are on so he can be the first to get his mug on camera as he shoved everyone out of the way. On the field he may show speed, but the play called for a 3 yard out to the sidelines. Meanwhile he’s springing down field while everyone else has stopped and are just shaking their heads.

  12. He SHOULD have plenty of speed left and be well rested both physically and orally. He took a whole year off with the Pats so he can be ready for lime time. Time for those legs to move and the mouth to run.

  13. Matt Moore commenting on speed of an has been receiver…. Jesus help me……
    And they want me to buy season tix…… Well good job dolphins u just reeled me in
    That’ll make me want to sit in the unbearable heat and pay 9 dollars for a beer 30 bones to park…. To see the old chad Johnson… tj housurmoma… Avail….
    I can see if he was smart to pick his brain for patriot plays…. But he was canned because HE COULD NOT pick up the system after what… Two years? He’S stoooooooopiiidddddddd.
    Nice move gm
    I bet he gets cut before season

  14. When you throw to guys like Hartline, Bess & Fassano all the time I bet Ocho looks like Carl Lewis out there.

  15. So many haters…pats were already stacked with talent b4 ocho got there, so even if he would have learned the system, his numbers would have still been poor due to lack of playing time…I’m not convinced Moore is that good, but if he’s half way decent ocho will get at least 70 rec

  16. So he didn’t play well in NE who cares?! Countless amount of times in the NFL players have gone to a different team and just stink up the place. Why is it so different in this case because it was Tom Brady?F ah Tom Brady! Chad is a Miami Dolphin now live with it. People talk about him being a big mouth but I call it entertainment. I’ve followed him since he got in the league. He might like to talk a lot but he conducts himself on and off the field as a true professional. I can’t wait to see what he has left in the tank. Also, this should be the best HBO Hard Knocks ever. GO PHINS!

  17. Let Chad have one position on the field and one route he runs per play with no options and he will be fine. Just because he didn’t fare well in NE as a WR doesn’t mean has has nothing left, and I’m a Pats fan. It’s tough for my team to find WRs who can succeed in that system.

  18. I think Chad is a fun guy and an asset in the locker room. Exactly the opposite of Marshall. I am hoping Chad changes his name and reputation back to Johnson and helps Miami to the playoffs.

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