Ochocinco plans to “go back to Chad Johnson”


Chad Ochocinco is changing his name, again.  Or at least his style.


In his first media availability as a member of the Miami Dolphins, Ochocinco said he plans to revert to the attitude that made him what he was, earlier in his career.

“It’s about my getting back to the basics, going back to the root of how it all started,” Ochocinco told reporters Tuesday, via video remarks posted at the team’s website.  “Not as far as playing at home in Miami but as far as my game goes, and getting back to what we’re all used to seeing.  You know, the basic fundamentals of how I became what I am.  I think I kind of lost that, and I’m looking to go back to Chad Johnson and just make it live again.”

He’s right that he “kind of lost” who he was, whether because he was trying to hard too fit in with a Patriots team that looks down on a player drawing too much attention to himself.  Chad constantly seemed to be paralyzed by fear of saying the wrong thing, running the wrong route, rubbing someone the wrong way.

Ochocinco also seemed a bit restrained in his Tuesday remarks, but a hint of the old Chad came through from time to time.  Like when Chad said he’s “developing Brokeback Mountain-type chemistry with the players,” a term he once used in Cincinnati to describe his relationship with quarterback Carson Palmer.

Chad also playfully deflected whether he’ll be the team’s No. 1 receiver:  “I was never good in math, so I’m not good with numbers, either.”

He also articulated an important reason for joining the Dolphins.  He said that Miami always has been his team of choice when playing video football.

“Since 1988, I’ve always played Madden, I’ve always used the Dolphins, no matter where I was, no matter where I was playing,” Chad said.

It will likely be slightly more complicated than a game of Madden for Chad to get back to being the guy he once was.  Whether that happens depends in large part on how much the Dolphins are willing to encourage him to be himself.

14 responses to “Ochocinco plans to “go back to Chad Johnson”

  1. I like what I am hearing. Nothing better than an athlete who has something to prove and has possibly found humility on the way. Now lets hope he has something of value left.

  2. I really like Chad a person and a player but…..

    Here is why this relationship will fail

    It’s a one year contract so he will be pressing for big numbers so he has a job next year. Which means the Rookie QB will be getting an earful just as Carson Palmer did in Cincinnati. Not to mention Chad can’t learn a playbook, at least not in one year.

    Wrong Routs = Interceptions in the NFL = Chad on the Pine

  3. Chad Johnson was good, Chad Ochocinco was mediocre.
    Now watch, the name change will bring back the productive Chad I loved in Cincinnati, but to Miami. Good luck, Johnson.

  4. Not sure why people like this guy. I don’t dislike him persay, but he is so focused on getting attention there is just no way he can focus enough on football. I’d be curious to hear how much time he spends at a teams facilities. It sounds like he is a bare minimum kind of guy.

  5. Maybe he can catch TDs like Chad Johnson not ocho. Like you Chad but you played alot better when you could do your celebrations and name was Johnson.

  6. Well, how does the word Johnson help? Shouldn’t the name now be Chad Backroots or something like that?

  7. I was disappointed he didnt work out in NE. I’m pulling for him in Miami. This was a good move, that Ocho crap was stupid.

  8. How about this, I will believe is when I see it. Didn’t he already say he would change his name back? Guess what, it didn’t happen.

  9. ‘aphotocapix’ nailed it.

    Chad ‘Johnson’ has a much better chance of being a better player in MIA than Chad ‘Ochocinco’ and all the BS that went with it.

    I loved Chad Johnson the football player in CIN, Chad Ochocinco was a jerk…..

    Good luck in MIA Chad Johnson.

  10. The last guy that came to Miami with something he felt to prove worked out pretty well. What was his name again? Oh yeah, Reggie Bush. Smiles!

  11. @conormacleod,

    You couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to work ethic. It’s been dully noted for years that 85’s work ethic is second to none. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is a clown, but his work ethic has never been questioned.

    He also did a lot of charity work in Cincinnati and was generally a good citizen who keeps his nose clean outside of football, and seems to take care of his family and kids.

    I personally wish the best for 85.

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