Plaxico plans to surprise people with his play


Despite still not having a team after more than three months of free agency, Plaxico Burress believes he’s going to play in the NFL this season, and that he’s going to play better than people are expecting.

Burress said on WFNZ in Charlotte that he’s in excellent shape and just waiting to find the right team to play for this year.

I feel great,” Burress said, via “Last year I was really just trying to get my legs under me from the two year layoff and I think people are going to be surprised by the shape I’m in. I got my spring back and I’m just waiting and I think everyone else will see for themselves.”

Burress claims that, contrary to popular opinion, there has been interest in his services.

“The interest has been there but it’s just getting to the right fit,” Burress said. “I’ve been around and I understand the game from a mental standpoint, I’m very knowledgeable about the guys out there that are playing. I know what they do well and what they don’t do well and I just want to put myself in a position to go out and have success and to go out and make guys around me better. . . . I challenge myself to prove to myself that I can still go out and play this game at a high level which I know I can. I went out and scored eight touchdowns last year. I’m going to be better than that this year. Teams haven’t seen me, what kind of shape I’m in, haven’t seen me work out and all I keep doing is going and going, I have my legs back and everybody is going to be in for a pleasant surprise when I hit the football field this year.”

That’s if he hits the football field this year. Burress is confident he can play, but it remains to be seen if any NFL teams share that confidence.

42 responses to “Plaxico plans to surprise people with his play

  1. Whenever this idiot talks I wish it had been the face instead of the thigh.

  2. “Last year I was really just trying to get my legs under me from the two year layoff”

    That was the reason he was out for 2 years to begin with. His legs were under him and his gun

  3. I’ve never understood why this guy got 2 years in jail for shooting HIMSELF while Donte Stallworth got 30 days for driving drunk and killing someone.

    …Oh right, Bloomberg is why.

  4. In my mind’s eye, I’m thinking the Baltimore Ravens take a chance on this guy. I see him as a solid fit for that team, with Torrey Smith stretching the field and Plax dominating the redzone.

  5. Dude deserves a chance. Last year he was a very adequate red zone threat after missing 2 years and playing for a weak Mark Sanchez plus weak o-line. I wouldn’t mind having him back on the G-Men, but it ain’y happening. If the guy is better then he was last year, with a mediocre offense then he deserves a chance on anyone’s roster. The past is the past and he wasn’t a headache on the Jets last year like Holmes was.

  6. He’s not all that bad of a guy, he was just a dumb@ss there are far worse teamates out there, Moss, Owens, Ocho, Edwards. He’d make a pretty good third receiver for a needy team and I can think of several that he would even be a 1 or 2.

  7. this whole story is shockingly taken out of context. most of this interview was about wanting to play with the panthers offense and to get the chance to catch passes from cam, who plax said he already views as a top 5 qb.

    a lot of pft geniuses like to bag on the guy. he actually seems pretty cool.

  8. Receiver is the Running Back; After X amount of years or a certain age is achieved, it’s a slippery slope. Plaxico is slippin’, fallin’, pretty soon he won’t get up

  9. This is the kind of move I can see Jerry Jones making if none of the Cowboys younger receivers are showing signs of stepping up in camp. As a Cowboys fan, I would rather not see him in the locker room. But he would be a heck of a #3!!

  10. Carolina would be a great fit for Plax. He would give Cam a big target to go along with Steve Smith. He’s an upgrade over any other receiver besides SS on the team.

  11. I actually am pretty surprised he doesnt have a team yet. For a guy who was out for so long he didnt look that bad. He is a big time red zone threat still and demonstrated that on his shaky legs. My only guess is he could have out priced himself early and all the teams back off of that, and now the market has really cooled.

  12. Something tells me, considering the QB and WR situation in New York (Jets)…..

    There is a reason he is a free agent…..

    They could use all the help they can get.

  13. Eight touchdowns is impressive considering Mark Sanchez was tossing him his famous one-hoppers all last season.

  14. Plax’s issue isn’t his talent, its his work ethic.

    About 3 days after signing with the Jets last season, he was begging out of practices with ankle sprains and hamstring tightness, and pretty much didn’t practice for the first month of the season. It was noticed by fans, players, and Rex was making excuses for him.

    So while Plax rarely misses game time, and was not a lockeroom distraction (not with Holmes melting down on a weekly basis) I’m sure lots of coaches, especially the contenders who Plax wants to play for, are wary about bringing a guy with Plax’s work habits and past attitude onto the team.

  15. lightcleric says:
    Jun 19, 2012 7:34 PM
    I’ve never understood why this guy got 2 years in jail for shooting HIMSELF while Donte Stallworth got 30 days for driving drunk and killing someone.

    …Oh right, Bloomberg is why.


    I agree it was a stiff sentence, but may e you should criticize Florida or wherever Stallworth did time for only giving 30 days for killing someone?

  16. I think Plax thinks more of Plax than anybody else does. Phins need help at WR even with Ocho being there. He could help whoever the starting QB is this year.

  17. He wasn’t bad last year and there are teams with horrible WR’s who can use him as a red zone threat at least. Also his character issues are very overblown.

  18. When Plax does play , he can still dominate the Red zone by out jumping CBs like Megatron does. and he still has smooth moves . No longer has breakaway speed but still plays in the middle with linebackers dogging him. He still has great hands, rarely drops passes or fumbles and can block fine. With a full off season , hamstring issues will not come up. And with a half -decent QB, he will catch more than 8 TDs ! Book it, write it down, on your head. I like Cam throwing the alley-oops to him all season long. Still wish Big Blue would take him back to back up Cruz and Nicks

  19. If he wasn’t such a locker room bug, I could see Chan Gailey giving Plaxico a shot to earn the #3 wideout position. The Bills need a decent 3rd with some speed who is a redzone threat. Right now its between Hagan, Easley and Jones to fight for the spot.

  20. Not that I have a problem with Ocho or anything, but how does he get signed to his home town team within a week of being cut and Plax can’t find Anybody having almost as many td’s as Ocho had catches last year??

  21. I wouldnt mind seeing the Chiefs take a flyer on this guy…a good redzone target and he would come cheap…especially considering that Bowe hasnt signed his franchise tag yet…

  22. yeah, that would be a good fit too…I just cant imagine that he is not better than at least half of the 4th WRs out there….he iwill be on a team sooner or later…there are always injuries at camp…maybe the teams are waiting until after camp because then Plax would likely be willing to sign for vet minimum

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