Raiders showing more interest in Cedric Benson


Running backs might have become devalued, but it made little sense that Cedric Benson was still looking for work.

That might be changing, as Oakland’s showing interest in bringing him in, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Benson’s coming off three straight 1,000-yard seasons, and at 29 years old, shouldn’t have hit the wall.

Darren McFadden’s clearly the guy in Oakland, but they don’t have much behind him.

They traded spare-part for spare-part to get Mike Goodson from Carolina (in exchange for backup offensive lineman Bruce Campbell), but Goodson’s more of a flashy return man with a fumbling problem, capable of a home run and a strikeout in consecutive carries.

After Michael Bush left for Chicago, he cleared what seems to be an obvious spot for Benson, and it looks like that’s getting closer.

20 responses to “Raiders showing more interest in Cedric Benson

  1. Signing Bengals cast offs doesn’t exactly seem to be the best way of building a serious contender.

  2. McFadden and Benson would make a sharp duo. Two different styles, but both very capable backs. The two of them remind me of CJ Spiller and Freddy Jackson. Speed and finesse. McFadden or Spiller hit open field and they are gone. Benson or Jackson will wear opposing defenses down as they stiff arm their way for those extra 2-3 yards that looked impossible to get.
    This would be a great pickup for Oakland.

  3. Reggie McKenzie will not offer him the mint.

    That’s the new Raiders.

    Green Bay west.

  4. Ive been asking for him all offseason. Big Reg obviously knows what hes doing by waiting it out for the right price. Need that banger back behind DMC. I hope this happens!


  5. I like the idea of signing Benson, but if they keep Schmidt, then Reece could play FB and HB,which I am also fine with.

  6. 29 year old back-to-back-to-back thousand yard rusher for a backup? And will come cheap? Why not.

  7. Bush should’ve stayed in Oakland, but $$$ talks. Campbell should’ve done the same, but that’s a different story.

    Look for Taiwan Jones to be the faster, less seasoned #2 behind McFadden this year. Bring Benson in for a look, but I don’t see them carrying both Goodson AND Benson.

    Big Reg will leave no stone unturned.

  8. I like the idea of signing this “Bengal’s cast-off” as a back up. Benon’s got some miles left in those 29yr old legs.

  9. jimmysee says: Jun 19, 2012 6:44 PM

    Reggie McKenzie will not offer him the mint.

    That’s the new Raiders.

    Green Bay west.
    That’s funny because I keep hearing Green Bay West. Last time I checked, Ron Wolf came from the Al Davis tree, so..Oakland Central?

    Benson only makes sense if Goodson and Jones have been looking bad in pass protection..which I’m sure that haven’t been able to see until training camp starts. I wouldn’t hate the move, I think Reece and Owen would be able to handle short yard situations, but I really want to see what Jones can do this year with a little more meat on his bones.

  10. Big Reg is looking at an insurance policy as any smart GM should. With Run DMC, there’s always a possibility of sitting due to injury and since his two backups are unproven, why not sign CB to the veteran minimum before training camp starts? Once training camps get going, there will be running backs getting tweaked and CB’s phone will be ringing off the hook then unless you sign him now.

    Smart move Reggie. You’re thinking like Al now. I like it!

  11. Benson should improve his rushing stats after leaving a poor run-blocking OL. He doesn’t like sharing his carries, though. If the Raiders don’t intend to give him 80% of the carries there may be locker room issues.

  12. For all the idiots who say “Green Bay West” try to remember, Reggie McKenzie is first and foremost a Raider, he didnt play for Green Bay jerks. And as far as the Bengals, Palmer is the only player from Cincinatti on the Oakland roster now. Hue Jackson is gone, so if you’re gonna show you’re a Hater, try to be accurate at least ya idiots.

  13. This would just be the icing on the cake for a very good, under the radar Raiders offseason, regardless of what the critics and haters say. Benson is realizing the market isn’t there for him to make big money. He’s made a few mistakes, but there could be far worse guys to have on a team. The new regime in Oakland should keep him in line. It would be clear to Benson that DMAC is the big dog. Benson would get carries, though. The guy is still productive.

    This to me is a low risk high reward move if Oakland gets him at the right price (and I think they can). The only guy we have lost this offseason that matters is Bush. Picking up this guy plugs that hold and then some.

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